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The militant secularists are waging a reverse Jihad. It is an unholy war to establish a religious apartheid where people of faith are hounded and persecuted for being themselves in public or sharing the most important of ideas. The latest example is the failed attempt to by the FFRF to target the Holocaust Memorial in Columbus Ohio because it included a star of David. It claimed the star was exclusionary and insultingly to the memory of millions who perished, a “dishonor”. The claim that the Star of David has nothing to do with the Holocaust is beyond absurd as readers of this blog will know. Fortunately, the ACLJ was the case and this was dropped. The idea that you have freedom from exposure to other people’s beliefs is at its core anti-American. This insidious idea has infected some of elite academia. Speech codes to avoid offending people become tools for suppressing ideas. A recent lawsuit was brought to remove “In God we trust” from the money. A coin collector said her 40 years of enjoyment was now being ruined by the phrase which was on the money when she was enjoying it. It doesn’t matter that means that she can’t enjoy any coins since the Civil War era when it was added. The arguments of the non-theists were ridiculous to the point of absurdity. They lost the case. Still the idea that you are entitled to suppress the opinion of a vast majority of people just because you do not share it, is alive and well. It is a cancer in the body of liberty and must be confronted. We can start with this–Merry Christmas.

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  1. No matter whatever laws we have in the Constitution or statutory laws that we legislate, the citizens of the world cannot block out other peoples beliefs or why they believe the way we do. It is ridiculous to think otherwise. (the problem exists only when we attempt to force our beliefs on others)
    Every person in the world believes something different from their neighbor and that because we are all different. It is hysterically laughable to think or believe otherwise.

  2. The freedom to express beliefs includes the freedom to attack religion. You might dislike their tactics, but they have every right to engage in them.

    When your “beliefs” include telling other people that you don’t approve of the way they live their lives, you open the door to exactly what the atheists are doing. In short, you brought this on yourselves.

  3. Since when did taking a dispute to court become a “Jihad”?

    Do you hate our system of government that much?

  4. Your amazingly perceptive quote…. “The idea that you have freedom from exposure to other people’s beliefs is at its core anti-American.” is exactly the definition of the Republican Party ever since Gingrich took over it in ’94….

    That quote is exactly how 53% of the country sees Republicans today, forcing all to their narrow way of thinking… As one example: we will shut down government until you accept our premise that Obamacare is very bad for big insurance companies’ profits and must disappear, right away…..

    Your only hope is to split the Conservatives off into Ipod and let the liberal Republicans hold the vacuous title “Republican”… Only then, can you win offices.

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