Hate Blogger, Frank Knotts Strikes Again

Frank Knotts Hate Blogger Usually Targets Christian Candidates, This Speaks For Itself

Frank Knotts, Impersonating Press while lacking credentials
Frank Knotts, Impersonating Press while lacking credentials

Mr. Knotts has every right every right to express his opinions and print his thoughts. What I don’t quite understand or agree with is why he has maliciously chosen to malign conservative Christian candidates. I could give many examples but I will only state a few in this commentary to make a point.

Hate Blogger Frank Knotts has maligned and denigrated Jeff Christopher, former Sussex County Sheriff, Lacy Lafferty, candidate for Governor, Cindy Greene, current Sussex County Register of Wills, as well as myself, Don Ayotte former candidate for Sussex County Council and 20th District Representative seats respectively in two different election cycles. It seem that the only connection between nearly all individuals that Knotts attacks are all Conservative Christian candidates, who want to correctly represent the people.

Recently, Hate Blogger Frank Knotts disputed the press credentials of the staff reporters of The Midlantic Dispatch.com and of www.delawarepolitics.net. The state does not or cannot offer press credentials to reporters, because of obvious objections from the media organization concerning governmental control of a “Free Press.” Organizations do alert media outlets of special events and will offer their private credentials. Some exceptions include legislature and court access and even these exceptions imply governmental control over the press.

Two Midlantic Dispatch reporters arrived at the Hyatt Hotel in Dewey Beach DE to cover the Delaware State GOP Convention at 12:30pm, on April 29th. We were working the room as reporters and taking choice photos of candidates and official speakers. We were basically doing what reporters do. At 1:45pm, a Dewey Beach Police Officer approached me at the press table asked for credentials. My press pass was clipped to the pocket and I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face. He said that we were being asked to leave.

I called my business partner, David Anderson, a Dover City Councilman later and explained what had happened. He told me that Frank Knotts and Steve Grossman had complained and were bragging to people that he had two reporters thrown out and that we had no press credentials.

Knotts and Grossman Just before the complaint
Knotts and Grossman Just before the complaint

The Midlantic Dispatch is an LLC Partnership, incorporated in Delaware and their name is Trademarked in Delaware and their business is media. David Levi Anderson is listed as the CEO and Donald Raleigh Ayotte is listed as the President and Managing Editor. They have the rights that every other media organization has. That right includes identification cards to employees and press passes to Staff writers. The entity of their corporation and two staff writer’s First Amendment Rights have been violated and we will evaluate the appropriate measures we might take in seeking legal redress.

Blogger, Frank Knotts (Front, Far Right) whispers to chohot , Steve Grossman (Far Right , Rear End) as news media covers event"
Blogger, Frank Knotts (Front, Far Right) whispers to chohot , Steve Grossman (Far Right , Rear End) as news media covers event”

It amazes me that among the attorneys present that they would actually allow two loudmouth cads to cause a First Amendment violation in their state convention. I will issue a warning to the Delaware Right Organization, The Midlantic Dispatch is also a publisher, and Delawarepolitics.net is one of our publications and our material is copyrighted. You have published in totality, one of my articles, complete with photos. This is copyrighted material and you are in violation!

7 thoughts on “Hate Blogger, Frank Knotts Strikes Again”

  1. This is like your fifth post on this same topic, with slight variations to make it seem as though you are bring new information to the issue. You aren’t, and it diminishes your credibility here, and the credibility of your news site. Sorry that’s how it comes across to me, and I have absolutely no personal dog is this fight.

  2. I don’t see that it diminishes anyone’s credibility except Knotts’, DR’s and the DE-GOP’s.

  3. mike
    This post does bring new information to the table and its my second post! It doesn’t diminish anything.

  4. No one in their right mind can call Delaware Right journalism.
    Knotts, egged on by Grossman, is nothing more than a two-bit anal-retentive hate blogger, manure spreader and cyberpunk who has no trouble with posting lies, character assassination and other assorted rubbish about anyone he chooses.

    This is what happens when political hacks and idiots get internet access.

  5. In light of the fact that the Midlantic Dispatch is duly incorporated as a business /media entity in the State of Delaware and has exhibited a substantial body of work prior to covering the event in question, our media credentials are just as valid as any other established media organization’s. Knott’s and Delaware Right’s claims, therefore , are false and misleading at best and are, most probably , malicious.

    The difference between the two websites speaks for itself.

    Leave it to the DE-GOP to be the first to deny access to legitimate media — and rather crudely , to be more specific. By pretending to be strong and misusing police power, a rather arrogant and hypocritical convention manager has revealed the true weakness of the GOP and its inability to withstand independent media scrutiny. This is exactly what happens when its”leadership” aligns itself with a pack of low-level punks , cyberbullies, hacks and other “useful idiots” at an otherwise boring and hollow event.

    The American People are steadily growing increasingly wary of Democrat/Republican politics as usual and are seeking more rational, responsive and effective alternatives. This movement is clearly evidenced by the rise of iconoclasts, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in their effective fluid challenges to the concrete Republican and Democratic Party oligarchies.

    When the new paradigm is fully realized, the elephants and donkeys will go the way of the Whigs and Federalists.

    Many good and honorable people, however, still lend their names to the two now thoroughly corrupt, malignant and special interest driven parties. Their greatest power is the power of withdrawal, followed by the power to realign and build creative alternatives in the greater public interest in defense of Liberty and Freedom.

    Politics is a dirty business, made even filthier by the two-party system’s stranglehold on power. It’s time for a more effective independent, innovative, enlightened popular alternative .

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