Government Records Should Not be Propaganda Tools

911 Transcript Edits Blowback Force Release of Unedited Transcripts

The administration backed off from its indefensible editing of the 911 transcript of the Orlando shooter to remove references to Islam or ISIS. They claim that they were attempting to deny him a propaganda victory. In reality, they were engaging in propaganda over history themselves.

The administration doesn’t respect the historical record. We see them revising Gitmo detainee assessments to allow release. They revised the intelligence assessments on Iran to hide information before the vote on the nuclear deal. They edit videos of press briefings. They claimed that Benghazi was about a video so they would not have to explain an Al Qaeda attack 6 weeks before the 2012 election. They withheld IRS files on the investigation into denying nonprofit status for political reasons. They withheld records in the Fast and Furious Case that contradicted the administration narrative. This is a disturbing pattern of behavior that we do not even know how far it goes.

The attempt to shape our policy and our understanding by changing the record is the stuff of dictatorships not a representative republic. We need to insist that the next administration be truly transparent. This is a slippery slope that we most exit or we will end up crashed at the bottom of history’s hill.

7 thoughts on “Government Records Should Not be Propaganda Tools”

  1. They will stop at nothing to make sure that the narrative fits the agenda. This shameless act is just par for the course, and we can expect more of the same.

    In just one week, the media/Democrat machine have taken an attack on Americans by a self admitted Islamic terrorist, and by all accounts the policies of the current administration should be held culpable, and they have turned it around to where the Republicans and Donald Trump are to blame.

  2. The Socialist-Democrats operate like the Soviets. They are liars and propagandists. In short, they are enemies of freedom.

    The Founders would have urged their respective states to secede, long ago.

  3. I agree that government records should not be used as propaganda tools.

    So if someone makes a propaganda statement, as this person did, should the government re-publish it?

  4. Yes, in fact, the people have a right to know why someone is doing something and who their enemy is. The fact that the information was already widely known and the government tried to rewrite history into propaganda was wrong. It is the stuff of dictatorships.

  5. Yes, in fact, the people have a right to know why someone is doing something and who their enemy is.

    Many Americans are beginning to understand who the enemy is; our own government. This, more than anything, explains the Trump phenomenon.

  6. Rick, that is the reason it is so dangerous to allow the no-fly list to be used to restrict constitutional rights. The greatest danger in the Americas an out-of-control government. one that can put your name on the list and the price is right with no probable cause no indictment no arrests and certainly no conviction it’s scary. If the Constitution is to be the real deal we need to guard our Liberty.

  7. Being on the no-fly no-buy list won’t “restrict” anyone’s Constitutional rights. It will merely subject them to more thorough scrutiny of their mental state and associations before being allowed to purchase a gun- or buy an airline ticket.

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