Democrats in House Vote For Permanent Tax Hike

With the exception of Representative John Atkins, State House Democrats voted for HB 50 and passed a 6.6% tax rate for taxable incomes over $60,000 annually. The rate is a slight drop from the current temporary rate of 6.75% due to sunset this July. Instead of going back to the 5.9% rate as scheduled or even extending the higher rate another couple of years, they made it permanent and turned down amendments to sunset the bill.

10 thoughts on “Democrats in House Vote For Permanent Tax Hike”

  1. Yeah!!!! we have hope…. higher taxes yield good economies….. Lower taxes yield Yemen, Somalia and Pakistans….

    Wish it had been done long ago.

  2. One, what’s wrong with Pakistan? Two, you mean places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Chili, Poland, Indonesia, or Saudi Arabia.which are low tax places. Of course Somalia has no government, it has warlords who take their share of protection so it is hard to measure from the outside.

    High tax places include Germany and Canada, which have decent economies, but also include Greece,, Angola, Banlendash, and France who do not.

    Interesting enough when I look at world tax rates it seems that corporate tax rates seem to be a better indicator of economic prospertiy. 25% or less, Canada, Singapore, Iceland, Etc. than individual income tax rates. Countires with high VAT and income tax seem to struggle as opposed to one relying more on one or the other. Afghanistan just started getting a viable central government. We will see if it can build an infrastructure. A lack of corruption seems to be vital. The problem in Russia is that. Money has to go into education and infrastructure.

    I support low taxes, but yes there is a point where you cannot fund vital functions of the government and you go backward. You cannot put the future on a credit card forever. Do you also admit that there is a point where government starts absorbing too much of the economy? Taxes suppress growth at some levels, look at Europe. I think government at around 25% of GDP is about right. That is all levels.

  3. kavips on March 21, 2013 at 21:43 said: “Yeah!!!! we have hope…. higher taxes yield good economies…..”


    Note: The liberal answer will be on the level of, we had a guy Raul painting the outside of our house and it rained. Therefore painting the outside of the house causes it to rain.

  4. I don’t believe a word that comes out of politicians’ mouths. In 2009, the income tax raise was packaged as ‘temporary’, and now they are making it permanent. Just like the seatbelt law. The people were told it was a secondary offense, and would never be a primary reason for stopping a vehicle. The gullible people keep believing the lies and agree to compromise, then the elected officials-of both parties-turn around and screw us. They laugh and we say what happened to your word? Every. Single. Time. smh

  5. I can’t believe anyone would complain about the seatbelt law. Especially in this day and age.

    David, it you believe this, you said it: ….” I support low taxes, but yes there is a point where you cannot fund vital functions of the government and you go backward.” then we are probably on the same page…

    The first priority is to increase revenue in order to pay down the debt. Cutting necessary services because you don’t want to tax more, is not good. Cutting waste because you don’t want to tax more.. is good.

    Likewise raising taxes while increasing debt, is not good.. Raising taxes to trim down debt is good.

    The proper formula still seems that we need 3 parts cuts for every one part revenue raised. Why Republicans won’t push that process further by letting more revenue come in, so cuts can begin, is beyond me and most of the American people.

  6. The people in office do not have a plan to pay down the debt in their lifetime, possibly not mine either. They believe they can stop the sun from setting with a vote and they don’t see any reason why the sun should set, nor did they when they established the sunset clause.

  7. Kavips misses the point. If you think escalating the seatbelt law to a primary offense is about safety and not generating revenue, then you’re delusional.

  8. Isn’t it about time then? Our economy is in upheaval and it has been in debt since the 1830s. Perhaps the long term debt has helped us get to this point so, just maybe trying something different like getting out of debt is worth an effort. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that the lawmakers that passed the end of the tax sunsets have any intention of using that continued revenue stream to pay down our debt in a significant way.

  9. kavips on March 22, 2013 at 21:43 said: “The first priority is to increase revenue in order to pay down the debt.”


    kavips writes: “Cutting necessary services because you don’t want to tax more, is not good”

    What about cutting UNnecessary servcies (which is most of them)?

  10. Kick all the generational families off the liberal democratic welfare teat that they have sucked dry! That’s waste, that has broken the back of the working people in this country!!
    The government doesn’t guarantee anyone the right to sit on their backside doing nothing, or lay on their back getting pregnant by different men who don’t support the kids they produce.

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