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John Atkins is a nut job on the loose. Pete Schwatzkopf….deal with your guy, YOU WANTED HIM! Heather Atkins gets PFA. Let’s talk about PFA’s. Mine own daughter got one a week ago. I am now an expert.

I know that a lot of commenters to my posts are either John Atkins hyenas or even John himself. John does not like me, not that he knows me all that well, because I was the one who made the proposal, back in the early 2000’s, that he be kicked out of the Republican party in Delaware. Burris was the editor here at the time and he was the Chair of the Sussex GOP that led the charge to get Atkins out and replaced by marble-head but likeable Greg Hastings. New Picture (18) Then Atkins called up our current editor and future Mayor of Delaware on a post of mine where I’d said Atkins had been charged with spouse abuse but, heh, it only turned out to be “offensive touching”. I took my entire post down though David Anderson only wanted me to take out that bit about Atkins mistreating his wife, which we know now he does do. I told David at the time that I had no doubt that Atkins would do it again so I took the whole damn post down. I’d like to thank John Atkins, and all his baying sycophants, for giving me that second chance. Of course, what with John Atkins being such a mild-mannered sort, he also got into a couple of more flaps since he was kicked out of the Republican party, one involving giving a Delaware State Cop a bunch of crap for giving him (Atkins) a ticket for speeding when dear Lord the man was going to an emergency legislative session in Dover and speed was of the essence! Let’s not forget Atkins’ tale of the burning tires and Sussex penitentiary inmates clearing the man’s lot and lookit, I know the Democrats don’t get it but I am doing Schwartzkopf a favor: PETE…GET THIS GUY OUTTA THERE ALREADY! Now let’s discuss PFA’s. The acronym stands for “Protection From Abuse” and by me they are great things. Understand that I don’t think that anyone’s rights, not even those of a pathetic wife-abuser, should  be taken away. And so sweet John will have his chance to defend himself on 6/13/14. The current PFA is considered an emergency action and, indeed, my own daughter got a PFA this past Memorial Day and that hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. First, even if friendly guys like John Atkins and my own son-in-law, are completely in the right while saddled with dastardly wives who lie about them all over the place, it could never hurt anything to separate the warring parties via the emergency PFA. With the time between the emergency PFA and the hearing, all parties have a chance to speak with attorneys. My daughter is seeking a PFA that will last a year and while she wants her daughter (my granddaughter) to visit her father, she is requesting supervised visits. John… you had what? 17 shot guns? And such a nice guy you are, telling the world you took care of your sons while Heather went gallivanting around the globe. The woman HAD to leave because YOU wouldn’t! Also, let’s talk about the word ABUSE for a moment. Just because Heather, nor my daughter, had their head hacked off by a machete, that doesn’t mean their spouses aren’t mistreating, yea, ABUSING them. Forced sex, threats to commit suicide, constant phone calls, sullen silent treatments, long screaming sessions…..these are ALL forms of abuse. Families of the poor woman seeking relief from her turmoil behind closed doors should not think that if the woman’s not sporting bruises she must be exaggerating about abuse. Atkins’ is a Narcissist, I’m no psychologist but this man needs help. PETE….you’re not helping this guy, or his family, by keeping him around! Do the state of Delaware a favor and get this abusive man out of the legislature. Finally, when a person embarks on a road of abuse the actions often get worse, they escalate with each abuse they get away with. The abuse begins and the perpetrator gets away with it. Then the abuse escalates. Is there any reason we should wait until the victim is DEAD, killed by, say, one of 17 shotguns, before we acknowledge obviously aggressive behavior? My own daughter’s husband flipped a big knife casually as he demanded she give him her prescription drugs. Abuse doesn’t always leave marks but it is abuse. PETE! Get the guy outta there. We shall see what good ole Schwartzkopf does. ============== I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further. Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share. NEXT :Tidbits, marijuana, same day voting registration, best dressed Republican women. All kinds of stuff… big national political post coming up soon.

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  1. Pat Pat Pat don’t let your biased view get in the way.

    Was John Atkins ever found guilty of domestic abuse in family court? NO if he had he wouldn’t possess any guns at all

    John Atkins had MOSTLY shotguns in his collection of 17 guns which he handed over. He DID NOT have 17 shotguns. All guns have to be handed over that are in the home. Since we have no firearm registration in Delaware who’s to say that several didn’t belong to his sons.
    So much for your pro second amendment stance.

    John Atkins wife abandoned her sons months ago.

    You are far from an expert on PFA’s. If you were the expert you perceive yourself to be you would know the following facts:

    False Accusations of Domestic Violence, By the Numbers

    0 – Number of district attorneys in the United States who routinely prosecute false allegations of domestic violence.

    25 – Estimated percentage of divorces in which an allegation of domestic violence is made (1).

    32 – Number of states with civil definitions of domestic “violence” that include being afraid, fearful, apprehensive, or experiencing emotional distress (2).

    48 – Number of states in which judges awarding child custody are required to consider allegations or findings of domestic violence (3).

    50 – Percentage of restraining orders in which physical assault is not even alleged, according to an authoritative Massachusetts study (4).

    70 – Percentage of restraining orders that are trivial or false (5).

    85 – Percentage of all restraining orders that are issued against men (the remaining 15% are against women) (6).

    2000 – Estimated number of taxpayer dollars spent for the issuing, servicing, and adjudicating of one restraining order (7).

    2005 – The year in which a restraining order was served on TV personality David Letterman for allegedly beaming televised code words and seductive eye gestures at Colleen Nestler, a woman whom Letterman had never met.

    700,000 – Number of persons wrongfully arrested for domestic violence each year (8).

    1.5 million – Number of temporary restraining orders issued each year in the United States that are trivial or false (9).

    20 billion – Number of dollars that taxpayers spend each year for welfare and public benefit services arising from false allegations of domestic violence that force children into single-parent households (10).


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  2. Pat, I appreciate your impassioned words about abuse and the forms it takes. You are right: Many types of abuse are not given credence.

    Physical abuse leaving bruises is usually recognized, but not always. One so-called “Christian” pastor actually counseled a woman whose husband beat her with a baseball bat so severely he almost broke her legs to return to her husband. Supposedly she was to be “submissive.” Another told an abused woman he counseled that “God will shove your face in the mud” for her supposed disobedience when she left her abuser. She had what amounted to a nervous breakdown.

    I could give many, many more examples.

    Emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse is not seen in the same way as physical abuse, but it can do even more damage, though it is invisible.

    In my circles, spousal and child abuse has been common. One poor man in my family was literally hounded to death by a wife who was a termagant. She never laid hands on him, but she broke him with her words just the same. He was dead of a heart attack at 67. I think he was glad to go.

    A friend was married to a guy who not only demeaned her 24/7 in ways I do not want to repeat here as they were so disgusting; but he also beat her over and over again, one time because he wanted her to miscarry his own child. To this day, her arms are a little deformed because he continually bent them behind her to torture her.

    An aunt of mine was literally starved, and knocked down the stairs and stomped on when pregnant. She actually lost some of her teeth from malnutrition.

    And on and on.

    So I take these things very, very seriously.

    All I am suggesting is that we be very sure we absolutely KNOW there is abuse going on.

    If it is, I hope and pray justice is done.

  3. @Pat Fish: Shouldn’t we go through, say, an investigation of these charges before calling for his removal from office? Or is the accusation alone enough for you? Because if it is, are you calling for the removal of all politicians who have been accused or charged but not convicted of anything?

  4. So Pat Fish is anti gun rights. Or is 16 guns okay Pat? But 17 is one too many? Also Pat you were wrong, the state trooper only gave him a verbal warning. And to observer, John Atkins did plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of offensive touching against his wife on the night of his DUI run in Ocean City.
    For a slightly different and I hope slightly more factual take on this.

  5. Never thought of Greg Hastings as a “marblehead” even when he sold insurance.

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