Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) Endorses Rob Arlett For US Senate

The Independent Party of Delaware and its Board of Directors has formally endorsed Robert Arlett as the candidate for the position of Delaware’s U.S. Senator.

The Independent Party of Delaware chose to endorse Mr. Arlett because he is the candidate that demands change in the face of adversity.

Rob Arlett wants living wage jobs, better quality health care and will strive to ensure that Delawareans receive the best. He would also address the nation’s opioid epidemic and well as protecting families and human life.

National border security, veteran’s rights and defending the constitution are just a few of the reasons that IPoD has endorsed Mr. Arlett as a candidate for the U.S Senate.

Donald Raleigh Ayotte

State Chairman, Independent Party of Delaware.

7 thoughts on “Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) Endorses Rob Arlett For US Senate”

  1. @Frank

    That is not the truth. You will note that in todays endorsements, we have also endorsed some Dem candidates.

    We solidly endorsed Rob Arlett because of what he represents and the solid stand he has on representing Delaware’s people.
    We qualified our endorsement in the text of our endorsement. I assumed that you read the endorsement before commenting?

  2. Frank:
    Where have you been?

    Fusion went out the window a few election cycles back when a certain Libertarian candidate in Kent County with more money than brains tried to run simultaneously in the Democrat and Republican primaries.

    The D and R state chairs at the time were so ticked off that they had the General Assembly outlaw fusion.

    It only takes one buffoon to screw it up for the rest of us.

  3. @ Frank

    Carper sold us out to BIG PHARMA and other special interests and he’s getting senile. Delaware cannot afford another six years of failed Democrat Socialist policies. He has got to go and Bob Arlett is the only other game in town with a chance of winning.

    I’ve been watching IPoD and they gained six times the number of people since you left. They must be doing something right.

  4. Frank Sims:

    Care to write a guest column and have you assertions debated in a public forum?

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