Income Inequality is the latest distraction from the real problem

Bait and Switch Still Works

The hard left has a rallying cry. America is being victimized by rising income inequality. The 1% are oppressing the rest of us by virtue of being successful, they contend. I believe that is poppycock. How much Bill makes is none of your business unless he is taking it from you. If Bill creates something or provides some service/product that someone is willing to pay, Bill should be able to get whatever the market will bear. The thieves are those who would steal from Bill for redistribution. It does not matter whether it is a robber with gun or a tax collector with a CAC because Bill still unjustly loses his money. Sure it may not be “fair” that Bill makes billions and Joe makes thousands, but it is not fair that Joe did not give as much economic value to society as Bill. Why didn’t Joe transform the world like Bill Gates did?

Using the current dipolar paradigm (one has to be for the exact opposite), one would think that I believe current policies which are decimating middle class workers are just fine. I do not. Rather I think the attack on the successful is a distraction to keep us from taking power from those who are in an unholy alliance that is resulting in the devastation of our wage base.

They have a tax code that is opaque at best and thievery at worst. It is riddled with special interest giveaways. It is written by lawyers and lobbyists to give favors to their clients and power to selected politicians and bureaucrats to reward what those they like and punish those they do not. Economic vitality takes a backseat to protecting the iron triangle. It is harder to build wealth than protect it.

The tax code is just the tip of the iceberg. The rise of the Administrative state has shackled economic freedom, undermined the Constitutional system of checks and balances and resulted in hurting small and medium size businesses. The more powerful the regulatory state becomes, the poorer the nation. Regulations seem to benefit those too big to fail and fails to benefit those who innovate.

Campaign finance is geared to perpetuating the power of the establishment. The current system of around $3000 makes bundling the place where power is. Super PACs are more powerful than millions bound together in a political party. The parties are limited in fundraising but billionaires can join in Super PACs to promote their interests. Money is the name of the game for those who have access to it. As campaigns become an industry, actual issues for average Americans are reduced to focus groups and sloganeering.

The Federal Reserve is keeping retirees from earning a decent living by manipulating near 0% interest rates. It is also setting us up in the future by loaning huge amounts of money to fund enormous deficits at interest rates it can change anytime. We have become a debtor society. Our nation is owned by the bankers. They create and destroy huge sums of wealth. They make bubbles then cash them in. The rest of us get left behind in perpetual “growth recessions” when we are not in actual recessions. The Fed thinks that it is keeping its mandate to keep inflation under control and full employment by giving us a nation of part time jobs. They bailout their stockholders and we get left holding the bag.

The American people are being taken for a ride and they know something is wrong. How do we stop them from undermining a system that works so well for so few? We distract them. You see the problem is that incomes are not growing. We are destroying jobs for middle America. Minorities are the first affected, but they won’t be the last. The problem is now affecting the majority. The solutions offered are more government handouts. It is the bread and circus strategy. Make sure that we have bread and entertainment and we will stay quiet for fear of losing what we have. Then establishment plans to manipulate the education system which will make critical questions less likely. They bait us with rhetoric saying they care, but leave us with the same old problems of the last 40 years.

The American people are rightfully concerned about TPA. They are concerned about the IRS code of regulations. They are concerned about the new EPA and Corps of Engineer regulations. They should be. Those concerns will not fix the problem unless we have a radical reform. We need to get back to a government for the people not in spite of the people. We need the Fair Tax. We need to dump common core. We need to revitalize political parties and small donor groups not deny them tax exemption. We need to find ways to make less necessary expensive campaigns and alternative funding strategies.

It is easier to attack the successful than understand that there is a difference between those who create or manage wealth well and those who gain it through manipulation at our expense. The successful are our allies not our enemies. The iron triangle of lobbyists, regulators, and politicans wants to pit us against each other so we ignore them. I say it is time we understand who the real enemy is.

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  1. One of the primary and most reliable constituencies of the Socialist-Democrats are the supposedly “disenfranchised.” These people are told that they are victims- victims or racism, of capitalism, of corporate America and of course, of Republicans.

    And this constituency must be cultivated and grown. This is one reason why the Socialist-Democrats believe in an open border and unfettered illegal immigration. It is also why the Socialist-Democrats are the party of division. “Single mothers,” “the LBGT community,” “Hispanics,” “African Americans” and so forth are promised largesse (rather than opportunity, which is supposedly impossible in racist America) in exchange for votes. It is a pitiful modus operendi, with tragic consequences for those duped by the propaganda, but it’s the way it is.

  2. Troubled times become a recruiting ground for the siren song of socialism. That is why we on the right need to speak to the real issues. If we do, we win every time.

  3. “The more powerful the regulatory state becomes, the poorer the nation.”

    So, there are fewer regulations in Singapore than in Somalia.

    Is that correct, David?

  4. I checked out several polls. When you get one that neither stands with other current polls or recent elections without a major intervening event, it is the poll sample that is the issue. I have seen it so many times. Believe it if you like and don’t believe the others. 2016 is the poll that counts.

  5. Now, back to the issue that you are ignoring. It does not matter how rich the rich get. In fact, the richer they get, the richer everyone gets. It is why the poor in America, Singapore, France, Israel, or The Republic of Korea are richer than most of the world. I would rather be upper poor in America than upper middle class almost anywhere else. It is not the relative position on the economic scale that matters. It is the absolute position.

    That is why I am concerned about statist policies from both parties’ elites that are destroying the middle class. They want to distract you with nonsense so you don’t look at things which will take away their power, the tax code, Dodd Frank, the Fed quantitative easing, the EPA/Core of Engineers power grabs, Common Core, the FCC internet takeover, health care restrictions, and sham trade agreements. They want us fighting each other so we don’t get Glass-Steagal, a tax code that is simple and fair, real internet freedom, education controlled by parents and teachers, trade policy that is about economics not trade offs for other policies, and environmental policy that focuses on shrinking pollution not expanding government.

  6. It’s also the reason more people now identify as liberals than conservatives.

    It’s also the reason why the GOP holds more state legislative seats than any time since the 1920’s, along with majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, along with an overwhelming majority of Governorships.

    Sure, major urban areas vote for the Socialist-Democrats, for the very reasons I mentioned in my initial post; the promise of largesse in exchange for votes. Which, not coincidentally, is why most cities are always teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

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