Globalism Or Liberty

A Nation Must Decide

Washington crossing the Delaware Revolutionary war
Washington crossing the Delaware Revolutionary war

Who would not be faint of heart as the world is forced toward the slavery of a “New World Order,” or Globalism, if you will

Already America’s socialist leadership would have foreign United Nation troops policing American citizens. Weak leadership within the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate has sold Americans into economic slavery to feather their own nests. Have we become a nation of cowards that would not defend what our Founding Fathers won for us? Is this truly the last generation of free Americans?

Those Americans that espouse Globalism only seek to create a world two-class system of totalitarian world government that would keep all but a small super-elite class in continual power, while the bulk of the world becomes enslaved and under-educated

Why then, would our Founding Fathers include the Second Amendment, that states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

When the Second Amendment talks about ,”a well regulated militia,” it is not speaking about the National Guard. A National Guard works for, protects and is paid for by the state and not its people. A militia is self-armed and rises up to protect the people from a corrupt or oppressive government.

The Declaration of Independence stated to the British Crown: “That to secure these Rights, governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.”

Does America have enough patriotic men and women left to overcome the encroaching insidious tide of globalism. In Delaware, the State Legislature has already illegally eliminated the people’s right to a constitutionally elected sheriff, leaving the State Police as the total police authority, which created an ad hoc police state in Delaware. A statutory law, created by Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwarzkopf, violated Article 15 sec I, of Delaware’s Constitution which states, “The Chancellor and Attorney General shall be conservators of the peace throughout the state, and the Sheriffs shall be the conservators of the peace within the counties respectively in which they reside.

When the Delaware legislation accomplished this one act of cowardice, the people lost the only buffer between them and the state and federal government they had. This didn’t seem very important to many people at the time, but a new police state was formed by one stroke of the Delaware Legislature. These legislators that voted yes for this House Bill, were warned that this legislation was illegal and voted yes irregardless of the consequences to their constituency.

In November, we must make a decision at the polls, do we want A New World Order or do we want to retain our sovereignty as a nation. It would seemingly be an easy decision, but the young people in the universities have already been educated in socialism and globalism. It is up to every American to decide which direction the nation will take

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  1. I’ve only heard of a few cases where a local sheriff has stood up to the Federal government, and it never seems to add up to much.

    If you just randomly pick a county in any state in the US and check out the website for the sheriff’s department there; you will see that they are all affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security. It’s all about getting the money and military surplus toys, which include drones and other materials of oppression.

    One problem is that a whole generation has been taught that our founding fathers aren’t the brilliant architects of a great sovereign nation , but rather dead old white racist bigots.

    There is a meme floating around the internet that says: “Make America Mexico Again” My question is, once we have turned America into the corrupt cess pool that Mexico is, are we all going to then illegally cross into Canada?…. What next?

    Last night I watched the Copa America football match between Mexico and Chile. It was played in California, and Mexico considered themselves to be the home team…. BTW the home team lost 7-0.

  2. fbh
    I’ve seen the Mexican signs and flags at anti-Trump rallies. The fact is, the Mexicans may start a conflict to annex California as well as the Gadsden Purchase that takes in the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Obama does nothing about this kind of crap!

  3. Eventually, the Heartland (a swath of states from Idaho to the Dakotas to Texas) must seceed from the union. It is necessary for the survival of the American ethic.

    The United States is becoming France. Weak and pathetic. “Social justice” and “feelings” have replaced reality. Our schools and media are mere propaganda tools and our military is being systematically dismantled. Our “culture” is garbage- vulgarity, sloth and violence. The Left knows that they must destroy our institutions, and they won’t stop until they do.

    Over time, the remaining socialist union will fail, as socialist states always do. By then, the secessionist states will be ready to restore order and prosperity by ending America’s foolish experiment with Marxism.

  4. The beginnings of a newly formed America could take place with the election of Trump. Our Constitution would survive and patriotism would once again be the rule of the day. Jobs and corporations would return as promised and this Christian nation would survive.
    ooops, I’ve just wakened from the dream! God only fulfills his promises not our dreams. If we want, what we once had, we will have to fight like our forefathers did.

  5. The post asks the question: “Does America have enough patriotic men and women left to overcome the encroaching insidious tide of globalism.”

    My ancestors on my mother’s mother’s side came over on the Mayflower and knelt and dedicated this country to God — explicitly to Jesus Christ and the spreading of the gospel throughout the continent and beyond to the ends of the Earth. They dedicated this land to be an example, a city set on a hill.

    So it gives me great pain and I take no pleasure in answering the question: NO.

    The socialist left set out 100 years ago — as revealed in their own writings, explicitly announcing their plans in their own words (not my opinion) — to indoctrinate the nation through the schools, the teacher training schools, the journalism schools (when those later developed), and the law schools (which produces judges), and most important of all the seminaries training future pastors.

    We are experiencing the result of those 100 years of indoctrination.

    And the answer is no. America does not have enough patriotic men and women left.

    We can pray and work for another GREAT AWAKENING revival by God.

    But even in a revival, we must EDUCATE.

    We can teach and re-educate the country. But we can’t do that because that requires EFFORT, and the conservative movement has ALWAYS done 20% of the job, and then quit and gone home.

  6. fightingbluehen June 19, 2016 at 09:06 “I’ve only heard of a few cases where a local sheriff has stood up to the Federal government, and it never seems to add up to much.”

    Again, we on the right have always been experts at dreaming up reasons to QUIT.

    The liberals never quit. They don’t think about whether “it never seems to add up to much.”

    If a medieval army is battering down a door, “it never seems to add up to much” until suddenly the gate collapses.

    We are experts at giving up.

  7. And if you question whether my positions are in conflict, here is the reality and the problem:

    If we don’t have a clear and accurate understanding of where we stand, any effort will be AIMED in the wrong direction. It is like shooting at deer blindfolded (The shooter, not the deer, being blindfolded.)

    If you cannot admit and clearly see our situation, then you cannot AIM at the problem.

    Our situation is dire. Pretending it is better than it is won’t help. But that doesn’t mean I would ever give up.

  8. The question I asked was meant to be serious, but it almost can be considered as rhetorical. I hope I’m wrong but many states are considering cessation with Texas being the foremost. Patriotic people that still believe that America was founded on Christian principles are becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

    I hope for a miracle but a revolution is ripe and it wouldn’t take much to kick it off.

  9. There won’t be a revolution, because California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and so on are fine with socialism.

    Secession is feasible and also likely, especially if Hillary get four to eight years and three or four Supreme Court appointments.

    You people underestimate the patriotism of the Heartland- even certain Eastern counties, like Sussex. Generally, they hate Obama, socialism, gun control, political correctness and the government/media complex.

    Secession isn’t some far-out rant. On the contrary, it is inevitable.

  10. Rick “Secession isn’t some far-out rant. On the contrary, it is inevitable.”

    I agree with you!

  11. England and Wales stood up against the the globalist agenda. Now it’s our turn.

  12. If Trump win this election we will win the war against globalism. We will not have foreign UN troops policing our nation.

  13. If Trump wins, we’ll still have a Federal Reserve and currency manipulation, we’ll still have the heavy, progressive tax code and the IRS, and world mega-banks running the economy.

  14. @Rick

    You are correct of course but once we can lobby him to work on these problems also. If he can accomplish half the things that he’s stated he will, it will be a virtual windfall for the American Republic!

  15. You don’t seem to understand that the forces pushing for globalism are not political, they are economic. Multinational corporations, not national leaders, want a one-world government. That’s what “trade” deals like TPP are all about — forcing disputes into “business courts” to override national sovereignty.

    Your instincts are at war with your understanding of reality. Politicians are hired by corporations to push forward the globalist agenda, not the other way around.

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