Democrat AG Indicted for Abuse of Office


Kathleen Kane is neighboring Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. She is also in the uncomfortable position of being indicted last week for perjury, conspiracy and obstructing justice, official oppression and false swearing. Fellow Democrat, Governor Tom Wolf, looking out for himself, has called for her to resign. I guess the lynch mob mentality is alive and well, but to her credit Kane refused saying it would be an admission of guilt and she is not guilty. If she is guilty, she had better make a deal. Attorneys General do not fare well in prison. If not, I hope she exposes the conspiracy. Time will tell. It would not hurt for her to take a leave of absence to focus on clearing her name. The people deserve to know that their Attorney General is trustworthy. She no longer has the confidence of law enforcement officials that she is claimed to have been trying embarrass or many people even in her own party. She has to earn that back. Declaring for reelection is stunning.

I was imagining how much coverage this would get if she were a Republican. Wolf would not be alone in his lynch mob. I guess it is expected for Democrats to abuse their office. Republicans have a great opportunity for a pick up here.

6 thoughts on “Democrat AG Indicted for Abuse of Office”

  1. I am sorry. She is a Democrat, so she is not guilty.

    I wish I had tuned in over the internet to hear what Al Mascitti had to say about this morning.

    Or I could have tuned in to 105.9 FM to find out whether people prefer potato bread hot dog buns over normal hot dog buns.

    If China drops a nuclear bomb on Pearl Harbor, Susan Monday will keep us informed on whether people like to put ketchup on their eggs or salt on their watermelon.

  2. LOL, that could be a good way to make her go away and not hurt the party’s chance or the seat in 2016.

  3. @David: “I was imagining how much coverage this would get if she were a Republican.”

    No coverage at all on DP for Republican AG Ken Paxton of Texas.

  4. The Paxton allegations are not based in an abuse of power against citizens but some technical securities issue that seems petty and dubious for criminal prosecution. PA is a neighboring state in the mid Atlantic domain. You may have noticed that we don’t focus on personal problems here.

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