Former DE DAG Comments on Delaware’s Prisons

By: Ken Abraham, former DE Deputy Attorney General

The death of Officer Floyd is a tragedy, whether or not he was one of the abusive guards who is a disgrace to the hundreds who go in there and try to do their jobs properly ( and I hear that he was ).  However, it does not surprise me. Having SEEN what goes on in our prisons, as I posted recently on our website, two words can account for most of the prison problems: NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Unless and until guards and others, like medical staffers,  who commit crimes from property theft, serious neglect of medical problems, to filing false reports, to outright uncalled for brutal beatings of inmates, are PROSECUTED, we will see the same problems.

See our website, on “Prison Abuse” articles for much more. What is needed is not some “Commission or Task Force”, and not a federal investigation as a colleague suggested. With such an investigation : 1. The criminals in uniform will know that it is coming, and 2. the feds largely will talk to and believe the prison staff, who routinely lie like hell. 

The corruption is so entrenched that the only effective remedy is prosecution. We need one or two FBI agents in the prison under cover, where they will see innumerable crimes with their own eyes, and emerge with many indictments! 

Much of what comes out of the prison officials’ mouths to the press is total BS, propaganda in the true sense of the word, as it was when they hailed the “improvements” in medical care. I was in prison at the time, read every word of the “Consent Agreement”, and saw it violated every day. When D O C changed companies providing health care, the new company kept virtually all of the employees of the old one, accustomed to doing the same wrongs they had done before with impunity.

Having seen what the truth is inside, and getting calls and emails every day from prisoners, their friends and families, I know that virtually nothing has changed since I left, As I just explained to someone critical of Robert Coupe: “Coupe DID solve some problems I emailed him about, but he had a MOUNTAIN to move … his staff would lie lie lie to him and anyone else, and generally people don’t give a sh^#!.  What we need is undercover FBI inside.”

Editor’s NOTE:

Ken Abraham, is a former Delaware Deputy Attorney General and founder of Citizens for Criminal Justice, headquartered in Dover, DE

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