Immigration needs to refocused to serve both Immigrants and Americans

What do I and many other conservatives want for America’s immigration system? A controlled system where we know who is here and why, give vaccines to those who need it and keep criminals out, stop the drug, gun and human trafficking, and have an efficient system for workers and students to be and stay legal is what I value.

I want an immigration system that benefits immigrants and Americans alike. It needs to look out for the health and safety of Americans. America benefits more from legal immigration than it costs us. How many inventions, services, small businesses and innovations come from immigrants? Immigration keeps our economic engine fresh by allowing us to control our population growth necessary for economic growth.

Illegal immigration has some benefits, but I believe it costs us more than benefits us. In Delaware alone, the net cost of illegal immigration is around $242,000,000 in education, healthcare, law enforcement and other costs to the state. Is that not around what our tax increase was? The channels used to facilitate illegal immigration also facilitate drug trafficking, human trafficking, gun trafficking and gang infiltration. Most people who come here illegally are actually decent people who work hard and just want a better life like the rest of us. If I were living on a literal garbage dump in Honduras with my family, I would do what I needed to do to help them escape from such a hellish existence. Especially when I hear back from people who left of an amazing existence in a land of proverbial milk and honey where even the homeless people have cell phones and free meals. Where a panhandler can earn more in a week than I do all year going through a burning landfill with my kids to find scrap metal to resell and not starve this week while living in a wood/aluminum shack that I constructed from the garbage dump.

I do not blame them at all, nor do have the slightest animus. I actually admire them for getting up and taking charge of their lives. I want to see some reforms to our immigration system to be less bureaucratic. However, we cannot just open our borders and take wave after wave of people without vaccinations, bringing disease, having no way of making a living, and harboring in their midst criminals from dozens of countries including terrorist regimes from around the world. Immigration has to be controlled and orderly, and we have the right to be the ones controlling it or we do not have a country. I do not believe that we need to harbor people who do us harm. That is why I strongly oppose the sanctuary state and city movement. We have enough domestic crime, it is insane to import more. I want secure borders and an orderly system that allows us to budget for our immigration.

This is a conservative view of immigration in a nutshell. If you think that is mean or hard, I am sorry. I think the opposite approach is weak and dangerous. I do not want to shut people out or not help them. I want to do it in a way that actually helps them and benefits us. I do not believe the benefits should be a one way street. I certainly do not think that we should be at the whim of wave after wave of caravan style invasions when ever left wing groups try to export their policy failures so their regimes become more stable. I want to help people have a better life not bring the problems they are trying to escape.

2 thoughts on “Immigration needs to refocused to serve both Immigrants and Americans”

  1. David, use bullet points to make your proposals, don’t run everything together.

    Then, having made your position clear, find allies in Congress (City of Dover Council is not the place) and work with them to make it happen.

    Name-calling (“looney left”) doesn’t build allies.

  2. Given their level of invective , intoreance , Orwellian Inversion, obstruction, obfuscation, character assassination and gutter snipe Alinskyite tactics, it’s a lot more like political taxonomy than name calling.

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