Independent Party of Delaware Endorses Trump for President

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“The Donald” For all of his minor faults cannot be stopped and is riding this horse to the finish line in November.

The Independent Party of Delaware has endorsed Donald Trump for president, after obtaining a majority vote by the party’s Board of directors on Saturday May 28th.

Trump’s ability to compete in the GOP national Primary against so many qualified opponents, while continually wining in a wide variety of states with the popular vote, easily qualifies him to become President of the United States.

In the past twenty years, both the Republican and Democratic parties have failed to govern America properly, leaving a large empty space with America’s voters. Mr. Trump has proven that he is the pragmatic and independent-minded presidential candidate that will rebuild the nation economically and secure America’s military position globally.

The time has come for a more rational, constructive and innovative approach to problem solving instead of empty political rhetoric and ideology, incompetence and corruption. Donald trump fits this description more closely than the democratic candidates and has won the IPoD endorsement.

16 thoughts on “Independent Party of Delaware Endorses Trump for President”

  1. Except for Gary Johnson, that closed the door to a third party bid being on the ballot in Delaware. Unless a massive petition effort launches and finishes in the next 5 weeks, our Delaware ballot is set.

    Bill Crystal needs to stop his foolish pitch to everyone to run. If he’s the real deal, let him file.

  2. The Independent Party of Delaware endorsed Trump for many reasons. An Independent or Libertarian Presidential candidate will only detract from the Trump vote and will have no chance to win against a strong democratic candidate. They will be spoilers, if you will.
    America is ready for a man like Trump to help America regain its balance in the world. But more importantly, he will balance out the SCOTUS, by appointing Constitutionally minded Justices, who will make decisions according to to Constitutional Law.
    Trump will make sure that trade deals with other nations are equitable for America and he will build a strong military that will defend America and our allies. If Trump draws a red line in the sand and our enemies violate it, action will be taken.
    Our party didn’t make this decision lightly. Our Board of Directors voted after discussing the proposal.

  3. “Our Board of Directors voted after discussing the proposal.”

    So, in IPOD, the Board makes decisions on candidates without taking a vote of the members? Is that Constitutional?

  4. @Nitpicker “Is that Constitutional?”

    I know the answer, but you’ll have to figure it out for yourself!

  5. One of the strategic reasons for endorsing Donald Trump is to preclude diehard GOP establishment types from attempting to foist a pseudo-independent candidate on our ballot. Said candidate would have no realistic chance of winning and would have the net effect of helping Hilary Clinton in achieving a four-year extension of the Obama Administration.

  6. It is standing IPoD policy not to endorse D or R candidates before primaries. Furthermore, IPoD endorsements of non-IPoD candidates is predicated on a compelling public and/or constitutional interest.

  7. Speaking of Hillary. She’s making a speech right now that’s broadcasting on fakebook . Apparently she’s talking about “smart” foreign policy.

    Why is it that liberals frequently put the word “smart” in front of their policies, when they are trying to sell the public a bill of goods. I guess there are suckers out there who actually buy it.

  8. Depose Mubarak with no plan for what happens next. Smart.

    Depose Khaddafi with no plan for what happens next. Smart.
    Clueless in Syria. Smart.

    Circumvent the Senate and sigh a treaty, er, “agreement” with Iran which funnels billions into their treasury and will allow them to possess nuclear weapons. Smart.

    Allow China to annex the South China Sea. Smart.

    Get the 3a.m. phone call from Benghazi, hang-up, and have a US Ambassador and several CIA operatives killed and dragged through the streets. Smart.

    Yes, Hillary has foreign policy “experience.” All of it bad.

  9. Rick: The US disposed of Mubarak? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Mass protests of Egyptian people did. Seems they were unhappy with repression, corruption and poverty.

    Maybe you think we should have sent in the Marines to prevent his ouster because the Egyptian people had no plan for what was to happen next?

  10. Rick, another point. China has not annexed the South China Sea. No indeed. China has been in turf wars with Vietnam and Phillippines for many years over the Paracels and Spratleys island chains. In 2014 China placed a drilling rig near the Paracels. In 2015, China started building an airstrip near the Spratleys.

    Clinton was Secretary of State until Feb 1, 2013.

  11. “Rick: The US disposed of Mubarak? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Mass protests of Egyptian people did. Seems they were unhappy with repression, corruption and poverty.”

    Oh, yeah, it was just a grass roots movement. The Obama administration had nothing at all to do with the “Arab Spring”; and when Gaddafi was killed, and Hillary said: “We came, we saw, he died”, and then proceeded to cackle with glee like a ghoulish psychopath…..I guess she had nothing to do with that either.

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