Delaware’s Challenge of 2016

The Diamond State has lost some luster. We are not the Diamond state any longer we are the stagnant state. We are stagnant in income growth, our NEAP education scores are stagnant, we spent the last decade creating part time jobs to replace the full time jobs that we lost. We are 6 in education spending and in the bottom third in results. Our state budget is looking like a house of cards. Murdertown U.S.A is here. Even our rural areas face heroin and home invasions. Our cities are seeing drug gang invasions. We have more homeless than shelters. We have more people seeking drug treatment than beds for them. Businesses are being nickled and dimed into oblivion. State renewable portfolio mandates are raising electricity rates which further impoverishes families and drives away manufacturers. Healthcare policy is a failure. They attempted to make us a sanctuary state (SB 60) by preempting the right of local citizens to cooperate with federal authorities through their local government, before they thought better of it under the spotlight. The Democrats in the last 16 years have focused on a radical social agenda over the people they forgot to serve.

Delaware needs to be a place where families are strengthened, where doing business is easy and valued, where common sense is the first rule for government policy, where efficiency and effectiveness are the standard for every dollar of taxpayer money, where education is geared to each child not each child molded to fit the education bureaucracy and where our streets are safe.

Is this too much to ask? I believe that anything less is too little to demand.

In Delaware, we are near the top in spending but in the bottom half or worse in results. We need a different way of thinking in our state government. The time is now.

2 thoughts on “Delaware’s Challenge of 2016”

  1. You are right, Delaware is facing many challenges. I feel like the positive change will start by electing officials who actually listen to and communicate with their constituents.

    I have contacted my state representative and senator and neither has responded. I understand people are busy and don’t expect an immediate response. However, it shouldn’t take a month to respond.

    So we can come up with ideas and communicate them to those in charge, but what is the point if they fall on deaf ears? Even if the response was of disagreement with an explanation as to why they feel that way, I would be happy.

  2. Dear Ms./Mr. Stephens

    Thank you for your recent communication, Ms./Mr. Stephens. These are important issues, which must be addressed. My office is always interested in the thoughts of constituents. We must all work together to make Delaware a great place for all people to live and work.


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