Deputy Treasurer Brenner still a State Employee

Democrat Chip Flowers, our current State Treasurer, has yet to fire Erika Brenner for her admitted misuse of State credit cards. The you know what hit the fan, when it was discovered, that Brenner spent over the top money in a tax payer paid trip to Alaska. The trip was supposed to be for a conference. Brenner managed to stay 300 miles away in a resort known for great views of the Alaskan wilderness and closed mouths. However, eventually the paper trail led to her. A suspicious mind might assume that, Erika Brenner got preferential from Democrat Chip Flowers. Ms. Brenner is an attractive young woman. Why one needs a Deputy Treasurer at a conference, when the State Treasurer is already attending, is a head scratcher. As the Deputy, should she not be back home in Dover minding the store? Maybe, she is not that important in the key functions of the Office. Now Ms. Brenner was hired, according to the Treasurers office, because of her years of budget experience. With all of that Budget Experience should she not have known what expenses could and could not be charged on a State Credit Card? From Today’s News Journal: Delaware’s deputy treasurer, who resigned her post earlier this year after admitting she used her state credit card for personal expenses, remains on the state payroll after completing a medical leave as officials investigate whether she should be placed in another government job. Erika Benner, who reimbursed taxpayers $3,412 for state travel that included trips with Treasurer Chip Flowers, is seeking a new state position. But her actions as deputy treasurer remain under review by the state’s Office of Management and Budget, director Anne Visalli said Now MS. Brenner is still collecting her $98,000 per year salary for a job that she has not shown up for, for months. Keep in mind that, during this time, she is still collecting additional sick days and vacation days. Now, it is being reported that Ms. Brenner is seeking another position in State Government. She now wants to go to a Merit system job. Personally, I believe that she should be prosecuted for theft and fraud. But, if one wants to make the argument that she should get a Merit system job, there are two positions where she has acknowledged Merit: Horizontal and Prone.

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  1. The level of corruption in Delaware doesn’t amaze me any longer like it used too. That must have been the state’s goal to numb our minds to corruption.

  2. Don, we don’t have any direct evidence of corruption in this situation. I have laid out the case as best I can. Any innovative mind can draw their own conclusions from the facts and links I have presented. I trust the readers to figure out what is going on.

    Perhaps, if we had an honest news media in Delaware, they would have dug deeper into this. But, like the National News Media, pointing out the corruption of a black elected official is not allowed.

  3. TW
    You are correct on both points. If using money that isn’t yours isn’t corruption, what is? When she used the credit card, spending taxpayers money to watch NFL football games, while riding to the stadium in a limousine, I’m sure she didn’t intend to pay the taxpayers back. Or maybe I’m wrong and this is OK in today’s political world!

  4. Don, neither you nor me can get the News Journal reporters to do their jobs. They are bought and paid for the sluts of the Democrat party.

    The real story will come out when the Democrats mount (Brenner knows a lot about mounting) a primary challenge on Chip Flowers.

    We can only work our own resources. I do have NCC informants and their info on the Chipsters preferences would not do him well in Wilmington.

    It is time for the Chipster to find a black girlfriend

  5. Like many, I’ve given up on the Wilmington NewsBias ever being fair and balanced but at least they could try once in a while.

  6. It is time for the Chipster to find a black girlfriend.

    Seriously? Apparently Richard Cohen was correct to some degree… although he has problems with his own perceptions and projections of them.

    When the very concepts of “black” and “white” can appear or disappear within a generation, there’s not a problem with reality… there’s a problem with ideologies of tribal perceptions based on Obama’s “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon…” type stuff. But apparently perceptions with no real basis in reality can still become reality for many people, “white” or “black.” So there are still black tribes/gangs wandering around playing the knock out game, etc.

    Going off on that is off topic and it detracts and distracts from whatever investigative journalism you’re trying to engage in.

  7. TW: So your suspicions are all you need to declare that these two were having a sexual relationship?

    DA: So you “know” she didn’t intend to pay the state back?

    Did it ever occur to you geniuses that we haven’t heard her side of any of this? That by dangling a return to employment, Chip Flowers has an effective tool for making sure we never do hear her side?

    How do we know that Flowers didn’t tell her that he’d smooth the way on repaying her credit card expenses? We don’t know what she was allegedly in rehab for…heck, I could go on for hours pointing out all the things we don’t know.

    The notion that the News Journal isn’t investigating this is laughable on its face. If not for Jonathan Starkey, nobody would have found out about any of this. Perhaps you can explain how you’re going to “prove” that Flowers and Benner were bumping uglies. At the same time, please explain how we can’t use the same inference-based “proof” to proclaim Vance Phillips and Eric Bodenweiser guilty without benefit of investigation or trial.

  8. Nobody on December 19, 2013 at 10:33 said: “Did it ever occur to you geniuses that we haven’t heard her side of any of this?”

    I just spent 10 minutes on the floor in shock that Nobody wrote this. Had to go to the medicine cabinet for smelling salts.

    Uh, yeah. Except you and others of similar politics took the opposite side of that theme concerning anyone conservative, you name them: Eric Bodenweiser, Vance Phillips, Christine O’Donnell, etc., etc.

    Yes, Nobody, you are right.

    But applying such principles consistently and across the board would be not only beneficial but would greatly increase the power of your argument.

    Yes, it should be investigated.

    No, we should not assume.

    Yes, we should know the difference: A vigorous, thorough, and non-phony (not rigged) investigation on the hand. Keeping our gunpowder dry until we find out the facts on the other hand. Both are necessary.

  9. I wish you would stop smearing me by telling me what I said and thought when you couldn’t be more wrong about it.

    I have expressed no opinion at all about the charges made against Eric Bodenweiser. I will say that if he was innocent, he shouldn’t have quit the race, as doing so made it appear as if the charges had merit.

    The charges against Vance Phillips seem far more grounded in reality, but I don’t see any evidence beyond the young woman’s word that any non-consensual contact occurred. That said, I find his behavior hypocritical and reprehensible. People who parade around their family values for political gain should suffer when those values turn out to be values of convenience.

    I have never cared whether Christine O’Donnell did or did not break campaign finance rules, as the “penalties” for having done so are ineffectual and pointless. I don’t like the prominence of fundraising in our politics, but I disagree with the liberal notion that it gives one party an edge over the other. Both parties play that game, and the public ends up the losers because they don’t have as much money as the special-interest donors do.

    My judgment about Christine O’Donnell’s inability to find and document a history of gainful employment outside of government (and the related industry of bitching about government) is my own, and nothing you have ever said or posted has provided evidence of the contrary. Whether she paid her rent with campaign funds is between her and her donors. I don’t care either way, other than to point out that if she had a real job she wouldn’t have found herself in that bind in the first place.

  10. Also, Jon, I have been highly critical of Chip Flowers throughout his self-generated controversy. He has consistently tried to shift blame for his spendthrift ways, and Benner was the first target of that.

    She may well be corrupt. I’m just unwilling to take Chip Flowers’ word on that, or anything else.

    I will not grade him, or any other politician, on a curve for the sake of political correctness.

  11. Nobody
    ” Perhaps you can explain how you’re going to “prove” that Flowers and Benner were bumping uglies.”

    I do believe that assuming that they were “bumping uglies” as you so adeptly put it, is not a great statement to make without proof. But, offering her a state job after she obviously was caught in the act and resigned, is not only ridiculous but is insulting to taxpayers.

  12. Caught in the act of what? You claim to know exactly what she was thinking, despite the fact that she has not said one word throughout this entire affair that didn’t come from Flowers himself.

    You can roll on the floor all you want. What you can’t do is claim to know things you don’t know. Or, rather, you can claim that, but you must acknowledge that it’s nothing but a conclusion based on very little information.

    You don’t know whether Flowers told her it was all right to string out the payments on the credit card, or that it was OK to charge the tickets on the state credit card in the first place. You have made a large clutch of assumptions, starting with the questionable assumption that she had criminal intent.

    I don’t think people jump to conclusions about your motives. The Golden Rule stipulates that you should, in turn, not jump to conclusions about the motives of others.

  13. Nobody
    That was a very nice defense on your progressive liberal counterparts and I certainly applaud you for a virulent and passionate defense of your point of view, even if it is ludicrous.

  14. Why one needs a Deputy Treasurer at a conference, when the State Treasurer is already attending, is a head scratcher.

    Maybe you answered that question yourself…

    Ms. Brenner is an attractive young woman.

  15. Who are my “progressive liberal counterparts”? I’m talking about the assumption on which this article and your comments are based: That Erika Benner had criminal intent in using her state credit card. The investigation into that has not been completed. Unless you have a source in Visali’s department, you can’t know what you are therefore assuming.

    My point is that Flowers might have given his approval of what she was doing. I have no evidence of bad intent on her part, but we have plenty of evidence of profligate spending on Flowers’ part, in the form of his travel records, and his willingness to lie about these matters, in his constantly shifting stories and attempts to blame his “enemies” for his self-immolation.

    I’m eager to hear why such opinions are “ludicrous.”

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