Hooray for Mary Spicer and Republican Women!!!

Under the leadership of Mary Spicer, the Delaware Federation of Republican Women have taken the next step to impacting public policy.  Based on a resolution within their own group, the Republican Women have recognized that those who defend our freedoms, including our right to vote, are being penalized by the late primary election in Delaware.  The Brave Men and Women who defend our freedoms are not able to have absentee ballots sent to them in some cases within 7 weeks of a general election.  For those who serve our nation in far flung locales such as Iraq or Afghanistan, this is unrealistic.  Getting an election document to a GI 150 miles outside of Kabul and back to Wilmington Delaware in 50 days or less strains the reality of combat conditions and penalizes our brave men and women for serving their country.    Let’s keep in mind that in certain cases U.S. Navy submariners do not surface for 60 days.  In Delaware this denies them the right to vote. Kudos go to: 1. Representative Deborah Hudson who is the prime sponsor of this resolution.  Hudson had proven to be a friend of the military and veterans at every occasion. 2.  Senate Sponsor Lianne Sorenson who will be carrying the water for this initiative in the State Senate. 3.  Co Sponsors are Representatives  Greg Lavelle,  Lincoln Willis,  Jack Peterman, Mike Ramone, Dan Short, Ruth Riggs King,  and Senator Colin Bonini.  So far there are no Democrat co sponsors.  However I am more than willing to add the names of any Democrat co sponsors as they appear.  While Al Gore worked to deny military absentee ballots in 2000,  I don’t believe that all Democrats are willing to deny our military the right to have their votes counted.  Our current system required Delaware election officials to request waivers from the federal government for our election system.  No one is questioning the current elections officials dedication to counting all of the votes nor their competence.  The facts are that in the future Delaware could easily be denied the waivers that the Obama Administration gave in this last election cycle.   It is far better to do the right thing by our service men and women and simply move the primary back to some time in August as opposed to September.  Enabling legislation would be easy to draft.  Thank you to Mary Spicer and the Republican Women for stepping up and standing up for those who defend our freedoms. HCR 4

7 thoughts on “Hooray for Mary Spicer and Republican Women!!!”

  1. Evan Quiestch has been proposing this, at least since December when I became aware of his advocacy, and this sounds like a great idea.

  2. Evan is the man…from co-hosting with Jensen on WDEL, to personally being responsible for Glen Urquhart and Christine O’Donnell’s primary victories, to proposing major changes to the election code in Delaware, and now…the highest honor paid to an Urkel/O’Wackjob defender (ta da)becomming the illegitimate child of Jon Moseley (ta da)..this is a guy who’s story I’d be interested in hearing…hope someday to meet him and buy him a “Five Guy’s”
    Maybe i will see him at the district meeting or state convention. NEWARK Region R U L E S !!!!

  3. “Evan Quiestch has been proposing this, at least since December when I became aware of his advocacy, and this sounds like a great idea.”

    Heck people have been proposing this for over 20 years!!!! It is one thing to rattle off ideas, it is quite another to get something done out of the legislature. Believing Evan had any impact on Representative Hudson is pure fantasy.

  4. Evan was not responsible for this…i suppose that next you will tell me that the Easter Bunny and Santa don’t exist!

  5. Dear Shaggy: I did not say that Evan was the first person since the dinosaurs walked the Earth to ever talk about this problem, only that I know he wanted to see some action on it, and now is a great time for us all to — HORRORS — COME TOGETHER on a common idea.

    I see lots of good things on the conservative side of the DEGOP.

    But when it looks like everyone AGREES on something for a change, THAT has to turn into a competition about who agrees with it MOST and FIRST. Then I do have to seriously wonder about the future of Delaware politics.

    If everyone AGREEING on something touches off a war, is there any hope?

    The next insult in Delaware politics: “I AGREE WITH YOU!” Response: “The hell you do! How dare you! I’ll meet you in the alley in 5 minutes! HOW DARE YOU AGREE WITH ME!”

  6. I can’t talk about it now, but I expect to see a bill on this. I applaud them joining the movement. They deserve applause on this. Jon is right that others have been working on this and will produce a bill soon, but I love action and agreement. Some in the Women’s group have been concerned about this issue awhile. I am glad to see some movement. I don’t understand a concurrent resolution instead of a joint resolution though. I would like to see the legislators pull the HCR and get an HJR which has the force of law. If you are going to pass something through both houses, you may as well make it count.

  7. “Dear Shaggy: I did not say that Evan was the first person since the dinosaurs walked the Earth to ever talk about this problem,”

    Actually, Mosely in your initial comment you attempted to give credit to Evan. The fact is down at Leg. Hall where they actually pass bills, Evan is considered more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
    Try to deal in facts Moseley, It was Mary Spicer and the Delaware Federation of Republican Women who got this ball rolling. I would like to see this passed. Yours and Evan’s visibility on this will not help. Pack up your carpetbag and go back to Virginia when this comes up.

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