His Holiness States An Obvious Fact

Obvious to most, the universe didn’t happen by accident.  It is intelligently and wonderfully made.  Most importantly for us, it was created for a purpose by design.  That means we are created for a purpose and by design by Supreme Creator.   Pope Benedict  said, “Contemplating it (the universe) we are invited to read something profound into it: the wisdom of the creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God.”  The evidence is overwhelming.  Here are 93 examples  of fine tuning in the universe necessary for life.   Doubters arrogantly think there way is the best and therefore GOD can’t exist.  The truth is the joke is on them and their lack of understanding. Politically, the implications are profound.  The notion of human rights, limits on the authority of government, cultural institutions, the value of the individual, the necessity of religious in  public life,  the authority of the law, morality,  the meaning of life itself are related to the most fundamental question of all.  Is there an ultimate authority who made us with a purpose or are we an accident making our purpose?  Theism or Humanism is the choice.  Humanism leads to cultural degeneration, totalitarianism, or anarchy.   It takes us to a destination of despair.  It loses any foundation for individual human rights.  Theism is the primary source of  human civilization and the engine of self actualization.  The choice is clear.  Choose wisely. Just a sampling of the fine tuning necessary for life.
  • Strong nuclear force constant
  • Weak nuclear force constant
  • Gravitational force constant
  • Electromagnetic force constant
  • Ratio of electromagnetic force constant to gravitational force constant
  • Ratio of proton to electron mass
  • Ratio of number of protons to number of electrons
  • Ratio of proton to electron charge
  • Expansion rate of the universe
  • Mass density of the universe
  • Baryon (proton and neutron) density of the universe
  • Space energy or dark energy density of the universe
  • Ratio of space energy density to mass density
  • Entropy level of the universe
  • Velocity of light
  • Age of the universe
  • Uniformity of radiation
  • Homogeneity of the universe
  • Average distance between galaxies
  • Average distance between galaxy clusters
  • Average distance between stars
  • Average size and distribution of galaxy clusters
  • Numbers, sizes, and locations of cosmic voids
  • Electromagnetic fine structure constant
  • Gravitational fine-structure constant
  • Decay rate of protons
  • Ground state energy level for helium-4
  • Carbon-12 to oxygen-16 nuclear energy level ratio
  • Decay rate for beryllium-8
  • Ratio of neutron mass to proton mass
  • Initial excess of nucleons over antinucleons
  • Polarity of the water molecule
  • Epoch for hypernova eruptions
  • Number and type of hypernova eruptions
  • Epoch for supernova eruptions
  • Number and types of supernova eruptions
  • Epoch for white dwarf binaries
  • Density of white dwarf binaries
  • Ratio of exotic matter to ordinary matter
  • Number of effective dimensions in the early universe
  • Number of effective dimensions in the present universe
  • Mass values for the active neutrinos
  • Number of different species of active neutrinos
  • Number of active neutrinos in the universe
  • Mass value for the sterile neutrino
  • Number of sterile neutrinos in the universe
  • Decay rates of exotic mass particles
  • Magnitude of the temperature ripples in cosmic background radiation
  • Size of the relativistic dilation factor
  • Magnitude of the Heisenberg uncertainty
  • 5 thoughts on “His Holiness States An Obvious Fact”

    1. How is the “Age of the universe” an example of “fine tuning necessary for life”?

      The Bible says the universe was just a few days old when all life was created.

    2. Does it? I don’t really want to get involved in the age of the earth controversy, but I belong to the literal interpretation school of the scripture and unlike some in the Catholic Church who would say Genesis one is just an allegory, I do not believe that.

      That said, I see no compelling evidence to believe that scripture says that. I am fine if that is true, but we are awaiting the eigth day of creation and in the seventh. If the seventh day has not ended, that means it was not 24 hours. We are in the day of rest.

      Why then would I have to believe the rest of the days are 24 hours when the Hebrew word for day used can mean long period of time and is often used to mean any period of time? The day of the LORD. The day of His rest. One day is as a thousand years. The last days.

      If the seventh day ended, I could buy the 24 hour interpretation. The fact the Bible says we are still in it, many thousands of years after Adam means that interpretation is not operationally consistent with Scripture and it is not consistent with observed facts.

      As one who believes in an old earth, I believe the process was guided to specifically balance the universe and GOD created life when he did to as part of the plan. The mid age of the universe is the perfect time because it allowed the perfect distance between stars, the forming of heavy minerals, and the decay of certain radiation. The universe is in a relatively stable period which is perfect for life.

      I have no quarrel with other Creationist schools of thought. There is really very little fundamental difference between theistic thinking in creation.

    3. Age is not the only misinterpetation of Genisis 1 nor is that the only creation account in the Scripture.

      Some people believe that GOD created the Sun and stars on the 4th day when the account said the heavens and earth were created at the beginning. Light and day and night came on the first day. The sky was made visible to an observer on the earth on the fourth day so mankind could have them for days and seasons among other purposes. Even secular scientific hypotheses say the early earth had a denser atmosphere, and many believe that you did not see the horizon as you do today. That is consistent with the Biblical account. The reason that changed was part of GOD’s plan to develop higher animals and not have a plant world.

      Genesis 1 is from the perspective of an observer on the earth. Once you understand that, it makes sense. The days are revelatory days. GOD revealed has plan as day stages not in real time which would be impossible for a man to absorb or survive.

    4. While there is good evidence for the fine tuning that produces directionality in evolutionary processes, including those outside the realm of biology, they provide no evidence or support the mythical notion of any kind of “designer” or “Creator”.
      See “The Goldilocks Effect”, a free e-book download from the “Unusual Perspectives” website.

    5. I could say that God caused the supposed ‘Big Bang,’ and nobody could disprove it any more than they can ever prove the pre-Big Bang nothingness or alternative universes.

      When the Old Testament was written, there was no real scientific understanding. Could they have written, ‘In the beginning, there were quarks?’

      Most cosmologists will admit to the ever-present philosophical component that permeates the scientific origin of the universe theory.

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