Dover’s, “All Unity Day”

Dover And It’s Leaders Take Charge Of Their Own Destiny With Community Unity Instead Of Violence

A day of unity was celebrated on Saturday, June 6th, on the green in front of Dover’s Legislative Hall. Although the day continually threatened rain, people from every walk of life attended this event.

The event’s Master of Ceremonies was the Chairperson of Dover’s Human Rights Commission, Renee Smith, who open with, “Today, we believe that all lives matter,” and brought forth a continued postive message that brought applause from the audience. The event was sponsored by The Midlantic Dispatch, which believes in strong ties between a diverse America.

All Unity Day appeared to be a day of humanity for Dover Residents. In the face of what has happened in other communities in large confrontations between city police Depts. and the African American population, Dover African American leaders have taken a stand against that type of violence. At a press conference in front of Dover City Hall, early in May, African American community leaders chose to persuade their constituents to not take the path that Ferguson MO. and Baltimore MD. had taken, with violence, burning and looting. They, instead decided to set an example for the nation, becoming determined to take action that would change police policy and work for better community relations with the Dover Police Department.

Dr. La Mar Gunn, President of the Central Delaware Branch of the NAACP, who was proudly carrying his 5-month old son in a front body carrier said, “Each of you today must be the flame that lights our great city, and whether black, white or brown, Christian or Muslim, use your flame to illuminate hope in a world that sells darkness to our brothers and sisters.”


Dr Gunn continued saying, “As Keller famously once said that, a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. We lose nothing from helping our brothers and sisters get what they want. Don’t we all want the same things, happiness, hope, freedom and love? As we enter this new chapter in Dover and throughout this state together, I challenge you to inspire hope and to bridge the gap that separates our community.”

The oldest Greek lettered African American organization in Delaware, the Omega Psi Phi, Delaware Psi Iota Chapter, which mentors youth believes in manhood, scholarship, and that friendship and perseverance uplift, attended this community event. IMG_0431[1]

The atmosphere was electrifying at the event, and it was a celebration of new African American Christian Rap Music and song Artists, with great food being sold to the hungry for a reasonable price, by a private party. Both Christian and Islamic local speakers, spoke of community involvement instead of the violence we’ve become accustomed to on TV and cable news channels. There was a sense of real people speaking about real issues as this reporter sat and took notes and interviewed people.


Although The Midlantic Dispatch sponsored this event and will sponsor more “All Unity Days” events, we encourage other businesses and citizens to join in our sponsorship program of community events. Will Dover set a new standard for the nation with their new Human Relations Commission and African American community leaders taking charge and taking the lead in very difficult situations. Well we certainly hope so, and will continue to pray for Dover and Delaware to take the lead when it comes to community action.

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