Friday Round Up

Democrats continued their gamesmanship on the popular House Bill 50. I believed the strategy was to let the House Democrats all get on record supporting it then bottle it up in Sokola’s committee in the Senate. Too many in both parties favor it to stop it in a true floor vote, but Governor Markell hates the bill to give parents the right to opt out of the flawed Smarter Balanced Assessment. The solution is to play games. They shut down before the hearing the bill last week. This week they had the hearing but no quorum present to vote on it. If those are not games, Parker Brother’s Monopoly is real life.

Senate Bill 75 is of great interest to the corporate world. It would limit the ability of corporations to impose loser pay rules and other fee-shifting provisions in stock corporations and endorse Delaware exclusive forum selection clauses. The Bar Association believes the current state of law left to us by a recent Delaware Supreme Court Ruling may have the effect of shutting down shareholders even bringing certain types of claims. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce favors the current state of the law and opposes SB 75. Since Delaware collects $860 million from out of state corporations for a quarter of our budget revenues, this debate matters to all of us.

The death of Beau Biden has set off a political cascade in the Democratic Party. I know people want to discuss it so you can start with an open forum. I wan to wait until next week. His death is still too fresh in my mind.

2 thoughts on “Friday Round Up”

  1. Although HB50’s bipartisan support is in play, Markell feels he must follow Obama’s new educational Common Core hard line tactics to the end. Will this bill pass the General Assembly only to face a veto by Gov. Markell?

  2. Here is the real deal. If Markell does veto it, he will need Sokola to delay the bill. Then Blevins will bring it up at the end of the session so that it won’t have time for the General Assembly to override the veto. One they are out of session, he does not have to return it in 10 days. He can drag it out until August or later. He can then veto it. Pat and Pete then refuse to bring the Senate and House back into session. That way Democrats can say they supported the bill without having to override their Governor or explain why they voted against the bill after they voted for it.

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