Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3.18.14___Edition-

The Runaway Delaware Law Makers Are At It Again! Now they want to police the charities, which would include all Tea Party organizations for a start! These people….they get elected and they get law-making fever. All of a sudden we’ve got laws on laws and laws over laws and laws under laws and if they can’t fit a new law in somewhere, they vote new ones over existing laws! While we, the people who are stuck with their endless laws, will require ten lawyers to sort through should we break one of five laws on the same issues. Now the fine folks in our Delaware legislature want to pass a law that will crush charities in this state. I don’t know where to begin but begin we must, because if those law-addicted nuts in Dover get their way St. Vincent De Paul will not deliver another coat to a needy child and the Girl Scouts will have to provide a list of everyone who ever bought one of their cookies in the state of Delaware. It’s House Bill 187 and it is an “amendment” to the Delaware code Chapter 25 Title 6. This time they wrote an entirely new law over an existing law but instead of enacting a new one when one existed, they essentially changed every word of the Delaware Code on charities in this state and called it an amendment. Don’t nobody tell Joan Deaver or George Cole about this trick.
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Delaware’s New Czar of Charitable Organizations. First up…9-11 Patriots!
The original Delaware law was enacted, as it is read, mostly to get a handle on those fire and police calls we all get asking for donations to the FOP. Only these things are done by third party fundraisers and there was a bit of a scandal in that the third party fundraisers were keeping most of their deceitful take. Here’s a link to the old code, it’s kind of obvious where it was meant to go. HERE So the White House called and as the Democrats are wont to do, they must jump on the bandwagon. So let’s stop all opposition at the STATE level, or so goes the thinking, that the dolts over a 9-11 Patriots can stop bothering us as we crush them with the paperwork. It is the most disgusting thing these elected people can do to slap the people in the face, I don’t know how the sponsors below can live with themselves:
Call These Sponsors NOW! Rep. Edward Osienski: 302-292-8903 Rep. John Kowalko: 302-737-2396 Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476 Sen. David Sokola: 302-239-2193 Sen. Bryan Townsend: 302-709-1516
This HB 187 is the most dastardly foot upon the neck of the people’s right to assemble and finance their charitable work that even our law-addicted Delaware politicos should be ashamed. I have read both the old and new version of this bill and it would take a book to detail the horrors of this thing. Gary Simpson, as an aside, had been a bill sponsor but upon pressure from the PGA he withdrew his support. Gary Simpson is plucking my last nerve of late so kudos to him for pulling back. Ruth King, I am to understand, is confused about the bill as hey, making sure charities don’t defraud good, well-meaning people is an honorable thing, no?. Well don’t they just always use some well-meaning thing to fool us into their bureaucratic slavery? They are so mad at the Supreme Court allowing companies the same rights as unions in terms of free speech now they must keep their former unfair system however they can. Now they try to fool us by passing laws that require this form and if this guy doesn’t sign then they all go to hell over here all shoes must be tied one signer must be a CEO everything the charity does must be documented, taped and submitted, all donors must be identified by SS#, address and party affiliation, names of all victims of the Titanic must be included on all forms. Somewhere buried deep within is the creation of a Bureau of Funny Walks. Well this humble Blogger is not fooled and neither are a bunch of people. And you know what’s galls the most? That these legislators abandon all pride and self-respect and jump on this band wagon upon command. They are not only, like Muse’s song goes, binding us by “endless red tape”, they are doing the same to their own children and future generations. What I do know is that Delawareans were not losing sleep about the charities and their contents or CEO’s. I do not believe for a nano-second that these fine legislators with no pride jumped right into this elaborate ruse to bind the people’s free speech reacted to the crowded switchboard filled with Delawareans demanding more laws and for sure check out that charitable crowd if you will. They reacted to one call alone, and that was Markell’s. And Markell jumps when this administration commands  ands asks “how high”. As for Ruth King, well realtors are exempt from HB 187 now aren’t they? Here’s my suggested rule of thumb for the elected Republican legislators….if it sounds like a good thing and it’s coming from your Democrat counterparts….. IT AIN’T. I’ll make it simple for you. ============== I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further. Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share. NEXT-Well Dover’s back in action and I must help those addicted to making laws, such is MY own charitable endeavor. I’ve hired a team of lawyers and four accountants to handle the paperwork.

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  2. Rose Izzo’s new youtube isn’t bad, it’s appalling. It features a man in suit urinating outside with her voice over saying, “tell Congress to stop p*ssing away our tax dollars.”
    This takes ladylike and clever behavior to a whole new dimension: backwards.
    For starter’s who are people suppose to call? The generic switchboard? Do they ask for John Carney or maybe Trey Gowdy, John Dingell or Pete Sessions?
    The ad has no sourcing identification as proof of these statistics.
    There isn’t one iota of her qualifications nor her plan to stop this wasting of money.
    In fact all this ad does is show 8th grade like vulgarity in a candidate.
    What an embarrassment.
    Michelle Rollins would have never engaged in such drivel.

  3. I would not have recommended that ad.

    But a lot of Republican geniuses think that the crying babies ad Fred Davis did for a moderate US Senate candidate in Georgia a few months back is super clever, or that the “demon sheep” ad that Fred Davis did is the ultimate in the best kind of campaign ad.

    Here is one of the greatest mysteries in US politics: Somehow Republican ad guru Fred Davis is still making campaign ads for (mostly moderate) Republican candidates. After making the worst campaign ad in the history of politics in Delaware in 2010, why is the Republican establishment still pushing Fred Davis as the guy to make campaign ads for Republican campaigns? Wouldn’t you think that the ad guru who made the I’m not a witch ad would never be able to sucker another campaign into hiring him again?

    I mean think it through. Imagine the conservation: “Let’s hire Fred Davis for your campaign.” Candidate: “Who is Fred Davis?” Answer: “He is the guy who made the worst campaign ad in the history of the planet, the ‘I’m not a witch’ ad’ We think you should hire the guy who made the worst ad since the dinosaurs.” Candidate: “You’re fired.”

    And yet somehow Fred Davis keeps getting business. How is that?

    Those aren’t my tastes in campaign ads. But those who think they are experts are convinced that those are the latest and best.

    Michele Rollins would never have made such a campaign ad. She would have been preparing to go to Congress to vote for more spending, bigger government, higher taxes, and more regulation. That’s what her backers in the moderate wing of the GOP and establishment Republicans would demand that she do. That’s what “fiscal conservatism” means — voting for more spending, bigger budget deficits, more debt, more regulation, more government programs, and higher taxes.

    So Michele Rollins — no matter what she personally believes — would never make a campaign ad taking a strong stand against government spending. She would not want to draw attention to the issue, so that when she voted the same way Carney votes she could get away with it.

    A TV ad for a campaign is 60 seconds long. Not 60 minutes.

    I am flabbergasted that Republicans don’t seem to understand Campaign Ads 101. Clearly Matt Moran was absolutely without a clue in 2010.

    Campaign ads are part of a PROGRESSION sequence. Early on the campaign should run ads about WHO IS the candidate. “Getting to know you” ads are the first ads in the election.

    Then the campaign switches to contrast ads: Why you shouldn’t vote for the opponent. Why horrible things will happen if the other guy wins.

    Then nearer to election day, the campaign goes back to positive ads about the candidate.

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