Gun Control Laws Have Little Correlation with Safety

Gun Control has little to do with crime control, but concealed carry is the most effective anti-crime gun law according to recent reports. Here is what does work, background checks/buyer screening, regulation of dealers, stricter penalties for committing crimes with guns, and easier concealed carry for law abiding citizens. It is not guns that are a problem or even how many people own them or how many guns. It is guns in the hands of criminals and a lack of them in the hands of the law abiding that are the issue. If you want less crime, have more probation/parole searches with the police, monitor those who are criminals and violate them if they do not obey the law. Put people away who commit felonies with guns. Do not bother law abiding citizens.

10 thoughts on “Gun Control Laws Have Little Correlation with Safety”

  1. Possibly, our no clue President could offer a solution to the killing fields of Chicago?

    Don’t count on it.
    Mike Protack

  2. ” Do not bother law abiding citizens.”

    With respect to gun violence, “law abiding citizens” are a big part of the problem.

    The Adam Lanza and his mother, who allowed him access to guns, were both “law abiding citizens” up until the point when Adam shot his sleeping mother in the head.

  3. Delacrat, your opinion is the exact opposite of what the facts show. But then I repeat myself.

  4. The Adam Lanza…

    The demon presented to you? The Adam Lanza…. indeed.

    …and his mother, who allowed him access to guns, were both “law abiding citizens” up until the point when Adam shot his sleeping mother in the head.

    If you’re going to make a case solely based on sensationalistic reports from CIA agents or their associates like Anderson Cooper (another day, another blue screen for the Sandy Hooker) in the main stream media then you have to look at the fact that they’re often known liars, pederasts, Satanists, etc. (Still waiting on the crap to really hit the “eyes wide shut” fan at the BBC given that elements in the ruling class decided to trickle down information into the mainstream to expose Saville’s Satanism… maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But the ignorant and stupid sheeple plod on… like sheep led to the slaughter… taking their kids with them.)

    Anyway, since you’re not trying to look at objective data or even the reality of your friends and neighbors around you (Official sources say: “If they have guns… it’s disastrous!!!!”) and apparently believe everything presented to you by the military industrial media (inc.) we have to look to the credibility of “official sources tell us.”* (CIA/Pentagon/CNN reports!!)

    Not to mention the multiple streams of evidence itself. (Note that they’ve stopped providing the video now, apparently it’s mainly because they can’t get their story straight later. Maybe they should bring in Syrian Danny next to Anderson Cooper, at this point. Bullets flying everywhere!!! Etc.)

  5. Maybe it would be best to keep things simple for “blue state” types, as easily “trended” and utterly stupid as that species of lemming usually is.

    Simply look to the objective evidence instead of main stream reporting, if you’re even capable of that.

    I don’t even like guns. But it is what it is.

  6. Keeping it simple.

    Local news crews = better…

    Local politicians, even if they’re stupid or corrupt= better…

    Your friends and family = better than Obama”care” supposedly supplied through the financial schemes and pooling of wealth managed by…. banksters. (People believe that crap? Seriously?)

    The decentralized “gun culture” and local sheriffs = better than the bankster’s federal agents that often care more about their professional identity or the federal reserve notes of the private banking cartel than little things like their oath of office or your health and wealth. (Even if the local sheriff is a rube, etc.)

    Side note to “tea party” type serfs:

    There is an interesting side note here that I should mention. William Rawle, appointed by Washington as the District Attorney, was the prosecutor in the post American Revolution Whiskey Rebellion, or ‘Whiskey Insurrection’. The story runs a little like this: The Whiskey Rebellion was a tax protest in 1791, during the presidency of George Washington. Farmers, who were American Revolution veterans, began using their surplus grain and corn in the form of self-produced whiskey as currency for barter. So Congress imposed a whiskey tax. Wow, this was such a good idea; they had just fought a revolutionary war over a tea tax, and the government that they replaced those bastards with just went ahead and instituted a whiskey tax. You can’t make this stuff up.
    Naturally the farmers had no intention of paying any such tax, and violently opposed any official attempting to collect said excise. Eventually a U.S. Marshal was sent to serve writs on those who had not paid the imposition. More than 500 armed men attacked the fortified home of General John Neville, the tax inspector, which caused Washington to respond by raising 13,000 troops and marching them to Pennsylvania to suppress the insurrection. Luckily there was no actual fighting, as the men went home, and in the end only 20 were arrested and prosecuted by Rawle, most of whom were acquitted or pardoned.
    The most interesting thing is that right after the end of the American Revolution, the so-called elites of that movement had already begun to suppress public unrest by force and enforce taxation that was frankly unfair under the circumstances. This is the exact reason why there was a 2nd amendment to begin with, and exactly why the United States government has spent so much time and effort to wheedle it into irrelevancy.Liars, Gun Control and Money in a Culture of Violence

    As an interesting aside, the tax was next to impossible to collect and was later repealed under my personal favorite president, Thomas Jefferson.

  7. Delacrat, your opinion is the exact opposite of what the facts show.

    This often seems to be the case with respect to blue state types that are ignorant enough to rely solely on the main stream media while avoiding or disregarding multiple streams of evidence. (Apparently including their own two eyes if it came to that…. get “right” down to it.)

  8. Off topic, why is it that trendy “blue state” types have been conditioned* to think that a growing culture of “gun drills” or active shooter drills by officials engaged in theatrical productions is fine… yet law abiding citizens, private individuals standing guard at schools or security guards or police having weapons at a local level to ensure their divine right to self-defense is supposedly symbolic of a police $tate?

    It seems to me that the SWAT teams wandering around with assault style weapons after shootings take place would be emblematic of that…. and not the locals. Blue state though: “Us having weapons, but that seems like a police state or somethin’!”

    But, is it?

    Again, I don’t even like guns or really want a gun. But these types of ignorant and stupid people are going to be the first to do away with their own decentralized First Amendment rights too, if their main streams of Anderson Cooper or CIA/Pentagon type of media outlets tell them to in case of an emergency. 911, emergency!!!!

    *Blue state… Real. Dumb.

    Side note, if there’s an active shooter drill or any other drill scheduled by FEMA in your area then history shows that’s probably a good day to stay home… for whatever reason. Just saying.

  9. 3 “Delacrat, your opinion is the exact opposite of what the facts show.” Jonathan Moseley

    If you really knew of facts that showed the exact opposite of my opinion, you would have presented them.

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