Dover Moves Forward With National Monument

With no votes to spare, the City Council approved a deal which granted an historic conservation easement to the Federal Government for the lawn area of the Dover Green to create a national monument, but reserving all rights in the areas around it and removing all references to building while protecting the private property around it. The story is here in the Dover Post. This was done in spite of the majority of property owners expressing concerns with the deal.

Tom Leary
David Bonar
Wallace Dixon
James Hutchison
Beverly Williams
David Anderson
William Hare
Sean Lynn (recused himself)
Adam Perza (late to meeting)

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About David Anderson

Councilman David Anderson is a citizen activist who has served the community in several areas. He is a member of the Academy of Dover Charter School board of directors, a former Dover Human Relations Commissioner, past Chair of Delaware Right to Life PAC, Proud member of the Delaware Army National Guard, former Because We Care Inc. alternative school board member, Republican committee person, and co-founder of the Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition. He is currently Huck PAC state coordinator.

13 thoughts on “Dover Moves Forward With National Monument

  1. I agree with Rick.
    A large peice of grass to cut as a National Monument?
    Big dam deal, who is gonna come to see that?

  2. Hooray. We have progress.

    I foresee the “no” votes being hit on their head for this vote all the way up until the election….

    Why not have a national monument?

  3. I think the whole thing is silly. We should just embrace the fact that we’re the only state without a national park.

    The only site that ever made any sense at all was Fort Delaware but that never seemed to be on the table.

  4. I agree TC, Fort Delaware would have been a better choice.
    By the way, my great, great grandfather was locked up in that place , and escaped.

  5. National Parks are for areas of national significance. Delaware is the First State. That is nationally significant. Delaware should be a national park.

    I bet we get more federal money that way. I mean think about how much money the Federal Government will give Delaware for a patch of grass the size of a small city block compared to how much they would pump into Delaware in exchange for the whole state.

  6. Delaware doesn’t matter. It is the butt of jokes; it never amounted to much; but wait… it did. In fact if not for Delaware and the contribution of its early citizens, the entire nation might have fallen apart, if no one else had stepped up as did those early Delawareans…

    Conservatives are comfortable with that…The rest of us aren’t. Which is why every year Conservatives have fewer, and fewer, and fewer, and fewer supporters. Conservatives always support the wrong causes from anyone one else out there who is normal.

  7. Confusing right for popular, and wrong for unpopular is a common mistake kavips.

    Conservatives don’t have supporters, rather they are the supporters of conservative causes. The popularity of Conservatism has very little to do with whether it is right or wrong.

  8. Kavips
    ” Conservatives always support the wrong causes from anyone one else out there who is normal.”

    Am I to believe by that statement that anybody that is conservative is not normal, but you and your ilk are the very epitome of political perfection.
    Could you please judge and label the rest of the world according to Kavips’ standard. I think we should all consult Kavips before supporting any cause.

  9. Sure Don. I’ll be happy to. There are Extreme Radical Conservatives, and then there is everyone else. How hard is that to see?

  10. Which is why every year Conservatives have fewer, and fewer, and fewer, and fewer supporters.

    Really? Then why do we hold the US House and 30 of 50 governorships?

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