Holder Reassures Muslim Advocates

I wonder if Attorney General Eric Holder lost his mind.  Muslim Advocates  is  as nutty as the ACLU.  They are complaining that Justice Department sting operations  are enticing Muslims into terrorism.  I keep telling you that most American Muslims are good, god fearing people who want a better life.  Groups like Muslim Advocates make people like myself look like blithering fools if you believe them.   Why?  Obviously normal Muslims are all on the verge of terrorism and some stranger approaching them with an opportunity just sends them over the top.  That is idiotic.  Groups like this do not deserve serious consideration from the Justice Department.  This seems like another advocacy group run amok.  These guys make a mockery of  the groups that they claim to represent.   They are either idiots or I am.  Considering there are millions of Muslims in the U. S., you had better hope I am right.   My bigger concern is that Justice is so intent on playing to politically correct group politics that the Attorney General himself is playing to the most insane of those concerns in person.  That does not instill confidence in me.  Any need to subject Muslims to investigation is the fault of Jihadists.  They claim the mantle of Islam.  The hide in its populations.  They kill in its name.  The best Muslim advocacy would be rooting out this small minority not giving it legitimacy in this way.  From the Washington Times (emphasis added):
Carefully-crafted sting operations by FBI and Justice Department officials have included plots against a Portland, Ore., Christmas celebration, Dallas skyscrapers, Washington subways, a Chicago nightclub and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Undercover operatives in these cases have let suspects make clear they wanted to carry out an attack and gave them a chance to change their mind, according to authorities. But Holder told the group he would make “no apologies” for the handling of the case against Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, a Somali-born Muslim accused of plotting to set off a bomb in Oregon. “Those who characterize the FBI’s activities in this case as “entrapment” simply do not have their facts straight or do not have a full understanding of the law.” In that case, Mohamud has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder of federal officers and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. After his arrest, someone set fire to an Islamic center where he occasionally worshipped. Critics have called the stings entrapment of people who otherwise couldn’t have carried out an attack and said the government has been enticing Muslims into terrorism. “We have very serious concerns about FBI surveillance tactics that are used. We believe that law enforcement has an important job to protect us as a country but they should do so mindful of the rules of justice and fairness that are at the core of our criminal justice system,” said Muslim Advocates executive director Farhana Khera, who invited Holder to speak to the group.

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  1. “Critics have called the stings entrapment of people who otherwise couldn’t have carried out an attack and said the government has been enticing Muslims into terrorism.”

    This is laughable. Who enticed the the Muslim extremists to to crash jetliners into the World Trade Buildings. These extremists don’t need encouragement to murder innocent people, they get all the encouragement they need from their leadership in al Qaeda.
    Airport scanners and gropers, profile 85 year-old grandmothers instead of younger Arab looking men to be thoroughly searched, just to be politically correct.
    This is insanity gone wild!!

  2. Muslims are generally politically passive people; this explains why most ‘Muslim’ countries are dictatorships (many with ‘free’ elections, of course), and why terrorists within many Muslim nations live without fear of arrest and are thus free to plan, recruit, propagandize and proliferate.

    The radical Muslim hierarchy in the U.S. will use the passive Islamic community as a symbolic representation of the ‘good Muslim’ myth, while knowing full well that the Koran clearly states that Islam is a religion of conquest; that the goal of Islam is the forced conversion- submission- of practitioners of other religions to Islam.

    The Ground Zero Mosque is a perfect example of how the radical element uses the ‘peace loving’ Muslim ‘majority’ as a means of attaining both a practical and symbolic victory. Incongruously cloaking themselves in the First Amendment protections they despise, and depending upon America’s naivety and political correctness, the so-called ‘community center’ will of course be used as a recruitment and propaganda center, in the heart of lower Manhattan- the site of the heinous 911 attacks.

    Throughout history, the Muslims have constructed mosques on previously sacred sites in conquered lands. What better way to demonstrate to the world the inevitability of Islamic dominance than the building of a mosque at Ground Zero?

    “Kill the Infidel…Submit…Praise Allah!”

  3. There is a point to the idea that Islam means submission. The fact that most of the Islamic world is a dictatorship haven shows this. That is why many Muslim Americans came here. They do care.

    Those who bought into terror need to be treated like anyone else who wants to commit crimes. There should be no special treatment for groups. That is reverse profiling and Don, I agree, it is insane.

  4. There is a point to the idea that Islam means submission. The fact that most of the Islamic world is a dictatorship haven shows this.

    So somehow, 1500 years of submission will dissipate upon reaching US shores? Muslims get a toe-hold, then expand their influence, under the tutelage of radical clerics. This is how they have expanded their influence and now control vast areas around the world. To ignore this historical is tragic naivety.

    The epicenter of the Islamist expansionist movement in America is Dearborn (MI). Go there and see how well they’ve ‘assimilated.’

    “The infidel must submit to Allah!”

  5. Americans should admit that Islam has become a steady and relentless enemy that will last generation after generation. They are still quoting atrocities that happened during the Crusades. Killing an American is an honor to a Jihadist and they believe that we create all the evil in the world.
    This mean, they are my enemy and I must treat them as such. This is not profiling, this is survival.

  6. I’m not sure what the criticism of Holder is here. He defended the stings to anyone who expresses doubt in their legality. What do you expect him to do?

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