Feds steal Citizen’s guns

guidos Jo Ann Guidos outside the Kajun Pub For years the liberals who always want to find a way to limit your gun rights have said.” We don’t want to confiscate your guns. We simply want to eliminate violence The government won’t confiscate your guns if you have a legitimate reason for having guns.” Those who have challenged this assessment have been accused of being paranoid nut cases. Of course the areas with the more stringent gun control laws such as Washington D.C., Chicago Illinois, and other big cities have the highest murder rates (you can also equate this with Democrat control of the local government but that is another matter). Now one wonders,  if the wonderful Federal Government is not going to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens how does one explain the case of New Orleans resident and small business owner Jo Ann Guidos. You see Jo Ann Guidos owns one of those never closing establishments in the Latin Quarter of New Orleans. The name of her restaurant is Kajun’s Pub. After Hurricane Katrina, Guidos kept the Pub open despite having no electricity. She paid to have generators provide electricity. She provided food and cold beverages to nationwide volunteers who came to New Orleans. She kept the place open to the benefit of local people and outside volunteers. The Kajun Pub is well known for a cordial atmosphere and the fact that the owner is a well trained gun owner who will defend her business against all law breakers. Guidos stayed at her business while looters and arsonists destroyed property all around her business establishment. Finally in September of 2008 Guidos decided that the authorities had enough control of the area so that she could take some time off. She was packing her car for a trip to Mississippi and put her shot gun into the car trunk when Federal Marshals ran up to her pointing M-16 rifles and demanding that she surrender her guns. Jo Ann honestly answered all the question of the Federal authorities and they took her guns. This includes the shotguns and handguns she was legally entitled to own and which had protected her business and property for years. Now 18 months later Jo Ann Guidos is getting no action despite the fact she has applied to the proper authorities in November of 2008 to return her property and no one knows who has her guns. According to Guidos: “My weapons were taken by the U.S. Marshals, and supposedly they were in federal custody and I was verbally told that the Feds transferred the weapons to New Orleans, but I cannot find out who transferred them and who received them. … There’s paperwork there somewhere that someone signed for. If I can get a copy of the transfer order, than I can at least either get my weapons back and/or the value back of the weapons [value approx. $3,000].” Between New Orleans and Federal Authorities no one can figure out who has custody of Jo Ann Guidos Guns. Guidos concluded, “I’m looking at it like it’s a lost case. Even if I did get an attorney to find out if they have the weapons and if they were transferred, then what? How long will it take and at what expense to me for $3,000 worth of weapons? “I’m extremely disappointed in the whole lawsuit business here. We don’t want to bring it up all the time, because we just want to put it behind us, because this is America and isn’t supposed to happen. … It’s real easy to comply when you ain’t got nothin’.” Guidos said she’s changed a few things since Katrina: “Number one – I have more guns now. I have all my paperwork in order on my weapons. And I’ll stay inside my building and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to take my guns from me again. I’m not going to let it happen again. So much for the Liberal guarantee that no one will take your guns. In this case the government will not even give this citizen the monetary compensation for her stolen property.

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  1. The new Marxist regime. Yes that’s what I said REGIME is hell bent on finding any reason to confiscate weapons.
    First they were sure that there would be violence at Tea Party gatherings. I can imagine their disappointment when the expected violence failed to materialize. They had no excuse to seize weapons at will. It does not surprise me that this woman’s weapons were illegally taken. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama found an excuse to declare martial law and suspend the constitution. He doesn’t need a good reason, any ol reason will do.

  2. Now U.S. Marshals during the Bush Administration are “liberals”? And it’s Obama’s fault? Exactly who “declared martial law” and sent Blackwater employees into the streets of New Orleans? It wasn’t Obama, and it wasn’t a Democrat.

  3. Mithras, I’m guessing you are referencing Hurricane Katrina. Martial law was never declared in New Orleans. The national guard was activated by the Governor (a democrat) four days after the hurricane hit.

  4. “Now U.S. Marshals during the Bush Administration are “liberals”? And it’s Obama’s fault? Exactly who “declared martial law” and sent Blackwater employees into the streets of New Orleans? It wasn’t Obama, and it wasn’t a Democrat.”

    Mithras, I have some problems with the initial confiscation. I think Guidos could have fought it. She chose not to. It was in my view heavy handed but at the time someone was trying to restore order in New Orleans.

    I do have serious issues with the Federal Government confiscating the private property of law abiding citizens and then never returning it. In the end with Leftists they never return confiscated property. Liberals of course don’t ever want to see guns returned to the rightful owners.

    If Mithras had any reading comprehension skills he/she would have known that Ms. Guidos applied to get her property back in November 2008. So far the administration of the DEMOCRAT Mayor of New Orleans nor the DEMOCRAT Administration in Washington can figure out where her property is. I know reading comprehension is weak with liberals but try and follow the narrative.

    Not only are the Feds trying to keep Ms. Guidos disarmed, they are robbing her of her property.

    Any honest person on this site would demand that she get the $3,000 she lost when the government lost her property and can no longer firgure out where it is. Yes I blame Democrat Mayor Nagin and Democrat President Obama for not making this right for this decent law abiding woman in New Orleans. She voluntarily surrendered her property in 9-08. She asked for it back in 11-08. For the last 18 months she has gotten the liberal run around.

  5. Makes no sense. Here’s the link – http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=36441 – to the story:

    “During the aftermath of Katrina, she kept the pub open for two weeks, running generators and serving ice-cold beer and hot grilled food to the neighborhood, press and visiting law enforcement. Meanwhile, around her, shooters and looters, along with law enforcement, used St. Claude Avenue as the only highway to and from the Lower 9th Ward.
    “She said, ‘I didn’t want to evacuate because I didn’t want people to break in and destroy this place. And that’s what happened. They were breaking into houses and then, setting them on fire.’ She recalled, ‘We had firemen and policemen from all over the country here and I told them I was armed and that this was a safe house and they didn’t do nothing. They had no problem. Then, the U.S. Marshals came walking down the street.’

    “On September 8, 2008, Guidos and friends decided to leave New Orleans. Things had quieted down with the arrival of federal troops, but heat and humidity stayed high. So, since there was no power restored yet to her building, she decided it would be safe to lock the bar and head to Mississippi. While loading the van in front of the bar, she carried her Browning 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun and wore a .38 in her belt. Five U.S. Marshals came driving down St. Claude and stopped half a block away from the pub. They got out of their vehicle and came running toward Guidos and crew with M-16s, yelling “Put the guns down!” Guidos said, “They went right after me. They said to put my hands on the car and then, asked if I had any other guns.” She gave them her other guns and asked for a receipt. They never showed any ID, and they never gave her a receipt.”

    This narrative is clearly set in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which happened in 2005. The date in the story is 2008, but that’s can’t be right and for the story to make sense. It’s not me who has trouble reading materially critically.

    I’ll just come out and say it: I think this story is a fabrication. There may have been a gun confiscation, but I find it unlikely that the Marshals Service would be rolling on some unwitting citizen just carrying their long arm and sidearm to the car. There is more here that we are not being told.

    Again, how the U.S. Marshals Service becomes “leftists” and “liberals”, I am not clear on. Perhaps if you provided more actual, you know, information than this self-serving story with no links, one could make a more reasoned judgment whether an injustice has been done. As it is, there is a glaring factual hole in the story concerning when it is supposed to have happened. Also, it seems a tad unfair to lay the blame for her shotgun and handguns not being returned to her at Obama’s feet while he might have bigger problems to attend to.

    Let me know when you have any verified facts supplement this tall tale.

  6. Mithras

    Please tell all of us why this woman should not have her property returned to her. Do you agree or disagree that she shoud get her property back?

  7. Quite frankly Mithras the dates make no difference to me. She is a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. She has applied to get her personal property back from the Federal Government. But Mithras like all liberals want to deny the 2nd amendment rights of all of us.

    Tell us Mithras Why should this woman not get her property back from the Federal (Obama) government!!!

  8. When are the liberals going to get that we are loyal to the rule of law and Constitution. This is not about “blaming Obama” this is about calling the bureaucracy out on violating the rights of citizens.

  9. The dates matter because it undermines the credibility of the story. Frankly, this sounds like one of those right-wing chain emails that took an event from 2005, changed the dates to make it current, and embellished or added a lot of details to create wingnut outrage.

    *If* this woman’s story is true, then she deserves her property back immediately. Problem is, I don’t think it’s true.

    Y’all are just gullible.

  10. I agree with Mithras, this never happened. If it did, blaming “liberals” is a bit of a stretch.

  11. David is suspicious of a government that does not trust the citizenry? That sounds like the perfect Dr. Phil segment. Dr. Phil I am suspicious of the government all the time. I don’t think they trust me. I get up in the morning worrying I am going to drive my car too fast, or maybe they won’t let me drive my car if they don’t trust me then I can’t get to work, my mortgage goes into default. So I’m thinking all the time, if only the government trusted me. All night. Wake up exhausted. Sex life shot. Dr. Phil, help me I’m suspicious of my government. Think it’s a joke Dr. Phil? There was this lady in New Orleans . .

  12. Tennessee, just when I thought you were coming around you go insulting people for no apparent reason.

    This stuff about liberals and the left wanting to keep confiscated stuff is Tea Party nutty. Far as I know the single greatest confiscation of private property ever perpetrated on the good citizens of these United States is the long practiced and on going police state tactic of confiscating cars found to have marijuana and other “illegal drugs”. Over the past decade more than 600,000 privately owned vehicles have been seized. Most forfeited. They can do the same with a house. This most rotten of large scale confiscation programs is the product of, and is widely hailed, by law and order conservatives from local hard ass sheriffs to big time conservative politicians. Never have so many citizens had so much private property confiscated by the government and never returned as what is being done under the guise of conservative law and order. I am only calling them conservatives because you are on this crazy liberal left jihad. The truth is wrong is wrong. Why turn it into liberals are the problem garbage?

  13. By the way, here’s the New Yorker article that apparently make Ms. Guidos famous – sounds like it was written just before the incident in question and also sounds like Ms. Guidos and the regulars at her bar are a tad belligerent –

    Personally, I don’t put a lot of stock into stories barflies tell me. YMMV.

    Here’s Ms. Guidos’ website today. Funny, it doesn’t mention the guns:

    But I am sure everything in the piece about the confiscation is true. Also, I have a bridge to sell you.

  14. For any of you that doubt that weapons were confiscated, there is video of federal agents and Louisiana National Guard units. The National Guard was not federalized as Bush requested. The governor at the time declined. They were under the direction of then-governor Kathleen Blanco in consult with then-mayor Ray Nagin.

    Reminder of New Orleans Gun Grab

    The city of New Orleans is currently under a court order to “agressively” return all weapons. New Orleans is also under a permanent court order to never seize lawfully owned weapons from its citizens again.
    NO Hurricane Katrina Firearms

    Judge Carl J. Barbier presided over the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Judge Barbier signed the permanent injuncation against the City of New Orleans. The city admitted the firearm confiscations carried out by Nagin and Riley were unconstitutional and illegal.

    Under the terms of the injunction, Mayor Ray Nagin, Police Chief Warren Riley and any agents or employees of the City of New Orleans shall:

    · cease and desist confiscating lawfully-possessed firearms from all citizens;

    · make an aggressive attempt to return any and all firearms which may have been confiscated during the period August 29 to December 31, 2005;

    · within one month of the settlement, post on the City website the procedure for the return of confiscated firearms. This notice must include an interactive form for those claiming firearms to fill out, resulting in timely transmission of the information to the appropriate official. All other information on claiming a firearm will also be included on the site.

    · within one month of the settlement, the City must mail notices to all individuals who are identified on the property tags of firearms in the City’s possession which were confiscated during the aftermath of Katrina.

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