Exiled Russian Duma Member Tells All

An Interview With Ilya Ponomarev

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

On March 20, 2014, contrary to the will of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ilya Ponomarev cast the sole vote of opposition when the Russian State Duma voted 445 to 1 to annex the Ukrainian region of Crimea. He stated that it was his duty to do this as a matter of principle.

Within a few months, he was summarily stripped of his legislative immunity from prosecution and exiled from Russia. Although still officially a Duma member, he is now is working to organize a more formal opposition to Putin from within the Russian Diaspora, outside of the country.

Currently residing in the US, Ponomarev in a VOX interview, reveals the forces behind renewed Russian expansion, the roots and limits of Putin’s power, possible future changes in store for Russia and answers the question of why President Putin is not afraid of President Obama.

Read the entire interview here:

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  1. I almost forgot to check back with you guys.

    So it looks like you were really protecting some imaginary people that were having their feelings hurt by the “hate speech” and “racism” and whatever else you were trying to conjure up here. I guess you can’t hide in a group of Victims while arguing that you’re protecting the feels of “the Jews” or some other group, huh?

    On a side note, you know what hurts people’s feelings? When their sons die in rioting caused by you seeking regime change in Russia. YOU are guilty of a hate crime against Russians by trying to incite revolution. This is why they banned Jewish incitement to hate crimes there.

    I’m big on observable reality and tracking it down. So all the way back and let’s “focus” with this Baumgart character (Who would censor if he could.) do you think that the observable Jewish oligarchs that Putin kicked out have anything to do with Russian and international politics now?

    Who is this guy that you’re citing? He says that he is a Bolshevik. Why are you citing him, Baumgart?

    Look at Western media if you want to, here’s who they say he is:

    The Bolshevik Who Thinks ‘The Nation’ Is Too Left Wing …
    The Daily Beast
    Oct 26, 2014 – Ilya Ponomarev voted against the Ukrainian territory’s annexation, slams The Nation, and considers himself a Bolshevik. Who is this guy?

    Note his plans for a revolution in Russia:

    “The actual uprising might start in 2017 … We will have major elections in 2016, and that is when economic and financial resources might get depleted by that time because of sanctions and issues with financial liquidities,” he says. “All the problems will mount and be at their height in 2017. We need to be ready and we need to present Russia with a clear program, with a clear vision of Russia after Putin.”

    He was elected to the Russian State Duma in 2007 and was the only member who voted against the annexation of Crimea last year.
    The year before, he was the only member of the Duma not to support Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” law. Eventually, in August 2014, Ponomarev and several of his aides were barred from Russia (along with several of his aides) and [“”””]falsely*[“””””] charged with funneling money out of the Skolkovo Foundation — an organization that supports high-tech startups — to finance protests against Putin.
    Business Insider

    *He and Jewish subversives supporting groups like Femen and Pussy Riot are trying to plan a revolution, perhaps a violent revolution. Perhaps a “color revolution”… perhaps a “rainbow revolution” of nutjobs. When they/you get caught conspiring like this, as you are, then supposedly it’s self-evidently “false” that you’re doing what you just did.

    He just said he is planning for regime change and even has the power points and flow charts outlining the “conspiracy.” But then it’s all just a conspiracy theory when you/he are called out.

    So what’s the strategery that is being advocated by Baumgart, Mr. Moseley and Don Ayotte? Is there a strategy here or is he just a lowly tactician?

    Once Russians forced to bake some gay cakes by Pussy Riot, then you’ll know that you’ve brought the Russians your freedoms? What do you think he’s doing? What do you think you’re doing?

    I keep asking.

    On a side note, you’re guilty of a hate crime against Russians by trying to incite a revolution there and supporting subversives. So don’t snivel at me about hurt feels in order to demonstrate your servility to Jews and the revolutions and wars that “many” of them want now.

  2. Mynym:

    You have really gone off the deep end. Dump your garbage somewhere else….

  3. You are a warmonger citing a Russian traitor that would like to get more Russians killed for the sake of “regime change.” You and the garlic seller are “NUTS.”

    Ayotte Name Meaning &
    Ayotte Name Meaning: Altered spelling (common in Quebec) of the French occupational name Aillot or Hayot ‘garlic seller’, from ail ‘garlic’.

    You seeking to incite a hate crime against Russians while trying to portray my speech as crazed antisemitic “hate speech” worthy of censorship (impossible on the internet anyway) is like Dick Cheney arguing that Edward Snowden is a “traitor.”

    We, my group, don’t care about your insane opinions. I could or would… but what is this crap?

    What I would care about is facts, logic and evidence…. logic and principles, not imaginary events or imaginary groups of people with hurt feels. Hypocrites. Imagine if Edward Snowden was in Russia seeking and “conspiring” for regime change in America while making arguments like this avowed Bolshevik:

    The actual uprising [in America] might start in 2017 … We will have major elections in 2016, and that is when economic and financial resources might get depleted by that time because of sanctions and issues with financial liquidities….

    Do you realize what that would mean for Americans and our police forces and communities if Snowden was conspiring with Russians to do that?

    And oh, the hue and cry from you hypocrites, a murderous den of vipers… I can hear it now, “Snowden is a traitor! Assassinate him without trial!! No, Alan Douchebagowitz says that we should torture a confession to a conspiracy out of him first! It’s just a theory, no… Jews say he confessed… it’s real! Preemptively kill more people!”

    We’re not hate filled and crazed people trying to hurt the feels of or incite “hate crimes” against your imaginary groups of people that apparently don’t even exist here. (Look and see, I asked… where are they? Did anyone chime in, even a fake person… Nope. Nothing. Is the group of people you’re protecting from the supposed crazed “hate speech” that YOU hate the same imaginary place that you guys keep losing your WMDs? They’re on a secret ISIS base in Mexico… and that’s where their feels have been hurt by my “hate speech”? Is that it?)

    Meanwhile… back IN REALITY, you and Dick “imaginary WMDs” Cheney and other murderous old men are the people engaged in crazed “hate speech” and incitement the very so-called hate crimes that you’re supposedly concerned about here. What is it that you think the revolution proposed by this Bolshevik you’re citing is?

    Apparently in your imaginations: Watch out… some imaginary group of people may stub their toe or have hurt feels if MYNYM is allowed to write about us… .oh my, the hate! Wrongo, old men. Actually, large groups of REAL people may get their arms and legs blown off or be sniped or burned to death (If the tactics used in the Ukraine and Venezuela are any measure, etc.) based on your own hate speech. Hate crime!

    Mr. Anderson… can you censor these guys for their hate speech against Russian people?

    Fun times.


  4. Speaking of old men trying to create wars and revolutions, as they often do… too bad Dick Cheney will probably die (heartless bastard) before we can get to him, if ever… especially because the Democrats (Including at this local, irrelevant level… ) are controlled opposition.

    They’re supposedly the hopium smoking anti-war party, when they’re not busy with their gay wedding cake stuff. Anti-war. Uh huh. I hadn’t noticed that.

    Who knows, maybe they lost interest in their Blue Team vs. Red Team stuff long enough to go off on Chris Coons when he quite literally tried to prematurely vote for the wars that you guys want to incite against Syria/Iran/Russia.

    I doubt it.

    But if anyone wants to find their “perspectives” and their “opinions” about the Syria/Iran/Russian axis and this traitor that Baumgart is citing then feel free.

  5. Mymm writes: “What I would care about is facts, logic and evidence…. logic and principles, ”

    No, that’s the thing. You DESPISE facts, logic, and evidence and principles.

    If a fact is walking down the street you run the other direction.

    That’s the dominant feature of everything you post and your complete inability to learn or engage in any dialogue.

    The problem isn’t that you are critical of someone or hurt their feelings. That’s part of life.

    It is precisely your complete and total rejection of facts, logic, or evidence that is the problem with your dump truck loads of rambling nonsense.

    And I don’t think it is accidental.

    The American people are waking up. The tea party is the Second American Revolution, as Christine O’Donnell says (before she quit and stopped saying anything).

    So as the American people start seeing the real problems and taking action, the anti-semites, Jihad supporters, and other conspiracy theorists want to run in front of the parade and redirect all that energy toward THEIR goals.

    In the movie Animal House, one guy hijacks the parade and leads the marching band down a side alley. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1v0jB3OswM

    That’s what mymm is trying to do here, along with a lot of other isolationists, anti-semites, 9/11 truthers, and other conspiracy theorists.

    So the argument goes like this:

    FORMULA: Take a topic most people oppose and add “Jewish” in front of it.

    So people don’t like the IRS. So call it “the Jewish IRS.” Logic not required. Facts not required. Evidence not required. False, slanderous dishonesty is sufficient.

    Change the EPA to “the Jewish EPA.” Why? No reason. Just to try to hijack the parade.

    Talk about “Jewish taxes” not just taxes.

    Talk about “Jewish regulation” not just regulation. Hijack the parade.

    Conservatives are against liberals. So add “Jewish” + “Liberal” = “Jewish liberal.” Tada! Transformed before your very eyes.

    So the diatribes become: “Blah, blah, blah. Jewish earthquakes. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Jewish tornadoes. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Jewish hurricanes. Blah, blah, blah. blah, blah, blah, blah. blah, blah, Jewish potholes. Blah, blah, blah. blah, blah, Jewish volcano. Blah, blah, blah. blah, blah,.”

    Look out! The Jews are coming to get you!

  6. That’s the dominant feature of everything you post and your complete inability to learn or engage in any dialogue.

    No one here has attempted to have any dialogue about who this traitorous Bolshevik is or what he is observably trying to “conspire”* to bring about in Russia.

    *(Revolution, regime change, murder and so forth…)

    Nor have you collectively made any argument or put forth anything at all with respect to why you think what he is trying to do is necessary.

  7. No one at DP or the Midlantic Dispatch is supporting bombing campaigns that blow little children’s arms and legs off…

    I’ve been on this blog as long as anyone here, and American aggression in the Millde East has always been lauded and applauded. Well, how long should be stay? Ten Years? A hundred years? A thousand?

    Have any of you ever read Washington’s Farewell Address? You put Bush I and II’s intellect above Washington’s? I do not.

    You have really gone off the deep end. Dump your garbage somewhere else…

    And thus ends the “debate.” Sort of like “four legs good, two legs bad…” Try contradicting the comments.

    People who fear words are unfit to live in the United States. When the Supreme Court sanctioned a Nazi march decades ago, they weren’t concerned with peoples’ “feelings,” but with peoples’ rights.

    “Someone called a white man a cracker….boo hoo hoo.”

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