Delaware Politics Person of the Year 2015

Who has challenged us and seized the national debate? Who has been the news-maker on all of our minds whether we agree or disagree with that person? Nationally it seems obvious, Businessman Donald Trump turned Presidential candidate and Republican front runner. For that reason He is our unanimous choice for National Person of the Year.

The Trump bubble is about to burst so we were told all year. Trump is too outrageous. Trump is a clown. Trump is ___ yada yada. Trump is leading and is a serious player. Trump is speaking to the concerns of everyday Americans who know that our national security is in jeopardy, Radical Islamic terrorism really is the new World War 3 despite the White House delusion, our economic security is gone, and the middle class is under seize while poverty is ensnaring millions more. Our border situation is no longer a disgrace, it is a clear and present danger. Drug gangs, criminals, and terrorists use it as easily as the good hardworking families who need hope and opportunity. He offers clear, if some people would say simple solutions, to the problems that have been bedeviling us. Sometimes he say things that make most clear thinking Americans cringe–even supporters. All of the time he finds a way to capture our attention and make us talk about things we would rather ignore. I am far from being a Trump supporter, but I have to admit that he has stood up for the little guy who has been gutted by trade deals which have little to do with free trade, stood up for the families afraid of terrorism, and stood up for bringing order to our border. He has spoken clearly to the heart of the issues concerning tens of millions. Hopefully, now that he has our attention, he will use it to unite us to a vision of restored American greatness. I hope he ignites our faith as much as our fear. He can do it, but will he? If he does, He will be our President elect this time next year. If he does not, he will be the right’s version of William Jennings Bryan. The man who built a movement but could never get the prize. If Trump wants to be the man, he has to act like the man. Next month will be the true test.

Regionally, the Person of the Year is Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland. Democrats swore to frustrate him the way they did Governor Ehrlich, but Governor Hogan managed to find people of common sense in the Democratic General Assembly who entered a working coalition with Republicans. He became a success. Then he was struck with cancer. His struggle and dignity further elevated him with the people. His new tax plan takes the best ideas of Republicans and Democrats and has bipartisan support. Governor Hogan shined during the riots while the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore failed to rise to the moment. Governor Hogan is the person of the year in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Delaware Person of the Year goes to a true patriot who would have been governor. The late Beau Biden was adored by many in his life and even more in his death. His legacy will continue as the President has renewed a war on cancer, calling on a moon shot to fight cancer. He placed Biden’s dad in charge of coordinating the effort. If successful, millions of lives will be changed and Biden will be one of the most important people in the decade. It would be a fitting legacy for a kind, decent, patriot and family man who cared about others more than himself. The Delaware Politics unanimous choice for Delawarean of the year is my friend, fellow soldier, and true public servant, Major Joseph R. Biden III.