Education: It’s All About the Children

A tip of the hat to Shirley Min of WHYY for bringing to our attention this reminder from Governor Markell that education in Delaware is all about the children. Embedded image permalink I am not sure what happened here, but someone was clearly a little distracted.  I’d hazard a guess that the Governor’s staff might be getting a little bit smaller soon and if it saves taxpayers a few pennies then at least something good came out of this. If you follow the link to the Blaze article it is clear that this was not the Governor’s intended picture, but it is hard not to take notice when the slip-up is this spectacular.  The Markell administration has since corrected the picture and has issued a number of tweets in reference to it. When you consider the chronology of how things played out on his twitter feed it paints an amusing picture.  The misspelling of inadvertently in a thread about education becomes an easily missed side show in comparison.  Talk about a “bold path”.
  1. Earlier photo was tweeted bc link was accidentally changed during upload, resulting in random, unrelated pic. Wish link was to cat video.

  2. An inappropriate photo was inadvertantly sent out earlier. We are looking into how this occurred but apologize to anyone who was offended.

  3. At Warner E.S. in to announce new initiative to support many of ‘s most disadvantaged students PHOTO:

  4. Small solutions simply haven’t yielded results. Today we commit together to the bold path required to do right by all of our children.

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