He Gives with One Hand and takes….

May GOD bless President Obama, he needs good advise from somewhere. The President stopped his regime from foot dragging on opening up drilling areas as mandated in a law passed in 2008.  The problem is that he opens exploration, but holds back on actual leases to drill. It is like trying to date someone who keeps calling you, but can never seem to find an open date on the calender.  He actually canceled the Alaska leases that could have given more oil in a few short years and opened up a process that takes a decade.  He upset activists on both sides of the issue.   If the announcement came today, I would think it an April Fool’s joke. Maybe I need to give the President’s men a hint.  Just let Alaskans take care of it.  They value the environment up there and will insure it is done right.  Next hint, since you want to do this in conjunction with more alternative energy being used, raise the gas tax to about 20 cents a gallon (about a penny and a half).  That will raise about 1.7 billion dollars annually and is small enough not to affect demand or cause hardship.  Sell the leases in Alaska that were suppose to go up for sale.  Take that money and put in a trust fund for energy security and transportation energy alternatives. Use that trust fund to give grants to encourage an alternative energy infrastructure in transportation.  First set aside a billion dollars to give tax free grants to service stations that set up alternative fuel depots whether that is hydrogen, methane, or electric battery swap outs.  Next give significant prize money to inventors who come up with ways to increase solar cell efficiency to 20% or greater, the better battery, cold fusion, etc.  Put up 100 million dollars for each of those and watch what happens.   We do not need to sink our economy to make it better.  Smart policies will lead to prosperity.  Let’s pray that someone in the inner circle will get that.

6 thoughts on “He Gives with One Hand and takes….”

  1. This policy proposal is only a ruse to move Cap and Trade ahead a bit to entice the weak GOP Senators.
    In reality, there are places where we know there is oil like ANWR and Montana/Wyoming which have their leases canceled.
    The offshore drilling is subject to the whims of Congress and trust me the environment groups will file suit and Obama will say he tried but alas the country was not ready for hope and change.
    What a joke.
    Mike Protack

  2. These other wingnuts to supporting right wing terrorism is one thing, but Mike – you wore the uniform of this country. Can you really continue to support the right wing terrorists with your silence?

  3. Jason you stupid soft-handed idiot: Hannity was mocking the likes of YOU sub-70 IQ cretins who consistently refer to Tea Partiers as radical racist militia types.

    What a surprise that that went STRAIGHT over your never-worked-hard-a-day-in-your-life pointed head.

    Crawl back into your pampered, hate-filled hole, troll.

  4. There will be offshore drilling under this administration when hell freezes over. BO has no intention whatsoever of opening-up new drilling platforms. Since polls show that the ‘independents’ are abandoning the Socialist-Democrats because of their radical agenda, BO has make a calculated move to appear ‘moderate’ and conciliatory.

    BO and his apparatchiks are so predictable. Anyone who can’t see through his ‘just a regular guy’ facade is an idiot.

    “Stop the Stinkin’ Marxist Bastards!”

  5. I have a feeling that President Obama is going to apply the pattern he laid out for coal companies to the off-shore drilling situation. Don’t shut them down just tax them into oblivion and they will close their doors for you. After all, why spend money to close a company down when you could earn money doing it.

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