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A Nation Divided Takes No Prisoners

Time has finally arrived when the media is considered so powerful they believe they can sway elections. The days of Walter Cronkite style journalism are over and so is the credibility of national news agencies. Many people have not respected or trusted the national media for at least a couple of decades, myself as well and I don’t believe we have hit bottom yet.

Even FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly, during the presidential debates was given the task as a moderator and arrived as a viscous opinionated attack dog journalist with a personal agenda of women’s rights instead of asking questions about global or national issues.

Recently Donald Trump justifiably accused NBC of presenting “Fake News” to the public as legitimate news stories: “Totally biased @NBCNews went out of its way to say that the big announcement from Ford, G.M., Lockheed and others that jobs are coming back to the U.S., but had noting to do with Trump, is more FAKE NEWS,” NBC has not responded to these allegations as of yet.

The American media has become a pseudo elitist organization that somehow wants to make the news instead of reporting it. This will continue to be the case as long as the Americans don’t demand better.

Donald J. Trump President elect
Donald J. Trump President elect
In other instances the New York Times has been accused of printing stories that are totally untrue or contain intentionally biased wording. Bad journalism, as of late has permeated the media either by intentional miswording or subtle bias, by use of subtle accusation or obfuscation of the facts.

Being a journalist by trade, I took a journalism ethics course along with my degree, to work in print media. When I graduated and found work with a daily newspaper, I found what was taught at the university and what was practiced in the field were two different things. Of course I understand that people have different ideas and political ideologies and might want to fudge a little on the facts and that’s what editors are for. They check sources on copy that looks a little biased or outright untrue. There are many students coming out of these universities that should be supervised, Which could mean much of this error is intentional.

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  1. The cable network news and print media are all biased either left or right. Your post rings true in many ways Don.

  2. Welcome back to the Blog World Don. We missed the posts and conversation and were getting worried that you would not be continuing this venture.

    As you say , “Being a journalist by trade,” just makes me smile, since the topic of this article is ‘Fake News’.

    Looking forward to 2017 and living thru President Trump Making America Great Again. Tomorrow can not come soon enough.

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