I am Not a Trump Fan, but the nonsense outrage about his reimbursing his corporations is bogus. It’s the law.

All of a sudden following the law is a scandal. The Press is either dishonest or dumb. As one who has been a senior staffer on Congressional campaigns and a state coordinator for 2 Presidential candidates as well as a local officeholder, let me explain why he did it right.

Trump funded his own campaign–mostly, therefore, the money he put in was his. Federal law allows him to put as much as he desires into his own campaign with no campaign contribution limits. He saved money by using properties owned by his corporations. However, the corporations are viewed as different entities than Trump. Trump would have problems and have to prove that he and his wife owns them 100% which he may not because his children may own shares. Otherwise it could be an illegal contribution. If he rents the property or reimburses his flights, it is unlimited. Sure by the public view, Trump is paying himself, but it is his money that he is using, and by federal regulation, he is not.

If you don’t like it, repeal McCain Feingold. Don’t blame Trump for not wanting to go to jail. The funny part is the Democrats would have been having the FEC and the AG investigating him if he did it differently. He does it right and they want to act like he is doing some sort of double dealing. They have to ignore that it is his own money in the first place so of course it is not double dealing. They are either idiots or deceivers. I bet on the latter.

Interestingly if you want to look at suspicious money games, look at the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative. Only 10% of the money went to charitable grants. Much of the money went to the Clintons. Unlike Trump, it wasn’t their money, it was other people’s.

4 thoughts on “I am Not a Trump Fan, but the nonsense outrage about his reimbursing his corporations is bogus. It’s the law.”

  1. The Press is either dishonest or dumb.

    Wrong. They are both.

    The great majority of the so-called “press” are merely cheerleaders for the Socialist-Democrat Party. Perhaps this is why surveys show that the American people place them near the bottom of the list of “professionals” ranked in order of trustworthiness.

    No matter. They can’t save Lyin’ Crooked Hillary.

  2. This is absolutely correct. The maximum donation allowed this year is $2,700 per person.

    So if David Anderson runs for Congress (that is, a federal office), and Dover Downs provides $10,000 of room rental, catering, etc. for several campaign events, that s ILLEGAL because it is an “in kind” donation in excess of $2,700. (Actually it would be illegal at $1 because even after Citizens United a corporation cannot donate “hard money” directly to a federal campaign. Citizens United allows a corporation to independent speech, but did not overturn the bar to donating directly to a campaign.)

    So Anderson for Congress would be REQUIRED to write a check to Dover Downs for $10,000 (or carry it as a debt).

    In Trump’s case, Trump has created a separate corporation for everything, as business empires do.

    So Trump does not own the airplane, for example. I guarantee you there is a separate corporation that owns and operates the airplane. So if someone gets injured flying on the airplane, Trump is immunized.

    So when the Trump campaign has an event at Trump Towers, the corporation that owns Trump Towers CANNOT make a donation to Trump’s campaign.

    The corporation that owns Trump Towers must be paid fair market value, or else there is an illegal inkind donation.

  3. I don’t know f this is clear. Trump Towers CANNOT provide the use of the atrium and space to the Trump campaign for free. Trump does not personally own Trump Towers. A corporation own Trump Towers, some of which is owned by Trump and some of the corporation is owned by his children and other business partners.

    So Trump has to reimburse Trump Towers, because other wise it would be an illegal campaign contribution n excess of$2,700 and also from a corporation which is not allowed.

    Now, here’s the thing This sounds convoluted and upside and backwards. Yeah. Welcome to the world of government regulation. Makes no sense. But it’s the law.

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