Hydrokinetics, New Energy For Delaware

Guest Post By Dave Rickards Underwater turbines can generate electricity without producing any GHG (green house gases). With a water depth of 3+ feet and a flow of 3.5+ knots, UEK Corporation out of Annapolis, Maryland has patented technology capable of producing clean electricity. This company, having been established in 1981, has in excess of 30 years of R&D. Their turbines are free floating, no need of pedestals, and are efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective. A Delaware company has licensed this technology and hopes to establish the first commercial project this year. After a successful year’s study this product can be marketed internationally as well as nationally. This would generate hundreds of good paying jobs in Sussex. Every facility with a cooling tower (there are over 10,000 nationwide) can use this technology to capture currently wasted kinetic energy and reduce their operating cost. The cost to install these units is around $1,100 per kW and the cost of generation is about $0.008 per kW. Therefore electric power can be generated and sold @ 4.5 cents per kWh and the company would still earn a profit. (this is cheaper than coal) Outflows, rivers, and even the gulf stream are possible sources for electric generation. The global potential is immeasurable. Areas without grids could power villages allowing for clean water and agriculture. The Indus River and tributaries like the Jhelum could be engineered to create local generation allowing India to generate electricity without restricting the water flow necessary for Pakistan’s agriculture needs. In conclusion hydrokinetics offers the potential of clean energy at a cost that is competitive with any other form of electric generation. Delaware currently has the option of controlling the market for UEK technology. Author welcomes feedback. David O. Rickards 34612 Rickards Road Frankford, DE. 19945 (302)539-9034 Ph. (302)537-2372 Fax dorickards@aol.com instreamenergy@aol.com

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  1. The Indian River Inlet , with the second highest current velocity on the Eastern Seaboard, is a good place to start.

  2. Thank you, David. I would be interested in discussing (no promises that I can do anything, but let’s talk) about applications in the Bahamas, especially where there are many shallow flats (10 to 50 feet) where tidal currents can be extremely strong.

    Whale Cay passage in the Abacos can be so powerful when there is a “rage sage” that a 120 foot long cargo ship piloted by a native, experienced Bahamian captain broached and sank, killing the Captain’s 12 year old daughter. This was probably 10-15 years ago. But every time my mother and father would pass near Whale Cay my mother would be downstairs praying and reading her Bible.

    The ocean currents and tidal flows can be immensely powerful. I would guess that there is nothing more powerful on the planet than the movement of the water of the oceans and seas.

    However, this is the problem with government involvement in energy or other areas of the economy.

    You recite that electricity from this innovative adaptation can be sold at a profit for a lower price than coal.

    That is possible, if true, because you and others DID NOT STOP innovating and designing until you reached a much better design and plan than past efforts.

    You don’t get that determination with government.

    Government would have funded these kinds of efforts 20 versions ago, when yet still badly designed and massively too expensive.

    Driven by the necessity of competing with coal, however, the genius of invention and innovation comes into play, resulting in a perfect or more perfect solution.

    That is why government is poison to innovation and economic success.

    Some will say, oh but the government funded the space race, etc.

    Wrong. The government was a consumer of products, but did not tell private contractors HOW to meet the standards needed. The government’s role was to say “We want a machine that can launch a space capsule into orbit and we are willing to pay for it.” But it was up to private industry as contractors to relentlessly improve and innovate until they could meet the specifications and reliability required by their CUSTOMER.

  3. “Rage sea” not “rage sage”

    When I mean there is nothing more powerful on the planet than the movement of the ocean’s / sea’s waters, I meant that portion of the planet that is part of our human existence. Obviously, the movement of the magma in the interior of the Earth is more powerful, including when it erupts as a volcano. But that is not part of our routine existence that we can access.

  4. The real beauty of the UEK Underwater Electric Kite concept is:

    Very Low Environmental Impact
    Zero air emissions (no GHGs, etc.)
    Infinitesimal effect on aquatic, estaurine and marine biota.
    Does not disrupt natural water flows

    No Adverse Economic Impact on Other Sectors ( fishing, navigation, tourism, etc.)

    No Negative Social Impact ( from dam project relocation)

    Economical to build install and maintain

    Power produced is cheaper than conventional coal-fired sources.

    Flexibility enables local adaption.

    Truly sustainable and renewable without high cost

    Proven Technology.

  5. May I presume that you might have some kind of test fan to measure the water flow in different locations before investing the money in installation of the full unit?

    Can you anchor an inexpensive test turbine to measure what the water flow is?

    For example, Fowl Cay is a small uninhabitated island between Scotland Cay and Man O’War Cay — barrier islands along the Abaco flats near Marsh Harbour. Around Fowl Cay is an underwater park for scuba diving viewing.

    As the tides come in and out, the cuts between Scotland Cay and Fowl Cay and between Fowl Cay and Man O’War Cay would probably experience very strong tidal currents.

    However, you also have to avoid obstructing navigation. Boats come in and out of those cuts. So you would have to test locations near the edges out of the path of boats but still in the strong currents.

    underwater park

  6. I disagree with the idea that this is proven technology at a scalable level. I think we need to include innovations as part of our energy strategy. We should not block this type of technology from being tried. We should encourage it. Over regulation is harming America as much as anything else.

  7. The major bureaucratic regulatory problem is that experimental small-scale hydrokinetic power generations are treated with the same legal overburden of large-scale dam projects because they are classified in the same category. There is also a gray conflict area between various state and federal agencies with some states requiring state permits before federal permits can be filed, instead of parallel filing to save time.

    There are various types of hydrokinetic generation units in various stages of sophistication and development. The UEK units have been refined over a 30-year period.

  8. Geez, why should you need any permit at all? The only issues I can imagine would be (1) avoiding hazards to navigation (US Coast Guard clearance perhaps) and (2) electrical compatibility with the power grid, which is really the power utility’s problem.

    It seems that the company’s problem is they didn’t buy a congressman first.

  9. Supposedly, the deepest draft of vessels transiting the Indian River Inlet is 12 feet.
    Units could be placed at 20 feet below surface for safety.

  10. The first logical step would be to deploy unidirectional riverine units in a high velocity man-made channel that would not require environmental permitting. The bidirectional units would be the next phase of development.

  11. The turbines, protected by patent #6,168,373 issued on January 2,2001, are an environmentally non-intrusive multiple turbine unit for adjustable deployment in water. The turbines are captured in a shroud having an integrally formed augmentor ring and ballasting member to improve efficiency. The multiple turbine arrangement effectively counteracts the rotational counter-torque of individual turbines, thereby enabling stable deployment of the unit without requiring rigid stabilizing structures. (This has been Verdent Power’s main problem on the East River)

    The main reason for preferring to concentrate on industrial outflows initially is that they don’t require any environmental studies or permits. Therefore with the facility’s blessing a project can be implimented quickly. (low hanging fruit)

    An initial investment of $300,000 would allow one prototype unit to be fabricated, installed, efficiency documented, market video created, and independent engineer certification of outflow structure stress — or lack of — and electric generation.

    I would like to find either an individual or LLC to fund the first commercial project and am offering 25% of the company as compensation.

    I can be contacted by ph @ 302-539-9034 or e-mail @ instreamenergy@aol.com.

  12. Thank you David, right now I am too swamped to be swamped. I am just finishing a “Friend of the Court” brief for the amnesty lawsuit in Texas.

    But when time permits I would very much like to talk about it more.

  13. Also, whatever happened to that experiment in — I think — Rehobeth Beach using a so-called “barrel” shaped design for a wind power generator? The experiment was to put a compact-shape wind turbine on the roof of a building in Rehobeth Beach (maybe it was Dewey Beach).

    The idea behind the so-called “barrel” shaped design — there’s probably a better name — is to (a) be more compact than a huge slowly-moving blade, (b) avoid the need for a tall, very expensive mount to accommodate a huge, slowly-moving blade, and (c) due to its shape reduce the threat to birds, etc.

    A few years ago I spoke to the company about the possibility of having them run a test in the Bahamas, but other things got in the way.

    So the company was going to get real-world test results and proceed from there.

    I, like all conservatives, are opposed to government interference in the markets by regulatory restrictions or subsidies.

    However, we should all be in favor of INNOVATION that stands on its own two feet and is actually a good idea.

    Government interference amounts to taking projects that DON’T work in the real world and CAN’T compete in the real world and trying to force reality to fit political wish lists.

    Note that conservatives opposing government interference is not due to some abstract philosophy or purist principles. it is because government interference is always DUMB, harmful, wasteful, and a failure. Conservatives have their “eyes wide open” and realize that government involvement is a FAILURE, wasteful, harmful, and disruptive of genuine progress. Liberals live in a dream world and think their “god” — the government — will save them and make a better world.

  14. The bureaucratic mindset and the creative innovative approach the life are essentially antithetical.

  15. But if you’re creative enough, then why not try to engineer a solution to that problem too?

    That’s what the Founders did.

  16. Technological engineering is one thing
    Social and cultural engineering are another.

    The US Constitution , while a framework and blueprint for modern government, is multidimensional beyond engineering.

    Anyone for a Delaware contstitional convention???

  17. If the national scene is any measure, it seems unlikely that people are abiding by the Constitution that we already have.

    I could be wrong.

    Perhaps when this fossil fueled binge that keeps the tractor trailers rolling and the deliveries on time wears out or “climate change”/weather weapons result in something that we can’t geoengineer our way out of Americans will become more focused on exactly why it is they can afford entertainment. Nothing against entertainment. It’s great. Life is good.

    And discussing and marketing hydrokinetics is a good problem to have… have you considered applying to go on Shark Tank?

    Meanwhile, in Detriot:

    City retirees from Detroit’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) said at a press conference Aug. 13 that workforce cuts resulting in grossly negligent sewage pump maintenance caused the massive flooding of metro Detroit freeways and homes Aug. 11 to Aug. 12, leading to three deaths and untold property damage.
    They said Detroit pump failures also played a major role in the Toledo, Ohio water emergency that began Aug 3. During the weeks-long crisis, 430,000 residents of that city and parts of southeastern Michigan could not use municipal water to drink, bathe, cook, or wash dishes as it was contaminated with toxic algae and other substances. Authorities told them that even boiling water would not remove the toxins. Link

    Blame the bankers when you’re bankrupt. Blame the media when your children are thugs.

    I blame bankers, politicians and the media all the time. But is it really them? “I’m not me, I’m you… but with a fully functioning mouse brain!” –Christine O’Donnell

    I don’t know. It’s probably all of us.

  18. Liberals live in a dream world and think their “god” — the government — will save them and make a better world.

    What is the difference between a constituted/Constitutional government subject to voters and another group of people/”corporations” subject to “the market”/voters?

    These abstractions are not real to me, people are. But would it help you if we called the government a corporation? Because to “some” extent, that’s what it already is.

  19. Back to hydrokinetics, state and federal energy policy demand massive domestic GHG reduction, while the PRC, et.al. continue to pollute. Meanwhile, an effective zero GHC energy technology cheaper than conventional coal plants, is right under their noses…..

  20. The Pentagon has been talking about climate change lately without mentioning any of their weather weapons and plans for “full spectrum dominance”… is there any way that you could get some of the too big to fail “federal reserve notes” of the bankers that those mercenaries serve… from them?

    Probably not.

    Or if you could threaten to collapse the “economy”/banking then it would seem you could get money lent at zero percent interest, like bankers. $300,000? That’s one house in the pyramid scheme of the Wizard of Oz or part of one parking garage built in DE for JP Morgan.

    I wish I had enough bitcoins to finance it. Shrug.

    I’m still waiting on natural gas infrastructure for natural gas cars. Jack Markell talks all this crap and doesn’t do anything. Climate change is going to be a huge disaster… but don’t look at the plans for geoengineering and weather weapons. (!!!!!!) And don’t actually engineer a solution or do much about it that computes in terms of physics and mathematics, at all. (?????)

    Have you considered emailing Justin Bieber and asking him to donating $300,000 to save the planet?

    He could sell his Karma… but:

    ANAHEIM, California — Some 2012 Fisker Karmas, the luxury plug-in hybrid vehicles that sold new for around $100,000, are now selling used for as little as $50,000.

    Although online asking prices and eBay “Buy It Now” prices are hovering around $60,000 to $80,000, indications are that the cars are actually selling for about half of what they cost new. One recent eBay listing for a 2012 Karma received a top bid of $45,100 and was not sold because it failed to meet its minimum reserve.

    It seems that as the fortunes of Fisker Automotive continue to plummet, sales of its vehicles are headed downward, as well.

    Clearly, there is cause for concern. (!!!!!!) Google

    More entertainment.

    If I had the extra ponzi then I’d help. But apparently people are not much interested in all that goes into creating enough wealth to provide for their forms of entertainment (enter, Bieber).

    Oh well…

    Good luck!

  21. mynym January 15, 2015 at 15:22 “What is the difference between a constituted/Constitutional government subject to voters and another group of people/”corporations” subject to “the market”/voters?”

    Well that’s the entire issue. That’s what’s important.

    First, if we talk about a “Constitutional government” in the sense of what constitutional conservatives are aiming for, the government is as limited as possible so that the government doesn’t get involved in these things. Most especially, crony capitalism is one of the top enemies of conservatives who believe in constitutional government. Go back and watch “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” It is all about crony capitalism.

    But if you are talking about government stimulus and government “leadership” in the economy versus the discipline of the market place:

    — A boondoggle is a “success” in political terms if it advances political goals, such as symbolism that makes it look like politicians care, advances political agenda, rewards your political friends or hurts your political opponents.

    So Fisker Motors and Solyndra were great success in political terms because it made the politicians look like they care about the environment.

    Doesn’t matter that those companies are disastrous business failures.

    — In the market place, a company succeeds or fails based on actually delivering what the customers want. If the company does not actually provide products and services that benefit people, it will close its doors.

    But there are exceptions. The more crony capitalism there is, the less responsive a private sector business will be to the customers. The more regulation there is, the less sensitive private businesses will be to the customers, especially as regulation bolsters existing big businesses that have vast teams to comply with regulation and prevents competition from new start-ups.

    Of course, when companies lie to customers, this inhibits the discipline of the market place. Laws against fraud are important to make sure the system works.

  22. mynym, if “Federal Reserve Notes” aren’t worth anything, aren’t real, would you mind sending me yours?

    mynym, perhaps I should explain my thinking in opposing all the Jewish Banksters, only-gold-is-“real money,” Ron Paul, Federal Reserve nonsense.

    Do you know how a bull fighter kills a massively-powerful bull? The bull could kill the bull-fighter in seconds if it aims its horns accurately and puts its massive strength and weight behind.

    However, instead of killing the bull fighter, the bull fighter waves a red cloth and distracts the bull. The bull charges at the wrong target. The bull misses the bull fighter by about 18 inches aiming for the red cloth.

    Same thing with Congress.

    Instead of the American people charging at Congress and fixing the problem, we have millions of patriotic Americans fretting about “real money” and “banksters” and “Federal Reserve Notes.”

    mynym, FIRST get liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans kicked out of Congress… THEN they will abolish the Federal Reserve.

    You and millions of other Ron Paul worshippers have it BACKWARDS. You can’t fret about the Federal Reserve first.

    FIRST change Congress, THEN “End the Fed.”

    Of course, you can and should use issues like “Audit the Fed” and “End the Fed” as campaign issues to help get the right Congress critters elected.

    I would sign up for those issue campaigns.

    I just wouldn’t get distracted fretting about the Fed, and give Congress a FREE PASS to continue destroying the country.

    mynym, here’s the problem: There are MANY WAYS to ruin the country, not just one.

  23. Like I said, Shark Tank tends to bring about the merger of entertaining reality shows and finance so perhaps that’s an option.

    Meanwhile, here’s a Google headline cloud to gist if anyone feels like it:
    (Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change – The….)
    (Climate change threatens national security, Pentagon says …)
    (Climate Change an ‘Immediate Risk,’ Pentagon Says …)


    Immediate risk to American peasants, threat alert…. purple! Nuke it! Just kidding.

    But given that, how much are they spending on F35s to police “too big to fail” petrodollar routes (But mainly acting like mercs for Israelis/”allies in the region”/Saudis now….) and how much is the government spending on start ups like this?

    Perhaps the marketing could be framed as powering their military bases in a decentralized way to fight the war on terrism? Peasants love that stuff, market it that way. Hire Katy “War Inc.” Perry to have fireworks shoot out of her boobs for Walmart shoppers…. Walmartians, does anyone think I’m a satirist prone to hyperbole? Perhaps.

    But this seems all too real!

    Anyway, perhaps people can get the gist of what the mercenaries over at the Pentagon and Jack “the messiah” Markell are saying about climate change in my supposed satires that look suspiciously like they’re all too real.

    The basic gist, climate change… it’s a real Big Deal. (!!!!)

    So…. where’s the money,Jack? How is this big deal going to be monetized?

    Karma???? One couldn’t write this stuff if you sat around trying to imagine a satire.

    What’s this turbine going to be called? What’s the marketing… or have you not begun to think about its marketing and entertainment value and monetizing how it is perceived to work?

    Let me guess, you want to make sure it works in reality first?

  24. Mynym:

    We intend to have a constructive discussion about hydrokinetics and its potential for energy / development in Delaware.

    Your constant antisemitic conspiracy theory rants do not contribute to this end or to the advancement of the human species for that matter.

  25. Alright, this debate with Mr. Moseley that’s probably been brewing for years has nothing to do with Delaware Politics. As you can see, Delaware Politics and Mr. Moseley are kosher. So any sayanim researching this can feel free to give them campaign cash, support their candidates and so forth.

    Because I am me and they, are very clearly… them! Christine “I’m you and we’re both not witches.” O’Donnell aside… let it be very clear which, is which.

    Because I don’t want to mess up their political games with an almost equally servile Delaware Liberal, given that Delaware Politics honors the ethos of the Founder’s with respect to free speech and Delaware Liberal does not.

    I don’t want to be unfair, where anyone mistakes me for representing the views of the very people that I’ve grown over the years to have almost no respect for. (Again, other than the fact that they honor the Founder’s tradition of free speech.) Zionists can still contribute to them and send their candidates on a junket to Israel with your money to establish a special relationship and so on. Do threads like this not prove that they love you sufficiently, perhaps even more than their own nation and families? It seems to me that this should prove that they are not “anti” you as a tribe. (Sorry about making Mr. Moseley into you defense lawyer… that may not be fair!) Do they not “stand with” you as a tribe and a nation even if you do not stand with them and only view them as a tool? (There again, some Christian Zionists seem to view you as a tool to produce Armageddon. So there is that. Fair is fair!)

    Clear? Delaware Politics doesn’t have anything to do with me… I am me!


    mynym, if “Federal Reserve Notes” aren’t worth anything, aren’t real, would you mind sending me yours?

    They’re worth something as long as enough peasants put full faith and credit in them and other nations challenging the system can be dominated, IMF’d or their governments overthrown. As far as I go, a too big to fail currency from banksters based on deception and murder and lies propped up by the cowards and mercenaries at the Pentagon (Playing pretend about being patriots and smoking their own hopium to the point that they probably believe their own BS.) is just a tool to use in the interest of my own family, tribe and community. I’ll grant you that this community and working class white people look suspiciously like an entire tribe of village idiots sometimes. Try and help them: “That’s racist! Why won’t you let us engage in pathological altruism and get our families killed or our children beaten? Are you a bully, a Nazi, an antisemite AND a racist or somethin’?!!! ” Etc.etc.

    But I do not care. It would probably be helpful if I did not consider you to be stupid and ignorant white people. And you are white/fair people convinced to go loop dee doo trying to look out for black people that do not care about you and Jews that do not care about you. Not that I blame them too much. I sometimes wonder if I should care about you.

    But anyway, many of the mysterious “bankers” that the Pentagon they’ve financed into existence through CONgress (basically shabbos goyim) serves have their own tribal interests that are usually international and oligarchical.

    Meanwhile, I have my own interests and family to look out for at a local level.

    mynym, perhaps I should explain my thinking in opposing all the Jewish Banksters, only-gold-is-“real money,” Ron Paul, Federal Reserve nonsense.

    Gold is not real money unless people value it as such. I would say this, it at least has some physical/atomic integrity whereas the digital/virtual money of bankers basically does not at this point. The money of “good” and representative statesmen could also have integrity, if there were any good men with integrity trying to represent the interests of their people. (Heh.) If Americans other than the Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich types ever had integrity, most probably lost it somewhere way back there when they refused to listen to leaders and statesmen like Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and some others that wound up being assassinated. Same thing with Ron Paul, if he had won then it’s unlikely he would have survived long. Partially thanks to you, Mr. “The USS Liberty probably deserved to be sunk… for spying!” Seriously? I guess that means that many Israeli sayanim can be assassinated without trial?

    And Ron Paul was only a doctrine of “non-interventionism” and not sending the navy to level the private banking islands (Where the oligarchs of Zion keep the sex slaves that Clinton may be getting in trouble for now, etc… apparently he may have one Jewish sex scandal too many, along with Dershowitz too.) or demanding that Israel pay back its “debt” to American peasants.

    It’s my understanding that’s all Ron Paul was saying, was “non-interventionism.” And even that wasn’t servile* enough! Chutzpah. Oy vey!

    I wonder if the comedy of errors is almost over again, as it would seem that the tragedy has already begun in Europe again.

    *To combine a few different threads of thought here, it would not have mattered if Team White/Fair America stopped building F35s (That may not even work**, at this pathetic point.) for Israel and started trying to rebuild Detriot and other American cities. That was just a hypothetical example, see? In reality, it’s highly “likely” that putting all those resources into “nation building” in America probably wouldn’t matter anymore more than borrowing a few trillion into existence from the Federal Reserve Inc. to pay all African Americans living in majority black regions in America reparations would. It’s just a hypothetical. Because despite outside “influences,” cities and cultures are “generally” an expression of the people living in them. But with respect to that hypothetical, why not try it and see and give black people even more than an equal opportunity again? At least they’re Americans, living in American cities. What are you even doing with your attempts at “nation building,” anyway? You honestly think that you were “helping” the Iraqis build up a strong, democratic, secular state to rival Israel in the region… to hold them accountable for human rights violations, no doubt?

    Oh , boy…

  26. We intend to have a constructive discussion about hydrokinetics and its potential for energy / development in Delaware.

    Your constant antisemitic conspiracy theory rants do not contribute to this end or to the advancement of the human species for that matter.

    You want money and I’m discussing how systems work and people get money.

    If you follow along with Mr. Moseley then you would call observable facts about tribalism, ethnic networking and its impact on the American economy and its flow of resources an “antisemitic conspiracy theory.” Facts. Not theories.

    What are you calling the turbine? What is the marketing?

  27. FIRST change Congress, THEN “End the Fed.”

    Of course, you can and should use issues like “Audit the Fed” and “End the Fed” as campaign issues to help get the right Congress critters elected.

    I would sign up for those issue campaigns.

    Perhaps we do not disagree much at the end of the day, although I didn’t hear your last candidate even mention the Fed. This isn’t the thread for that, other than the fact that the $300,000 they need is less than peanuts or a left over scrap of a peanut shell in the grand “scheme” of things.

    You know where to find me or my blog, message me. I’m open to new information.

    But with respect to this thread and the marketing of the turbine… just don’t call it Karma.

  28. Mynym:

    Blah , Blah , Blah …. The subject is hydrokinetics and energy / environmental /economic impact for Delaware and the world.

    Your input is largely irrelevant and off topic.

    Kinldly move it someplace else , as some of us are trying to have a more specific discussion.

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