Dump the Corrupt Two-Party System

What are the right reasons for activism, one might ask themselves. In this rapidly changing and diverse nation of myriad political philosophies, activism takes many forms. Although many political theories and opinions are prevalent in America, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have stood the test of time, for the republic to grow and prosper. America has weathered several wars, and a civil rights revolution, and has remained united and free. Americans haven’t agreed with one another on many issues but the Republic still stands and will remain standing, if each new generation of Americans does their part to respect the constitutional rights of others. It is not necessary to agree with your neighbor, but one should be friendly and charitable and it is necessary to respect your neighbor’s Constitutional rights. America has become a nation of bureaucracy and regulations, many of which appear to supersede or negate our Constitutional rights, especially our First and Second Amendment rights. Our right to free speech, freedom of the press and our right to bears arms are tantamount to maintaining a free republic. When these rights are blatantly and obtrusively violated by the obvious orders emanating from the very top of our government both locally and nationally, patriots must take actions that will continue to ensure their liberty. Recently patriotic groups, Christians and journalists were targeted by the IRS for audits. This is bureaucratic regulation “gone wild.” Recent legislation both local and national that infringe on our Constitutional rights have been accomplished by state and federal legislation. The most blatant examples locally of infringement of our civil rights are: 2012 HB325, an unconstitutional bill that strips the rights of Delaware’s citizens, to constitutionally elect sheriffs, with full police powers that will act as “conservators of the peace,” in the counties in which they reside. The second example is the new “expanded background checks,” for lawful gun owners that definitely infringe on our Second Amendment rights to bear arms. Both of these are examples of statutory laws that violate both our State and Federal Constitutions. The time has come to decide weather you want to be an activist and a patriot or you want to sit in the bleachers and watch the game. I have decided to be an activist for our great republic and say no, to becoming a socialist nation of no jobs, and increasing taxes and regulations. If we don’t take a stand and protect what our forefathers fought and died for, we don’t deserve to live free nation, because “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom.” Regardless of what ethnic group you belong to, we are all Americans with Constitutional rights and live in a nation that is quickly becoming a Socialist state instead of a Free Republic. This is being accomplished by stealth with a two-party system that eats from the same table and drinks from the same trough. A new party has emerged as the fastest growing party in Delaware that will truly represent the people by electing incorruptible public servants. The office of an Inspector General is crucial to investigate corruption as well as a bill that would allow referendums on the ballot. The Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) also supports, initiative to propose legislation and the right to recall corrupt elected officials. IPoD is the new party that promotes these principles and many more. If you are an Unaffiliated Independent, with no party affiliation, please consider joining IPoD, while still maintaining your independence and also gaining the power of party affiliation. If you are Republican or Democrat that is tired of the Corrupt two-party system, e-mail contactipod@yahoo.com for information on IPoD’s platform “A nation can only be disgraced by the failure of its citizenry to take action in the face of tyranny.”

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  1. What and make it a 3 party corrupt system. LOL
    The answer is not more political parties, its term limits. The old saying is “to the victor goes the spoils.” We don’t have to reinvent the wheel just make a better wheel. Unitl we limit politicans to term limits as we do the President and most Governors we will continue to breed corruption within our Government.

  2. Term limits, at the national level, would require a constitutional amendment. And only thirteen states can prevent ratification; in other words, forget it.

  3. Colonial Republican

    One thing I forgot to write into the post is, term limits is part of our platform. Sorry to deflate your party balloon.

  4. Don, your not deflating my baloon. Your the one on the soap box. Also, if anyone thinks playing poker with the future of our Country is a joke then they should look at the clown in their mirror.

    Also, if everyone is content with no term limits then so be it. Why not a Constiutional Convention? Just how long do you think it will take before the electorate will get fed up?

  5. This site has become a refuge for political idiots! Have fun beating each other up. I am sure with your ignorant leadership and I use the term loosely, you will do more harm than good. Bye!!!

  6. Without reading the post, and only responding to the title, I must say that the two party system is the superior multi party system of governance in my opinion.
    That being said, maybe there is a period of time in which one of those parties must change into a completely different party.
    Now I will read the post.

  7. Colonial Republican
    ” I am sure with your ignorant leadership and I use the term loosely, you will do more harm than good. Bye!!!”

    See ya later CR. If ya can’t take the heat, head to the freezer and cool off.

  8. The two party system is enshrined in the Delaware Constitution. The people have no ability to change that regardless of how they register. There can be only two parties unless or until the GA ammends the Constitution.

  9. Actually Dave, that’s not true. As soon as IPoD gets 24,000 or 5% of registered voters in Delaware, they will become a major party in Delaware and be allowed every perk that the D’s and R’s get, including primaries.
    Thanks for commenting.

  10. Every politician will tell you: “if you want me to do something, do something to make me do what you want?..”.

    In other words, create a reality on the ground that I have to deal with, and I will deal with it.

    Conservatives were pushed out of the Democrat party long ago. Today they are being pushed out, all the while they are being courted, by the Republican Party. It makes great sense for form a new party with over 24,000 (basically two RD’s) and get elected… so the reality becomes that they have no choice now but to deal with conservatives…

    It is the wave of the future, and like every wave, it starts as a small ripple. It just needs wind to fan it into one sweeping across the ocean.

  11. “The two party system is enshrined in the Delaware Constitution.”

    This is a complete crock of bulls**t. Where? Cite the provision.

    Not even the word “party” is so much as mentioned in the Delaware Constitution.


    The political party-centrism and protections you worship and around which the General Assembly has basically created a bulwark AGAINST participatory democracy and, worse, created two sets of rules for “major” parties versus “minor” parties is an utter and total disgrace.

    It is worthy only of a banana government run by a bunch of parasites attached to the public tit for life, so much so that even the most basic function of a democracy is strangled and reduced to a mockery.

    We have a state in which these political trough-slopping dinosaurs and half-witted human barnacles have done so much to channel, narrow, restrict and ultimately asphyxiate any form of real competition or choice in our democratic elections, including simple free access to the electoral process (and ballot) by the citizenry, that a huge number of these filth consistently run unopposed.

    Yet they pine on and on for more and more restrictions and game-rigging BS, whether with write-in votes, cross-party nominees, candidacy restrictions, reporting obstacles…it never ends, even as they have a death grip on this little state.

    It all too disgusting and offensive to even think about without getting angry, unless you are just another moronic TeamRed!/Team Blue! half-a-sheep.

    Dave, you are without doubt the most ignorant regular commenter on Delaware blogs. You have no idea what you are talking about but every time you do you it is with the obscene certitude of a status quo bootlicker and a pathetically un/mis-informed troll.

    Don, Bravo and keep it up. Unfortunately I think you’re basically against the oppressive forces of inertia, greed and stupidity but God Bless nonetheless!

  12. @Truth – “Not even the word “party” is so much as mentioned in the Delaware Constitution.”

    Lol, try READING the Delaware Constitution, Article IV, Section 3 has a number of mentions such as:

    “First, three of the five Justices of the Supreme Court in office at the same time, shall be of one major political party, and two of said Justices shall be of the other major political party.”

    Okay, “Truth”, the Delaware Constitution refers to “one major political party” and “the other major political party”.

    It DOESN’T say “A major political party” and “ANOTHER major political party” – it says “one” and “the other”.

    Not only are you absolutely, objectively and utterly wrong in your assertion that the Delaware Constitution doesn’t refer to political parties – it does – but you are also absolutely wrong that the Delaware Constitution does not assume there are two of them.

    For someone named “Truth”, that’s pretty bad. Perhaps you can explain to us how, in your imagination:

    “First, three of the five Justices of the Supreme Court in office at the same time, shall be of one major political party, and two of said Justices shall be of the other major political party.”

    doesn’t mention the word “party” and doesn’t assume there are two of them.

  13. You picked the wrong nit and a pretty pathetically thin reed to hang your retort on.

    I referred to the relevant provisions on elections, NOT judicial appointments. That provision only guards AGAINST party singularity or dominance, which obviously the drafters envisioned as potentially tainting the judiciary with lopsided partisan bias, even as they completely provided for NOTHING to “enshrine” any party system, much less a two party system.

    The fact that they foresaw the potential for abusive dominance even of the judiciary by any “major” political party that may exist at any given time is hardly a ringing endorsement much less an operative or even relevant constitutional basis for the arbitrary, discriminatory, byzantine statutory mess that is the Delaware Code re: elections.

    Try again, with a less tortured and attenuated gotcha and come back if you dare.

  14. @truth

    “I referred to the relevant provisions on elections”

    You most certainly did not. Your statement was perfectly clear. There was no caveat or ambiguity, unless you did not mean what you wrote. You said “”Not even the word “party” is so much as mentioned in the Delaware Constitution”

    You either cannot read or you are an idiot.

    If there is was a 3rd major party in Delaware (which I would prefer) there will be a problem when interpreting and implement what is meant by “the other major party” if there are two other major parties.

    Perhaps, your children can provide you with some assistance in parsing the English language.

  15. “I referred to the relevant provisions on elections, NOT judicial appointments.”

    Why bother telling us what you said, when it is right there on the screen:

    “Not even the word “party” is so much as mentioned in the Delaware Constitution.”

    “Truth”… lol.

  16. “The fact that they foresaw the potential for abusive dominance even of the judiciary by any “major” political party…”

    Who is “they” in this sentence? Let’s start simple, Truth – when was the current version of the Delaware Constitution written?

  17. Since all you seem to have in response is to parse my sentence, which I gladly stand corrected on as it concerns the entire Constitution. My haste to be sure, but certainly nothing not the gist of my argument.

    But since you mention you have unwittingly reminded us of what is arguably the single most execrable of all the anti-democratic subversions amongst Delaware’s ever-expanding horror show of exclusionary, elitist, establishment-protecting statutory mandates designed to enforce and reinforce narrow partisan conformity as the organizing principle of participatory government.

    How perverse is it that not only is the apportionment of judicial appointments but also the very eligibility itself for such an appointment reduced to political party affiliation as the threshhold criterion. So judgeships are basically just another political spoil but too juicy to let one party have too much of.

    So judgeships are literally divvied up as either Democrat or Republican offices and judges can only come from the Democrat or Republican parties, apparently.

    So all you lesser people who have enough independence of mind to affiliate with a “minor” political party based on your beliefs rather than its dominance or status as a “major” party or those of you who choose not to affiliate with any party at all as a matter of political freedom…you can forget ever being a judge in Delaware, no matter how brilliant or otherwise qualified you are.

    What a great way to breed judicial independence and keep partisan bias out of our courts. Exclude 1/3 of the state’s population right off the bat and then make being a judge not about what party gets to appoint you but what party you apparently are loyal to.

    If this doesn’t basically hard wire the notion that even judges are mere extensions of political party power, inherently selected based on what partisan affiliation they will bring to their duties.


  18. Truth
    You make some great points but the political paradigm in America and Delaware is rapidly changing. People are tired of getting “hosed” by the two party system. What they have seen and experienced in the last 4 to 6 years has disappointed even the most hardy Republican and Democratic Party members.
    The people I’ve talked to are starting to look at IPoD as a larger party with an acceptable platform of real change and the growth with IPoD is steady and significant. The all inclusive attitude of our platform is also favorable. We all work together for the common good of the whole, and find the areas that we agree on, instead of the areas we disagree on.
    The US and Delaware Constitutions are the base of what drives IPoD and we have been able to work together for the common good of everybody in the party.

  19. RUN — don’t walk to your nearest computer and disaffiliate with the corrupt special interest driven Democrat and Republican parties in the name of Freedom and dignity.

    Already done… meanwhile, no word yet on whether progressives corrupt enough to stick with the Democrats now support background checks for the Syrian “rebels”/terrorists that Obama has to arm. There is to be gun control for “the base” in America based on Sandy Hook and so forth… but not for Al Qaeda/”the base” internationally?

    Imagine if the two party system (Such as it is.) supported arming a bunch of hicks, racists and fundamentalists in America with “assault weapons” because the Intelligence Services Inc. typical to oligarchs said that there might be WMDs in Obama’s underpants based on the best intelligence that money could buy. As apparently it’s all a matter of marketing, like anything in the two party “system” that seems to be designed to make a killing off of shearing or slaughtering the sheeple. So the “liberal” sheep… might actually wind up believing in arming terrorists and Al Qaeda while disarming American citizens, just like they believe in letting banksters run absolutely wild under Obama while entertaining themselves with the idea that they’re trying to “redistribute” resources to poor Americans through “”””””socialism””””””” and Obama’s hopium. Greedy Democrats are going to need Red Team calling them socialists to even begin to believe that they’re trying to redistribute anything by having banksters create more and more debt/money. So there is Red Team, ready to call them socialists to play their part on a political stage. The two party system seems to be designed to produce the best entertainment that money can buy, yet it has less and less to do with reality or the interests of the American people in reality as time goes by.

    Shrug. Rant until you can’t… fun times.

  20. Accordingly, the existing “two-party” system is unsustainable in a changing world.

    It’s only a matter of time….

    But how much time? Because it’s worth remembering that people usually only care about what happens within their lifespans, before going the way of the Dodo.

    Debating the two party system reminds me of debating the banking system and “federal reserve notes” and so forth… everyone seems to know that it can’t run forever based on “full faith and credit” and the fumes of a petrodollar alone.

    Yet, it can run a long time on it. So there is that.

    My guess would be that there will be realignments in politics and the two party system about the same time that the banking “system” gives way due to the derivatives market again. But you never know, with people… in Turkey they began having a revolution due to tree huggers in a park and so forth. No word yet on when Jon McCain will visit to support the rebels there. A rebellion arising without manipulation from the neocons and their networks of privateers, mercenaries and terrorists? Eat your heart out, McCain…

    Video: Syrian rebel cuts out soldier’s heart, eats it

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