Environmentalist Frenzy Has Mediocre Showing

Environmental groups are finding out that mindlessly opposing jobs, domestic energy, and safety doesn’t fire up mobs of people.  An estimated 35,000 showed up to a D. C. rally to oppose the popular Keystone Pipeline. Environmental groups are in search of a mission.  Their success in the 1970’s benefited all Americans now like the BRAC Commission of the 1980’s, they are in search of a mission because just safeguarding their successes doesn’t pay the salaries and raise money well enough.  They have to find threats under every potential of progress.  That is a shame. Environmental groups could become innovative and help us to move to the next phase.  We need better energy sources.  I believe the key is to rally behind safe, clean, and effective storage of energy.  We need, for lack of a better term, the better battery.  We need massive energy storage.  This will make renewable sources such as solar and wind more effective. Instead of rally against the Keystone Pipeline just because they don’t like oil.  They need to rally behind giving huge prizes for innovation.  They need to rally to keep the windpower tax credits.  They need to rally to give tax incentives to keep solar power being produced here in the United States.  It is time for the Environmental movement to be for the future instead of against the present.

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  1. We need, for lack of a better term, the better battery.

    They’ve been working on this problem for decades, and they’ve made progress, especially in the area of longevity. Of course, the key is keeping the battery as small (and light) as possible (and at a reasonable price). For example, in an electric car you need a fairly large motor to move the vehicle. If you want more range or more speed, you need a bigger battery; consequently, you need a bigger motor to move the bigger battery. And if you want more range or speed, you need an even bigger battery.

    The ‘better’ battery must also be lighter to really be of use.

  2. It is time for the Environmental movement to be for the future instead of against the present.

    They probably need to work on their ability to recognize the financial scams typical to the ruling class (e.g. Al Gore) and the way that they are “trended” like a bunch of lemmings* first and foremost.

    Although, in the case of some people I might be in favor of the bankster network implanting some sort of a global carbon credit system of accounting in them. Less hot air all the way around, perhaps… still waiting for Al Gore to pay for all his own carbon credits in reality. Making mooovies doesn’t count… someone should implant him with a chip and really begin to monitor his carbon “debt”/money already. Monetize that, it would be worth a fortune! Too bad his creation of wealth is pretty much worthless…. well, unless you’re focused on the entertainment value of “saving the planet” from carbon dioxide and don’t care about what’s going on in reality in general.

    Maybe Gore should have his own reality show on Al Jazeera… Stars Earn Stripes in the Mid East? And then Obama could join him in saving the planet, one drone strike at a time. But are those drones solar powered?

  3. Nope:

    A Rotax 914, four-cylinder, four-stroke, 101-horsepower engine, the same engine type commonly used on snowmobiles, turns the main drive shaft. Link

  4. “…Take former vice president Al Gore. He has made a fortune of nearly a billion dollars warning against global warming — supposedly shrinking glaciers, declining polar-bear populations, and the like — while simultaneously offering timely remedies from his own green corporations, all reminiscent of the methodology of Roman millionaire Marcus Licinius Crassus, who profited from fires and putting them out. Now Nobel laureate Gore has sold his interest in a failing cable-television station for about $100 million — and to the anti-American Al-Jazeera, which is owned by the fossil-fuel-rich royal family of Qatar. Gore rushed to close the deal before the first of the year to avoid the very capital-gains tax hikes that he has advocated for others less well off. That’s a liberal trifecta: enhancing a fossil-fuel consortium, attempting to beat tax hikes, and empowering an anti-American and anti-Semitic media conglomerate run by an authoritarian despot — all from a former vice president of the United States who crusades for ending our reliance on fossil fuels and for raising taxes on the wealthy.

    Class warrior Barack Obama spent his winter break in a ritzy rental on a Hawaiian beach. It cost the taxpayers $7 (or is it $20?) million to jet him and his entourage 6,000 miles for their tropical vacation. But whether the first family escapes to Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard or Costa del Sol, the image of a 1 percent lifestyle seems a bit at odds with the president’s professed disdain for “millionaires and billionaires,” “fat cats,” and “corporate-jet owners” who supposedly can afford such tony retreats only because they have done something suspect. The media used to ridicule grandees like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for wearing cowboy hats and wasting precious presidential time chopping wood or chain-sawing dry underbrush on their respective overgrown ranches. But for liberal class warriors, golfing and body surfing in the tropical Pacific while staying at a zillionaire’s estate become needed downtime to prepare for the looming battle against 1 percenters. One wonders about the conversation between the Obamas and their landlord. “We will stay here, but only on the condition that you remember that you didn’t build it”?”…Victor Davis Hanson, NRO

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