3 thoughts on “Good Guys With Guns”

  1. Meanwhile, the signature mass media events are at best based on “lone gunman” who are on psychotropics from Big Pharma Inc… and at worst involved in a modern version of MK Ultra (apparently disappearing off the grid three years in advance, e.g. Lanza) or DARPA research (mysterious government grants, the usual psychologist handler, the notebook, continual doping in prison and even “truth serum” as the final solution in the case of Holmes refusing to admit that the theatrical production of it all was totally his own, etc.etc.).

    In either case, the journalists in the mass media* and trendy “liberal” lemmings seem to be almost totally unable to grasp basic aspects of reality (mind = supreme, techniques follow) and seem to be living in a world where “perceptions are reality.” So apparently that’s why signing ceremonies by their entertainers are more important than actually trying to help anyone…. in reality. If they were trying to help people instead of just trying to use mass media events to give an outlet to their hatred of “red state” cultures that they already hate like the predictable “base” and “voting bloc” that they are… then Big Pharma would be a more likely target.

    *Notice how most of those reports were from local reporters, while the signature events in main streams of media (often containing the wrong footage of other “drills,” etc.) that seem more likely to lead toward signing ceremonies always seem to be more “mainstream.”

  2. Here’s the mainstream media on gun control: Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world

    If you feel like you’re being talked to like a helpless child or a liberal while watching it, that’s probably because you are.

    Main streams of media (inc.) are usually full of the best hypnotic and mesmerizing voices that money can buy, though. So… do you actually believe the theatrical production of all Diane Sawyer’s (and her handlers* and producers) excrement about concealed carry… in reality?

    Apparently a lot of people don’t: 1,606,429 (views)
    Like 4,534 Dislike 34,255

    That’s the thing about the decentralized media, instantaneous feedback.

    *She’d probably say the exact opposite with the best acting that money can buy, if they told her to… or put something different on her teleprompter.

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