Do We Spend Money On the Right Things?

In Delaware, we give away tens of millions to companies like Fisker Automotive and Bloom Energy. Bloom Energy has increased its hidden surcharge to Delaware’s electric customers from 67 cents a month in January to 3 dollars and 83 cents next month. This could amount to a total subsidy in the hundreds of millions over the next 10 years. Bloom promises to create 900 jobs. As a downpayment, Bloom is advertising 10 jobs currently. What if that money were invested in a Delaware infrastructure bank? Imagine a fund to help rebuild our old water infrastructure and make our power more reliable. Imagine a fund that would build physical infrastructure like our local airports in each county. Kent could become a cargo hub for less than a million dollars according to my sources. Several industries have passed on us because our water infrastructure is insufficient. We waste a great deal of water of leaky pipes that could create jobs. Oddly enough we have millions to set aside for golf courses, riverfronts, bike paths, and other projects that may be worthy, but should fall behind basic infrastructure. When you pay 180,000,000 to 250,000,000 dollars in higher electric rates to subsidize an out of state company with a promise but no obligation to create local jobs, ask yourself should we instead focus on infrastructure that enables equal opportunity job creation without the government being required to guess the future?

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  1. As always David, your posts are astute and applicable to the betterment of Delaware. Dover is indeed fortunate to have you as a councilman and America is fortunate to have you serving defending our country.

  2. The fund you propose is a worthwhile idea. Have you run it past anybody in the General Assembly, and what was the reaction?

  3. What if that money were invested in a Delaware infrastructure bank? Imagine a fund to help rebuild our old water infrastructure and make our power more reliable.

    I like the way you’re thinking. But it would probably be simpler to have Delawarean leaders* create money out of nothing and spend it into existence on infrastructure to stimulate the economy at a local level and so forth. (Rather than having global bankers creating money out of nothing and lending it to the government at interest while hoping that enough keeps “trickling down” into Delaware, where the Fed is incorporated. And not into foreign banks, where they just “trickled” trillions of petrodollars and cheap credit to help foreigners out. Hey, why don’t they trickle that back over here for a second? Probably too busy with rigging LIBOR, etc.)

    Alan Grayson: “Which Foreigners Got the Fed’s $500,000,000,000?” Bernanke: “I Don’t Know.”

    As it stands, corrupt scum or national politicians better keep spending “money” in order to get bankers to create more of it. Otherwise we won’t have enough of it to pay back all the “debt” that they’re creating… and then we’ll be “bankrupt.” We owe it to ourselves to pay the debt.

    Or something like that.

    *Ok… probably not a good idea, given that they want to incorporate Delaware into creating $100,000 cars for Justin Bieber and so forth. So rule by bankers and their “police the world” petrodollar interests it is? Because somebody has to create money out of nothing. The only problem being that their central banking system is resulting in the destruction of the entire planet, etc. If not by war, then by the oil tankers headed over half dead oceans. It’s almost as if modern builders of civilization sat around and conspired: “What’s the best way to kill as many people as possible while killing the planet in the process? Ok, let’s go with central bankers creating petrodollars out of nothing and lending them to people at interest then.”

  4. The Transportation Trust Fund is a Delaware nightmare so be careful. Years ago with R and D support, operating expenses were used from the Capital fund and today the TTF is almost $3 billion in the red for the next ten years needs.

    Yes, Delaware wastes money because it has no leadership and no ideas just pigs at the trough slopping in for special interests.

  5. And Mr. Protack shows nothing but a consuming desire to take his place at the trough.

    You have spoken publicly, Mr. Protack, of your anger at having your Delta Airlines pension taken from you. What do you desire except to replace your failed private pension with a public one?

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