Identity Justice

The killing of an unarmed Michael Brown, who was black, in one-sided shoot out with a police officer who was white in Ferguson, Missouri set off a national firestorm. At the epicenter were protests by many and even riots by a criminal subset , then came the rest of the story. It appeared the unarmed man attacked an armed Policeman in his own squad car. He attempted to take his weapon, injuring the officer. When he came back toward the officer, the officer naturally would not allow him another attempt. He shot and killed him. That is one incredible turn of events. Not so said some witnesses. The gentle giant was gunned down for failing to walk on the sidewalk. Others seem to give a different tale. Who is right? I am not sure anyone knows outside of those who have the secret grand jury evidence and testimony. I cannot make a judgment or take sides without the information needed to do so. Sometimes, I feel that I am alone in that assessment. The pressure to take sides is significant. The fact that Police in Missouri inflamed the situation by leaving the body uncovered for hours on the street more like a deer been shot down, does not help bring unity nor does a history of insensitivity or worse leading up to the case. That does not change the fact that this patrol officer cannot be judged by the actions of others and certainly not the actions of history. People like myself, who acknowledge that racism is real and there is a disparity in justice, but also acknowledge that there is a criminal subculture that disproportionately affects minority communities and the eradication of it is the opposite of racist are called upon to take sides. I believe the indiscriminate undermining of local law enforcement does as much damage to minority communities as the KKK did. So who do I support? The one not guilty of a crime. You remove a cancer with a scalpel not an ax and you cure an infection with medicine not poison. First we need to diagnose are we dealing with the cancer of racism or the infection of lawlessness. Then we act with reason not just emotion. Rushing to judgment leads to the wrong treatment. In the era of instant communications, the idea that we have to wait for months to learn basic facts about an important and explosive case is difficult for us. In the absence of facts, we are to identify with our tribe. Some Black extremists have wised up to the fact that destroying Black neighborhoods does not help Blacks. They now call for taking the fight to White neighborhoods so they know what it feels like to be Black. I am not sure what that means. I do not think they do either. They are operating out of rage because they are sure the system will cover up the facts and justify the officer. It has happened before. Who can deny that? What they overlook is that more often than not, it does not happen. Part of the reason is technology allows the whistle blower to get the truth out in spite of the establishment. The other part of the reason is that “White” America is not a monolith. This is not 1939. The majority of the people that the extremists feel need to experience the rage of disenfranchised Blacks are people who are not racists and even more to the point would support justice on principle whichever way the facts go. Justice is no longer mainly based upon your group identity. So what do the advocates of Identity justice hope to achieve? If their proposed solution would push those who now favor them into the opposite camp and undo 60 years of progress, why advocate it? The secret is that integration is hated by those who gained power by division, not just Black extremists, but White, Asian, American Indian, Latino, and sub divisions thereof by ethnicity in those groups. The best way to shatter America’s emerging meritocracy is to take video of neighborhoods being invaded by thugs. Fear will rule on one side as anger rules the other. A clash would occur fanned by 24/7 cable news and social media. People would fall back into safe camps. Identity Justice would give way into identity politics on steroids. Legitimate discussions on issues of justice, economics, and social policy from an inclusive way would shut down. The good news is that they will not shutdown for long. What extremist on both sides neglect to consider is that integration is a fact of life that cannot be undone. It is a fact in businesses, governments, and even families. I doubt they would even be widely successful projecting their riots. Many poorer blacks have relatives helping them who live in those now integrated neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods have friends, doctors, employers, and family. Contrary to image both extremists apparently have of poor Blacks, they are not angry, lawless, vengeful people. They are people who care about their future and their children. They love this country and are frustrated that they feel locked out of the American dream. They want in not to take it down. They are victimized by the criminal element more than anyone else and won’t join it to make a point. Sadly, YouTube and CNN can make 100 people look like an uprising. How do we prevent the unraveling of our social fabric?
    We do so by rejecting immediately the voices of Identity Justice and the embracing of real justice. Real justice sees the facts, acknowledges reality, and makes sure that at the end of the day everyone is equal before the law.
It does not pretend problems do not exist, but makes sure they are resolved in the case in front of it. You cannot solve every problem in society with one case. You just need to make sure that one case is not part of the problem and eventually we solve the problems in society. Today, I await the grand jury’s action and hope the 95% with reason get more attention than the extremists.

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  1. David,
    There will be no justice in the Ferguson shooting. As you have indicated, the system will make the motions and appear to do the right thing. Massive propaganda will be released defending the Police Department’s position and the Missouri Atty. General will decide not to prosecute and the officer will be put back on the streets. Missouri’s National Guard has been called out to help control the people and the media is already on the propaganda campaign well in advance of the expected violence, to justify the killing of protesters.

    This behavior has become standard procedure in America as local police agencies view themselves as the new para military on the streets. The erosion of Americans civil rights is ever increasing and will eventually prevail if the people don’t rise up.

    In Delaware’s case of Michael Rogers, whose house was entered without a warrant, while he was in his bed sleeping, by Delaware State Police Officer Matthew Morgan, much the same thing happened.
    Morgan started a fight with Rogers, while he was attempting to dress. Later, while in the living room with his 87 year-old mother, Rogers was shot 5 times by Morgan. Rogers was not armed, was not offering resistance and was not threatening the officer in any way when shot.
    Rogers was never charged with any crime other than fighting with the officer or (defending himself from assault).
    Morgan has been exonerated of all charges, promoted to Master Corporal and probably privately commended for setting the new standard of COMPLETE POLICE CONTROL. This behavior by local and state law enforcement will continue to escalate until a boiling point is reached and people refuse to allow it to happen.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this case. There is no doubt that the cops sometimes get out of control. Other times, they don’t do enough.

    In the Brown case, I think that it’s likely that both sides are at fault. I think cop over-reacted. I also think that Brown was involved in a scuffle with the cop, probably within the vehicle.

    The whole thing could have been prevented if the cop had asked rather than ordered Brown to use the sidewalk, and Brown should have kept his mouth shut and complied.

    Our mass-media loves disasters. Make no mistake about it, MSNBC wants a riot, just like the Weather Channel wants a blizzard.

  3. Rick,

    Agreed, both parties used extremely bad judgment however, one must look at facts. One man was armed and one wasn’t. One had the duty to enforce the law, while using his common sense.
    One man offered no deadly force, the other one used deadly force, even to the point of firing extra rounds to make a KILL.
    I don’t believe that most Americans want this type of mentality in their police officers. Being murdered for refusing to walk on a sidewalk is unbelievably scary, to say the least.

  4. Personal bias towards law enforcement, should not be part of this case.

    Known facts that can not be disputed:
    Brown had just committed a strong arm robbery, (video tape of the incident proves that).
    3 different autopsies; County, Independent, Federal were done. (2 of the 3 state evidence supports the officers and witness version of the events) The 3rd autopsy (Federal) has not been released.
    Blood was found on Wilson’s gun and inside the car, and tissue from Brown was found on the exterior of the driver’s side of Wilson’s vehicle, consistent with a struggle at that location. The blood on Wilson’s gun indicated that Brown’s hand had been very close to the weapon when it was fired, consistent with Wilson’s testimony that there had been a struggle over the weapon.
    The autopsy report evidence does not support witness claims that Brown had his hands up in the air.
    Both autopsy reports state that evidence shows that there was Brown could have survived all but the final shot.

    Concerning the Rogers case the officer asked Rogers mother permission to enter her home to talk to her son. She granted the officer permission, no warrant was needed. Rogers resisted arrest, he was combative ( his own mother testified that she told her son to stop) Rogers also picked up a coffee table and advanced at the officer in a threatening manner.

  5. Christy
    That’s your story. It is a fact that Morgan went crazy and discharged his weapon firing nine shots in the Rogers’ home, striking the victim five times, twice in the groin. The officer was never in danger of his life at any time. He used excessive force and it is exemplified by the fact that he was only seven feet from the victim, while discharging his weapon. To miss with four of the shots at a distance of seven feet, Morgan must have been in a maniacal rage.

    Only you would defend the idiot.

  6. Good article.

    It’s tribal justice. There is no such thing as tribal justice, especially when people go tribal. (Even the concept of “social justice” is also dubious… although perhaps there is a need for more justice in society.)

    Perhaps there is only justice based on the truth at an individual level, to the extent that’s possible.

  7. Meanwhile, apparently:

    Family members of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., recently fought in a parking lot over merchandise related to his death.
    Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, has asked that her son not be used for business sales or political actions. Last Saturday she found her son’s grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, and his cousin, Tony Petty, selling t-shirts in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ, a few blocks from where Mr. Brown was shot, a local Fox affiliate reported Wednesday.

    A witness said Ms. McSpadden jumped out of a car, accompanied by another unidentified person, and yelled “You can’t sell this [expletive].”

    One of the relatives peddling the merchandise demanded that Ms. McSpadden show a document to prove that she had a patent.

    Then, according to the police report, an unidentified person with Ms. McSpadden attacked Ms. Petty with a metal pipe or pole, striking her in the face. The attack resulted in a 911 call.

    The witness said the assault suspect took the merchandise and about $1,400 in cash.

    Authorities have not yet made any arrests, the local station reported.

    Washington Times

  8. “Blood was found on Wilson’s gun and inside the car…”

    I’m trying to figure out how Wilson’s gun got out of the holster. It didn’t magically levitate its way into his hand, and it seems pretty simple to disengage from an attacker who is reaching in through a car window, in order to gain some distance for a safer position from which to act.

  9. Nit, respectfully everything seems pretty simple until we are put in the same position. According to the same report
    “Brown and Wilson struggled through the window of the police vehicle until Wilson’s gun was fired, either intentionally or as a result of the struggle.” I suspect this will be one of the questions that will be asked and answered in the Grand Jury hearing.

  10. Sean Hannity last night had a panel on this television show on Fox News, and a community organizer supporting Michael Brown. While I think Sean Hannity did not grasp the disconnect between what the words mean, it is obvious that the liberal organizers do not understand what “justice” means.

    The Black protest organizer said he wanted justice for Michael Brown, but HE DID NOT WANT justice for the police officer Darryl Wilson.

    In the street parlance of these protestors, “justice” does NOT mean fairness, but an exercise of raw power.

    They want “justice” for Michael Brown meaning REVENGE — regardless of why it happened or whether Michael Brown deserved it or not. They simply want a pound of flesh having nothing to do with what is right or fair.

  11. Jon
    You’ve got a point. The protesters want justice (revenge) and the police want their officer vindicated (justice). What is the difference. Who’s reality will prevail? Who has the power?
    What will prevail? I think we know the answer to that question; in the new America, there seems to be no middle ground.

  12. i really don’t know how i feel about the incident and i am sorry that the young man is dead.

    however, the fact of the matter is when you go around jacking people up ( that’s what i remember from the video in the store, i don’t recall a gun), sometimes you end up being the one who gets jacked. and in the end if the officer is indicted the young man will still be dead and this was all completely avoidable.

  13. “Brown and Wilson struggled through the window of the police vehicle until Wilson’s gun was fired, either intentionally or as a result of the struggle.”

    Well that’s what confuses me. Wilson is seated with his weapon presumably holstered, right?

    Now if you are seated with your weapon holstered, and someone starts grabbing or punching at you through the window, it doesn’t seem the best use of your hand to go pulling a gun out of the holster. The priority would be to first disengage from the manual combat.

  14. Nit I would have to agree given the preliminary statements. Was Brown trying to grab the gun, there are certainly more questions than answers at this point.

  15. An estimated 6 MILLION dollars in damages to businesses owned by people who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. That’s the type of “justice” a certain element of the community members want. What happened was nothing short of anarchy
    There is a right way and a wrong way to protest what happened in Ferguson there is NO justification for what the thugs and criminal element in the community did. Anyone who tries to claim what they did as some sort of “justice” is a moron.

    More concerning to me is this. What motivates any community to get so outraged when a white person shoots a black, yet the same communities seem to have little outrage or concern when a black person shoots a black or white person.

  16. Well, I guess we will be hearing if there is a Ferguson indictment very shortly, and tonight Obama will be dishing out some sort of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Great timing right?
    Will these coming actions bring the country closer together, or will they polarize it further to a point of crisis.

    Saul Alinsky would have been proud, and you know what Rahm Emanuel says about a crisis.

  17. Why do so many black people feel they have the right to destroy a neighborhood?

    The same reason that Israelis sit on a hill to watch neighborhoods be leveled as a form of tribal vengeance to this day, which creates another cycle of it. The same reason that black tribes sold each other into slavery to international Jewish slave traders.

    Tribe = gang = gangster.

    Tribalism is the most lethal force in the world, seems to me.

    It will be the same way for Jews again too, as there is already a worldwide awakening and tribal/nationalist movements springing up everywhere. “Reactionaries.” Eventually the goyim/tribes usually feel that it’s right to go tribal against the Tribe that fancies itself above all others. Because they’re the people that want to talk about “white privilege” to a descendent of Irish slaves while agitating whites and blacks against each other. So eventually even the most brain dead goyim (perhaps even Bill O’Reilly) will turn and say, “Who, exactly, are you? What makes you our racial and tribal policeman?”

    For so-called “white Americans” (essentially numerous tribes), most came here to escape tribalism and oligarchies of various sorts. They’re English, Dutch and some people that go all the way back to the old murderous Viking tribes, etc. Among many others. So what did they do? John Adams defended the “Red Coat” tribe after the Boston massacre based on facts, logic and evidence. They generally didn’t go tribal and say, “Let’s burn a neighborhood to the ground and create generational cycles of violence in the process.” They at least tried to focus on the truth and didn’t turn their brains to mush based on tribalism or “identity justice” as David Anderson puts it.

    Shrug. It’s American tradition, even if we are just a melting pot of dumb goyim/tribes and supposed mongrels from some perspectives. “Wretched refuse,” as someone that fancied their own form of tribal nationalism above all once put it.

    (Emma Lazarus Voice of Liberty, Voice of Conscience)


    They don’t even see it. Apparently like all tribal cultures, they cannot. Sometimes I think about “going tribal” myself. There’s a lot of material here to start talking about so-called “white people” in order to create a supposed tribe. The main problem being that the village idiots all get to come along with “white people” unless you start defining your supposed tribe all the way back down to yourself. Most people wait for a crisis to fuse them together anyway, even into fake tribes… sort of like being in prison or a FEMA camp and “going tribal” by only hanging out with the white or black group, etc. (Another version, peasants predictably rallying around a false flag…. and another version, Red Team vs. Blue Team turning everything into a political debate based on fake* tribalism before the blood has even dried.)

    *There again, isn’t it all fake? Most of these people that fancy themselves as members of some sort of a tribe actually don’t give a crap about other members, unless it’s useful to them. Have supposed members of the black tribe rioting or forming “gangs” focused on teaching a child to read or become community leaders like David Anderson and many others? No, but they will focus on them if they’re dead in the street. Then they suddenly care about their supposed gang or tribe members and their race oh so very deeply. (Except that they do not.)

    “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” –Nietzsche

  18. Why do so many black people feel they have the right to destroy a neighborhood?

    Why do so many feel like they need to build their communities, against all the trends in America rooted in usury and Empire?

    Maybe white people should burn down the ghetto over this incident…

    Ironically, if white gangs formed then they would be policed by the MRAPs and policemen trained by Israelis and so on just the same. War Inc. and ponzi is above all this stuff.

    What’s the difference between a gang and a well regulated militia composed of Constitutionalists? Which one does Nobody and the SPLC fear? You have nothing to fear but some nobody.

    Shrug. It’s too bad your sheriff is looney tunes.

    In any event, guns sales are up…. again.

  19. Not kidding. Trained by Israelis:

    The police violence in Ferguson and the attendant images have inspired comparisons with Israel’s assault on Gaza. The parallels between Israeli and U.S. militarized policies are not far-fetched. A cursory investigation shows that Israel maintains an extensive network of relations with U.S. law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal levels.
    It is no coincidence that the chief of the St. Louis County Police Department, which was responsible for some of the heavy-handed tactics employed against protesters in Ferguson, received training in Israel in recent years. These connections are so important that the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee touts their success and the Jewish Virtual Library lists police training as a separate category of U.S.-Israel relations. The CRI, a private counterterrorism-training outfit run by a former Israeli special forces member, promises training in “combat experience in dealing with terrorism, crime and guerrilla warfare.” Over the years, thousands of U.S. personnel at all levels of law enforcement and hundreds of senior managers, from local police chiefs to FBI detectives, have taken counterterrorism training in Israel or attended conferences sponsored by the Israeli government, security-minded conservative think tanks and even the Anti-Defamation League with little to no scrutiny for their role in the militarization of our police forces. Ferguson is not Gaza … yet

  20. David I must disagree with you on this! Dead men don’t talk! Whether Brown stole Cigars or candy doesn’t matter in this case. If he took cigars he did not deserve to die! He was executed! This is a state sponsored execution! His friend who was with him did not get arrested! It has nothing to do with the case anyway! Their really is no need of a Grand Jury to indict Wilson! Everything is already public! He killed the man with witnesses during the broad daylight! Several people witnessed it! This is a misuse of the grand jury! A grand jury is an investigative body! There was no need to go to the Grand Jury! They could have had a hearing but for Al Sharpton and stupid Attorney Crump!

    Al Sharpton–the mob snitch– is doing the public a great injustice!

    As it regards Gov.. Nixon, I thought that standing armies were abolished in this country. Where are our legal minds on this? The militarization of a police operation is a standing army. It was premature for Gov. Nixon to issue a executive order when there were no signs of civil breakdown! What happens in Ferguson will happen in Delaware! Advocates for the Bill of Rights are missing the bigger point! There is no mention of Daren Wilson being a member and his supporters being members of the KKK!

  21. Brown didn’t just steal the cigars he assaulted the store owner in the process of the theft.

    There were also other witnesses who contradicted what the witnesses defending Brown stated. The forensic evidence in autopsy report proves that the claims of the witnesses that Brown had his hands up in the air was false.

    If 6 million dollars in damage caused by people committing unlawful acts, isn’t a sign of civil breakdown I don’t know what is.

    Jahl, respectfully, I would expect better from you. Running with unconfirmed claims that Wilson is a member of the KKK, seems beneath you. In regard to several supporters who are associated with the KKK showing up at a rally, it doesn’t prove anything. As an example a supporter of the SC Sheriff who lost the election was endorsed by someone who spoke at several KKK rallies.

    Let’s not dismiss the New Black Panther groups involvement in Ferguson just prior to and during the protests that turned increasingly violent

  22. I can’t tell you which story is correct. I think Bill is closer to correct, but that is based upon leaked information that may reflect differently under oath. Like much of America, I await the grand jury. Enough bad information has gotten out that right now, I believe nothing. I make no judgment.

  23. “An estimated 6 MILLION dollars in damages to businesses owned by people who had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting.”

    Which, along with actions and statements by the KKK, New Black Panthers, or anyone else, doesn’t really have anything to do with what did or did not transpire between Officer Wilson and Michael Brown. Neither does the incident at the convenience store, as Wilson was not stopping Brown for that, and had no awareness of it.

  24. when the youth in Seattle and New Hampshire raised hell was it just cause. or do we have double standard here?

  25. David I must disagree with you on this! Dead men don’t talk! Whether Brown stole Cigars or candy doesn’t matter in this case. If he took cigars he did not deserve to die! He was executed! This is a state sponsored execution!

    If Brown’s fingerprints are on the officer’s gun or holster, you can forget about an indictment. Most people with an iota of common sense know that you don’t try to grab a cops gun.

  26. Jahi

    I agree with you and Don Ayotte. This became an execution when the unnecessary kill shot was fired by the officer. Brown was already down and incapacitated and the kill shot was totally unnecessary.
    The fact they left his body uncovered was very unrespectful and only angered the people of Ferguson MO. This was an execution.
    That he was killed for not walking on the sidewalk is inexcusable. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  27. @ Rick cops lie all the time! I am currently being prosecuted based on a lie! In my case they had to justify why they attacked me!

  28. sock puppet your claim about the “kill shot” is not supported by (2 of 3) autopsy reports that have been released. We both know facts mean little to you, when they do not support your delusional claims. To disregard everything else that happened from the initial “stop” is nothing short of reckless, and irresponsible. You knowingly post statements to incite rage and anger in people.

  29. No offense or disrespect intended
    I have to wonder how this all would have played out if it had been a black law enforcement officer who shot Brown.
    I also have to wonder about how this would have all played out if it had been a black law enforcement officer shot Brown and he was Caucasian.

  30. This became an execution when the unnecessary kill shot was fired by the officer. Brown was already down and incapacitated and the kill shot was totally unnecessary.

    How do you know? We’re you there?

    Rick cops lie all the time!

    So do criminals. And so do their associates. Don’t forget, Brown had just robbed a convienence store.

    Like I said, if Brown’s fingerprints are on the cop’s gun or holster, forget about an indictment.

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