Delaware Primaries Reshape Landscape

The Gordon-Williams-Stewart machine crumbled amid scandal and inability to meet challenges. One of the most interesting alliance in the Democratic Party has fallen. Voters turned out New Castle Executive Tom Gordon amid scandals and Mayor Dennis Williams due to the inability to even succeed in a presenting a credible plan to deal with crime, which was the former police officer’s expertise. The Mayor did not even finish in the top 3. Mike Purzycki, who with the help of former Governor and Congressman Mike Castle, reregistered 1200 Republican voters, won. Karen Weldin Stewart had numerous stumbles in her first term that she never shook. Together the trio had been able to survive primary challenges. They lost an important ally, New Castle County President, Rev. Christopher Bullock who retired after only one term to focus on his church building project. Former Kent Countian, Common Cause board member and 2008 Democratic nominee for Congress Karen Hartley-Nagle won the nomination to fill the seat.

The wave of change stopped at the General Assembly. Every incumbent, who was challenged, won. Downstate did not contain any upsets expect a minor one on the Republican side with Charlie Postles defeating Bob Scott, the hand picked successor of the late Jack Peterman. Senator Colin Bonini won the nomination for governor on the GOP side over Lacey Lafferty and Lisa Rochester Blunt won the Democratic Congressional nomination. Senator Bethany Hall Long won the nomination for Lt. Governor in a 6 way race where the 3 women finished in the top 3 spots. Jeff Cragg eked out a narrow victory over former Clerk of the Peace George Parrish in the one dramatic race of the night for the right to replace Karen Weldin Stewart against Sheriff Trinidad Navarro.

Complete results are available at this link.