Faceoff in the 35th

i missed this release earlier, but it is still worth noting. The Democrats have their candidate in the 35th. Here is his release unedited.

For Immediate Release
Georgetown, Del. — Greenwood resident Jim Westhoff filed today as the Democratic candidate for the 35th District Representative race.
Westhoff, 43, will be facing one-term incumbent, David Wilson, a Republican.
A former newspaper reporter and high school teacher, Westhoff is a spokesman for the Delaware Department of Transportation. He earned some notoriety recently when he gave hundreds of media interviews as the DelDOT spokesman during the recent snow storms.
“I am running today, because my neighbors and I are frustrated with the lack of action from Dover.,” Westhoff said. “We need people in Dover who will stop wasteful spending, throw open the doors on those backroom deals and fight to bring jobs to Delaware.”
He said jobs are the main focus of his campaign. “There are concrete actions that legislators can take that will bring jobs and make this area more attractive for investment, and bring jobs, and that will be my focus,” he said.
Westhoff is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and a graduate of The University of Virginia.
“I am running for those people who struggle every week, who sometimes have to wait until Friday to buy groceries, who hope their car will last another 20,000 miles and struggle to save a little money each month. I am running for them because that’s who I am,” Westhoff said. “My wife and I do not have thousands of dollars to put on this campaign, we don’t own a business, and we drive used cars. What I offer instead of wealth, is the courage to step on some toes, rattle some cages and get stuff done for Delawareans.”
He needs to introduce himself to the voters, Westhoff said. “From now until November, I will be knocking on doors, meeting with people, and I will try to win this election one front porch at a time. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”
Westhoff said he knows and respects his opponent David Wilson. “Dave Wilson is a man of honor and integrity. We talked earlier this week and we both agree to focus on presenting ideas to the public, debating the policies and presenting a choice to the voters,” he said. “In the end, we’re all neighbors, and Dave and I only want the best for our community.”

10 thoughts on “Faceoff in the 35th”

  1. What a shock, the Democrats have another government worker to run for office. All of the State employees in legislative hall can vote themselves a raise. Oh Wait they have already been doing that.

    The Democrats have grown the government to the level that it is the largest employer in the state. Well I guess that gives them a bigger pool from which to pick candidates.

  2. That release would make a heck of a good campaign commercial, of course their going to want some sad Russian violin music playing softly in the background when he gets to the part about how he and his wife are struggling to get by, by driving used cars.

  3. Another double dipper? How will he make up missed time from January through June? Will he use his state employee accrued vacation time, or will it be another wink-wink, nod-nod for double dippers? And the campaign time. What about that?

    I’m already feeling ripped off.

    And he’s the public face on the most bloated, money pit, annoying state bureaucracy, Deldot. Ha. Good luck in the heartland of Sussex, Jeff!

  4. Tennesee,
    “Democrats have another goverment worker to run for office”. Like Republicans,
    Dick Cathcart- administrator Del-State
    Nick Manolakis- high school principal
    Biff Lee- trooper
    Don Blakey- teacher
    Gary Simpson- UD administrator

    He would have to retire if he wins.

    Your post is laughable.

  5. “Republicans,
    Dick Cathcart- administrator Del-State
    Nick Manolakis- high school principal
    Biff Lee- trooper
    Don Blakey- teacher
    Gary Simpson- UD administrator

    He would have to retire if he wins.

    Your post is laughable.”

    Lee is retired. Blakey retired years ago. UD claims they are not a state agency. (Argue with them not me) Nick Manolakis is an assistant principal (at least TRY and get the facts straight.)

    Now the current double dippers in the Labor Department alone starting with Karen Peterson, Deluca, and Keeley begins the long march of State employees from the Democrat side. Let’s not forget MR. Proud teacher himself Bob Gilligan. Of course Patty Blevins just gets her family big time paying jobs.

    Your response is laughable.

    For the record I am in favor of not allowing any legislator accepting a state job after their election unless they resign their post.

  6. For the record I am too. However, I was just pointing out that both parties have “double dippers”.

    Take the blinders off.

  7. For the record Bob Gilligan is also retired. Take your own advice, and get the facts straight.

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