Guest Post By Sheriff Jeff Christopher–a DP Exclusive

Greetings, I am Jeff Christopher your duly elected Sheriff for Sussex County Delaware. You will note that I said elected. What is the difference you ask?. I serve you!  directly! and not county council or some bureaucrat. That is how it was designed so you, the people, have the say. This goes back to the beginning of this country and the founding fathers who created a system of government that works for the people and NOT against the people. We are a republic and the people must remain in control of the government, like a dog in control of his tail or we shall suffer a worse fate than death itself. We have allowed the system to be corrupted and we are passing on to our children a way that will surely re-enslave them. What then do we do? Well I,  like so many others became involved because I saw what many see and only get to talk about it. I figured I could change this broken system. Boy was I in for a surprise.I am an ambitious, people oriented, person and I figured, I can do this. When I became Sheriff, I heard some elected officials as well as those running for office here speak out words that should mean everything when it comes to freedom and democracy and service, as well as integrity and genuine good old fashioned Americana. I said to myself, those are the folks I want to know and trust and work with because they are like me. I found that some have quickly abandonment those values, like those others we so often say are liberal in their thinking and we condemn and judge them as though we practice the better agenda. HOGWASH!  Why do these people forget the things they promised and the values they pledged to hold. It’s like their knowledge fades away and their memories become convoluted. Officials who stand right in front of you and say Jeff,” I believe in what you are doing and I stand with you”, I understand your struggle, just hang in there buddy and you will prevail, the very same who has sponsored this bill. What happened to those persons who claimed the same values?  What of those they serve, the constituent?  Ever have one lie to your face? Now I know how you feel. I say, there is NO wonder that our country is dying! Because there are those who are willing to go along to get along and NOT stand their ground as they promised. Thank you God for the brave soldiers who did not and do not abandon their post. Why is this happening with our local politicians? Is this just to safe face or bring about favor? or to receive favor? to covet a certain group or entity here in Sussex?. It is said you cannot serve two masters at anytime, because you will abandon one if you serve the other. I have witnessed in Sussex County for whatever reason they may have, these people stoop to these lows and I wonder what is in their mind when I call them on these things. What will their next move be, will they be angered like most and try to defend the wrong they know they have done in their heart or will they search themselves and ask, have I too become this way and do other see this in me. I call upon the people of Sussex County and The State Of Delaware to say NO MORE of this! Hold them, whom you have entrusted to account. If they dare do as they have done this week or any week and create or promote law(s) that are in the face of the people as wrong and intentionally arrogant to serve special interest or to do political favor at the cost of the freedom of the people, then remind them of their promise and how you will resend your trust and abandon them as they have abandoned you. Guard your Constitutional Rights, say NO to this HB 290 as it is simply an attack upon your elected Sheriff who stands to protect your rights in a system where Sheriffs were put there for that purpose. If you don’t believe me, read it for yourself, check out things like you tube and search for “powers of the sheriff” or Look for yourself folks!, before you come to conclusions. This is not about Jeff Christopher, but about the freedoms we have that are being attacked everyday in this country and today it has arrived in Sussex County Delaware. Watch the news how our federal government is attacking one of the most popular Sheriffs of our day because he wants to draw the line and protect his county as he swore to do from drugs and prostitution and other illicit activity that illegal immigration brings to his county and our country. Remember our elected officials in Sussex County also swore to protect and defend the US and Delaware Constitution, yet it seems they have abandoned it, please hold them accountable.  God Bless Us here in Sussex County. Thank you! Your Sheriff Jeff Christopher.

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  1. “There’s always a nefarious plot with you. ”

    Actually, I was pointing out that there is NOT a nefarious plot. Referendums are not provided for under Delaware law. That’s a statement of fact.

    “That’s because you are paid to disrupt conservative blogs.”

    Untrue. I don’t get a penny. In fact, lots of people here know my real name, which I can’t use for contractual purposes. I am paid nicely by my employer.

    “You are a dolt without morals or incentives, other that money.”
    You couldn’t be more wrong, at least about the money part. I don’t have that much of it, and I’m not interested in getting more.

    “A person with no obvious values other than money, should not be listened to or regarded as credible.”

    That would rule out listening to most conservatives, but it’s a dumb standard anyway. At any rate, it doesn’t apply here.

    “You only claim to have a political philosophy but are only motivated by financial gain.”

    Asked and answered. I would think you’d appreciate me pointing out the misstatements of fact that so often crop up on this blog. My political philosophy could best be summed up as Whatever Works.

    ” Bug off!”

    Are you kidding? In addition to the comedy stylings of many of the posters and commenters here, the love of annoying peabrains like you is what keeps me coming back.

  2. Jon: That’s a good summary of what in fact has happened in Delaware. For whatever reason, the state police would rather not change the Constitution to legalize their long-ago power grab.

    Please realize something: I would prefer Sussex to have its own police force instead of paying extra to the state police for them to patrol the unincorporated areas of the county. I’m never sure what conservatives mean exactly when they toss around the term “tyranny,” so I don’t know if Delaware’s law-enforcement-powers situation — in a nutshell, what the state police want they pretty much get — would qualify. I am in favor of anything that dilutes their political pull. Long story short, I agree that Sussex Countians are best qualified to say what their law-enforcement needs are, and that if they want to spend more for more officers, or less for fewer, it should be their call.

    My point is that Sheriff Christopher’s actions are exactly the wrong way to achieve the goal of a county police force, if indeed that’s what the taxpayers (as opposed to the sheriff) actually want.

  3. Geezer
    I know that everybody commenting but you is a pinhead. We bow to your inferiority, oh insipid one.

  4. Now, a county police force would be a could discussion and I look forward to it when the county and citizens begin to have that discussion so that everyone can understand the roles, responsibilities, costs, and other parameters.

    The sheriff issue, on the other hand, is not about county law enforcement or state police power, or even tryanny (which apparently is around the corner or already here). It is about none of that. It is simply hero worship by one person and his supporters, which is to create a Delaware version of Sheriff Mack (Ret) and Sheriff Arpaio. The sheriff wants to be able to draw a line in the sand and say to the feds something like, “Beyond these bounds you shall not pass.” It would be a great feather in his cap to attend the next CSPOA convention and proclaim that he restored constitutional law and order in Sussex County. This is what it is about. Nothing more, nothing less. And heck, who didn’t want to be the Lone Ranger when they were kids!? But alas, we had to grow up.

  5. Our very own Joe Arpio (sp) right here in Sussex. Not.

    And yeah Jeff, it is all about you.

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