Hurt Feelings or Bullying

China blasted Mexican President Calderon’s 45 minute meeting with the Dalai Lama in the strongest terms.  It is not unusual for China to express dismay when foreign leaders meet with the Tibetan Spiritual leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.  The nature of this rebuke seems to have gone way over the top to the point of interfering with the Mexican President’s right to speak with whomever he wants in his country.  The tone was aggressive.  Is this a new China?  As the nation becomes stronger economically, militarily, and politically will we see more of this?
Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said the meeting “grossly interfered with China’s internal affairs, hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and harmed Chinese-Mexican relations.” “We demand the Mexican side adopt measures to eliminate the bad impact and to safeguard the sound and stable development of Chinese-Mexican relations,” Ma said in a statement. Read more at the Washington Examiner:

3 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings or Bullying”

  1. The Dalai Lama received humiliating treatment when, after his visit with Obama, he was escorted out the back door of the White House past piles of garbage. Seeing this humiliating treatment sent a message to China. It didn’t have to use its harshest criticism for the US.

    Evidently Mexican officials treated his Holiness with more decorum, so got the brunt of China’s disfavor.

    The fact of the matter is that the Chinese have been in the business of dismembering Tibet and committing ethnic cleansing for years with scarcely a peep from the international community. They have been displacing the ethnic population with Chinese and have been cleansing the educational curriculum of the Tibetan language and culture–the Japanese used similar tactics when they occupied Korea for decades.

  2. What kind of ‘relations’ does China have with Mexico? Maybe there’s a big demand for ’54 Studebakers in Shanghai.

    Of course, Calderon probably thought that the Dali Lama was a llama named Dolly.

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