Group calls shutdown a national embarrassment

Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, said the following about the government shutdown:

It’s a sad day when a country’s leaders can’t even agree to keep the government open.

The shutdown is counterproductive; it’s a national embarrassment; and it’s a symbol of just how broken the budget process and political system are.

Both parties need to come together and reach a prompt agreement to re-open the government. The priority should be to immediately open the government and agree on a fiscally responsible budget deal to set discretionary caps and appropriate funds while reducing the long-term national debt.

Resolution over the current impasse should not come at the expense of the economy and next generation by greasing the wheels with more tax cuts and spending increases that add tens of billions of dollars a year to the deficit.

America needs its leaders to lead and its government to govern. ###

Editor’s note: It is always fashionable to seem bipartisan by bashing both parties, but Republicans passed all 12 appropriation bills on time through the House only to be filibustered by Schumer and the Senate Democrats, now they are even blocking short term bills, not over a funding issue, but over an unrelated issue of DACA which was already close to a deal 2 month early and one where they could just propose an extension for 6 months attached to a CR. There may be blame to go around, but 95% of it seems to go one direction by any objective standard.