Doe and Roe Made U. S. A Rogue Nation

Only 3% of nations allow late term abortions.

Only 7 nations out of 200 allow lives to be aborted after 20 weeks. The U. S. shamefully is one of them. A bill before Congress seeks to change this.

Abortion is morally wrong at anytime and for any reason except to save a mother’s life, but it should undoubtedly be a crime to perform one after viability. The reason it is not was an unconstitutional set of High Court Rulings, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Doe made the health exception so broad that included not only physical and mental health, but familial health. Casey v. Planned Parenthood clarified that the states had an interest in preserving fetal life and Gonzales v. Carhart allowed a ban on partial birth abortions and became the first ruling not to affirm Roe but assume its principles held. In spite of the shift of the High Court, abortions are still occurring after viability.  Check out this baby who emerged healthy even though  she was born at 22 weeks.

One problem is the definition of viability.  The Court has not looked at viability for 42 years.  I lot has changed since Roe and Doe.  So much that both Roe and Doe filed to have their cases overturned. This is a human rights issue not a political one. Moderates who make it one need to have a reality check.

Late term abortion is a war against women and children. Of course the child ends up dead, but late term abortion has negative mental health effects. The later the abortion, the more severe and likely to have depression or even something like PTSD. 67% of women with late term abortions meet the criteria for PTSD. Fewer than 20% of soldiers who go to the battlefield meet that criteria. Late term abortion is 3 times more likely to create PTSD than the Iraq War. Women who have abortions are also 261% more likely to suffer from substance abuse, 61% more likely to have mood disorders, and 59% more likely to have suicidal ideation. There is no problem that abortion can’t make worse.

The physical risks are greater as well.

Although empirical data is in short supply, a few large scale research efforts have revealed that 2nd trimester (13–24 weeks) and 3rd trimester (25–36 weeks) abortions pose more serious risks to women’s physical health compared to 1st trimester abortions [9, 10]. The abortion complication rate is 3%–6% at 12-13 weeks gestation and increases to 50% or higher as abortions are performed in the 2nd trimester [9]. Moreover, using national U.S. data spanning the years from 1988 to 1997, Bartlett and colleagues [10] reported the following rates of abortion-related mortality: 14.7 per 100,000 at 13–15 weeks of gestation, 29.5 per 100,000 at 16–20 weeks, and 76.6 per 100,000 at or after 21 weeks.

If late term abortions hurt women, kill viable children, and undermine our humanity, why is there a controversy?

One would think the world’s leader in human rights would be anxious to correct such an injustice against the most vulnerable and powerless in its borders.  It is not.  The President is blustering about vetoing legislation to ban it.  Democrats who just took a bath for their extreme positions on abortion and ignoring religious freedom in the midterms seem to be sticking with the President on an issue that should not be partisan.  They even did so with the bill banning funding for abortion which the annual version received  bipartisan support just a year ago.  This bill had only 5 Democrats supporting it.  In 2009 Stupack ralied 64 Democrats to the side of life.  One reason is most Democrats who were moderate on abortion were replaced by strongly pro-life Republicans.  The other seems to be that Obama and Pelosi are purging the party. The more powerful the facts for life become, the more shrill the rhetoric by the leftist fringe, and the more intolerant they become.

Republicans need to stop fighting over language, strike a deal with each other and pass a bill. The campaign should be a public one taken up by pro-lifers, much like the partial birth abortion ban. Hundreds of thousands of lives a year were saved by the publicity of the partial birth abortion ban because it made people think. Abortions are fewer now than 1975 and half of the public identifies as pro-life. The public is behind this 2 to 1 and will be even more behind it if we engage them. Abortion is wrong. Abortion after 20 weeks is criminal. It is time to do the right thing.

6 thoughts on “Doe and Roe Made U. S. A Rogue Nation”

  1. Only 7 nations out of 200 allow lives to be aborted after 20 weeks. The U.S. shamefully is one of them.

    And this abomination lies at the feet of every vile Socialist-Democrat in America. I hope you are proud of your party.

    “The Socialist-Democrat Party Proudly Supports a Woman’s Right to Murder!

  2. “This is a human rights issue not a political one. Moderates who make it one need to have a reality check.”

    David, you have hit the nail directly on the head with this statement. A viable fetus has the same right to live as one who is already born. The abortion of a viable fetus is “first degree murder,” plain and simple. Proponents of unlimited abortion have used the “First breath argument” for too long and the taking of human life in late term abortions should be referred to UNCHR (United Nations Commission on Human Rights. But the UN is, and has been a farce since its inception in 1945. It lacks both enforcement power that has any credibility, or the will to enforce Human Rights globally.

  3. Abortions are fewer now than 1975 and half of the public identifies as pro-life. The public is behind this 2 to 1…

    On a side note. Apparently there’s some archaic law in Delaware about how ultrasounds can only be done as a medical necessity and not as a commercial service that tends to naturally make it into a form of entertainment.

    You should look into changing that law.

  4. “Only 7 nations out of 200 allow lives to be aborted after 20 weeks. ”

    And only a handful have the death penalty. Is “what do other countries do” the standard now?

    I gather conservatives are over with the whole “foreign laws” or “Sharia law” thing.

    Yes, they are banned under Sharia Law. Good to see common ground across divides in unexpected places.

  5. Around 60 nations impose the death penalty. Are you saying only a handful of European nations?

    Yes, abortion is banned under Sharia law, so is stealing, many frauds, murders, and other crimes that sane people accept. I have no desire to allow theft and murder because it is forbidden under Sharia law.

    As you know, I have not made a big deal of that controversy. For the record, I am opposed to Sharia law being imposed on those who do not follow Islam. Muslims are free to make a case and implement parts of it through the democratic process by making a case to all of the people that it is in the interest of society. If we agree great, if not great. That is different from a cleric being able to make law at will. It is not the Muslim citizen or their values that I have the problem with. It is the imposition by fiat.

  6. Funny thing is, most of Europe will be Muslim by the end of the century. It is a matter of population exponents. And since Muslims generally do not assimilate, Sharia law will be imposed; burkas, no education for women, stoning and so on.

    So, let’s cheer for cultural suicide. Who needs dead white males and Christianity when you can have insane clerics and Islam.

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