Dover Feeling the Love from Fitch

The City of Dover Electric Revenue Bonds were upgraded to AA-. The General Obligation bonds are AA+. Now both our Electric Revenue bonds and general obligation are considered high grade investments. I advocated purposefully changing our polices to have better bond ratings such as not discovering the thresholds for revenue transfers and adjusting our polices accordingly. The staff, especially Mrs. Mitchell, was proactive in adjusting our policies accordingly. Now the tax and rate payers will benefit for years to come. It is yet another benefit to the new regime of fiscal conservatism led by Council President Tom Leary.

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About David Anderson

Councilman David Anderson is a citizen activist who has served the community in several areas. He is a member of the Academy of Dover Charter School board of directors, a former Dover Human Relations Commissioner, past Chair of Delaware Right to Life PAC, Proud member of the Delaware Army National Guard, former Because We Care Inc. alternative school board member, Republican committee person, and co-founder of the Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition. He is currently Huck PAC state coordinator.

5 thoughts on “Dover Feeling the Love from Fitch

  1. David, quit trying to bury the EB story with posts about Dover electric increases!

  2. There are no electric rate increases, in fact we cut rates 12% It is about bond rate increases. You really need to stop drinking and posting.

  3. Whatever……you defended EB and said these rumors were false. You said the same thing about another elected Republican. Just what do you know?

  4. anonymous
    This post is not about EB. Keep your comments on subject please. There is another post that addresses the EB matter.

  5. This is terrible. First the EB thing, and now Dover is feeling the love from Fitch?

    Okay, who is Fitch and what office is he running for?

    It’s hard to keep track of you guys down there.

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