How Do You Work With People Who Refuse to Work?

Senator Reid D- NV refuses to bring a budget to the floor this year.  Senator Conrad D-ND says he is at peace with it.  Senator Johnson R-WI says the GOP will force a vote on the Ryan budget, but Senator Conrad criticizes the move saying that both sides need to work together.  Let’s see the Democrats won’t give us a budget, but they won’t work on the Republican budget either and criticize the GOP for actually having one.  Which party is more of the problem in Washington?  America is sinking in debt and the Democrats can’t pass a budget outline among themselves to begin a responsible conversation.

One thought on “How Do You Work With People Who Refuse to Work?”

  1. I don’t think that the Reid Socialist-Democrat-led Senate has produced a budget in three years. Why? Because they are derelict- or, embarassed.

    Oh well, the Republicans will control the Senate in Jan., ’13.

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