Glen Urquhart Statement

To unify the Republican Party, I wanted to share with each of you that I am working hard to support all the Republican nominees for elected office in Delaware, including Ernie Lopez. Since the primary I have reached out to offer my support and help candidates in multiple ways. Of course, I am also urging others to support all our candidates as well. I know most of you are working very hard and I am thankful for that. With appreciation, Glen Urquhart

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  1. Are you trying to hurt Ernie or do you want a unified front? Glen is right, we all need to support the ticket.

  2. Regardless of your opinion of G.U., it feels a lot late and hollow at this stage of the game.

  3. He offered help many weeks ago. This is in response to the question that some have been spreading to divide our party. Some people have spread the lie that Glen does not support Ernie still. Now we are on the record saying what I told you weeks ago that Glen is loyal to the people and the party. I asked him for a statement and he gave it.

    No one has the obligation to chase down their opponent after a bitter primary where cards went out slandering them–falsely claiming bankruptcy to gambling debts, and forcing someone to take their suppport.

  4. I hadn’t even heard that there was a parade today.
    Wouldn’t the “hard work” have been more useful had someone known that it was happenig?
    David you say, ” a bitter primary where cards went out slandering them–falsely”, how about a robo-call paid for by a PAC that Glen was quite familar with, yet lied, along with his pet attack Colley, on WGMD about not knowing anything about said PAC?
    Why not wait until Tuesday morning to put this out, because at this point it could be no more meaningless.

  5. He only offered 6 weeks ago and no one has time for it. Then apparently somebody’s polling must have showed there was a split party. You guys demand a statement and he puts one out to help solidify support and make sure that rumors that he doesn’t support the nominee are categorically rejected and he urges his supporters not only to vote but volunteer to put the nominee over the top.

    Does he get your praise? No criticism is all you offer.

    Take what you can get and play it up. I would be getting him to do a robo call to Republicans saying that we all stand united. Still, this has also been sent out on email all over Sussex as well as posted here. This is geared to solidifying the base so the candidate can close with independents. Don’t you get it? It is not for the general voter. It is for the primary voters and conservative activists in the district. If you act like, well he doesn’t really mean what he says–which he does–then you will supress the conservative vote by undermining the very thing you need and people may skip the office. This is about taking people who are going to vote and making sure they vote down ballot because it is vital to our cause. Glen is about the cause more than himself.

  6. David
    Knotts and his cohorts, along with the now famous “Three Stooges of Frank Apoligists,” are very good at criticism as long as it is not directed at them.
    They excel at choosing a target when things are slow for them and setting out to destroy it. Frank is even starting to have delusions of grandeur of being a journalist.

  7. questionfordavid writes in #1: “Not exactly ringing, is it?”


    I have been involved in raging debates about “LESS IS MORE” in politics and public relations. So Glen’s reinforcement of his support for Ernie Lopez is too short? if it’s short it’s too short. If it’s long its too long.

    “Well, then there is just no pleasing you, is there?” Mike Myers as Gold Member, in Austin Powers: GoldMember

    Luke 7:32
    They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another, saying: ‘We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not weep.’

  8. Wow Anderson, really? Just delete comments in an Ayotte fashion?

    Urkel is toast and has no place in the 6th race or any race. 4 days out is not when you endorse, get a grip man!

  9. If an irrelevant also ran makes an endorsement 4 days before an election and nobody is there to hear it……who gives a shit?

    This could not be more hollow and he knows it.

  10. ” Frank is even starting to have delusions of grandeur of being a journalist.”

    He has a long way to go to catch up to the illusions of Don Ayotte in that regard. Frank is already a better writer, a far better thinker and has shown steady improvement at both since beginning his blogging career. And I say this as someone who agrees with very little that he writes but has edited dozens of writers as a professional editor.

  11. Sneezer
    Frank is a loser and will remain an attack artist that preys on others misfortune, same as you sneezer on your radio talk show.

  12. Geez what is all of the griping about?

    For the record, I posted this communique from Glen. I thought the message was appropriate. An effusive, gushing, endorsement of Lopez would have been seen as phony.

    Glen did what any former Sussex Chairman would have done. He pledged to support all Republican candidates.

  13. Glen is a sore loser who would love nothing more than Lopez to lose to vindicate himself(in his eyes). Frankly, the sooner he and the witch load up all of nuts they put in the Sussex GOP committee and hit the road, the sooner we will have a shot at eliminating the one-party rule in this state.

  14. “Frank is a loser and will remain an attack artist that preys on others misfortune, same as you sneezer on your radio talk show.”

    If you knew anything about writing you would have written “an attack artist WHO preys on OTHERS’ misfortune…”

    It reads like the illiterate blatherings of Don Ayotte. I look forward to his loss tomorrow.

  15. @15 QueenB,

    Agreed. In the meantime, we need to make it the best one party rule we possibly can. Based on someone’s comment to me sometime ago, I have begun to rethink my unafiliation and just might register to have some input into the choices made by the Democratic Party.

    In Sussex County, I believe the (fill in whatever pejorative phrase pleases you about the SC GOP members) will remain the dominate presence for some time. I don’t expect them to change. After all, those who spout things like “federal tryanny” “Agenda 21” and other such nonsence are pretty wedded to their beliefs and it would take a come to Jesus moment for them to ever join the ranks of the more balanced population. Still, it’s a free country and they can believe what they will, but I’m not about to ever join those ranks because I value rational thought too much.

  16. The wobbliest wheels allways squeak the loudest, even if they are in the minority. The reality is that the formal party has become all but impotant. People get people ellected, not the party. Just because you have a R or D after your name does not mean you are in lock-step with the party.

  17. …just might register to have some input into the choices made by the Democratic Party.

    Good luck, but I suspect that the coolly calculating “blue state” has used up all of its “not racist” sense of righteousness and its offering of red meat for the base for a while. I.e. you might be registering with them right as they decline. Although both parties are declining, in a sense… In any case, I went off topic so: Off topic.

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