Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The 6/16/13 Edition-

Sussex County GOP…Let’s Do An Update.  Because Something Is Missing And I Know What It Is. =============================== I moved to this area in the year 2003 and I’ve loved it here ever since. After a few years I began to get involved with the Sussex County Republican Party. Ron Sams was the Sussex Chair when I joined as I understand Ron is still around. I have mixed emotions about Ron. Those times when I worked the Georgetown GOP office desk he was often around. Ron arranged for me to meet Mike Castle and goodness, well that was interesting. Ron came across to me as a devoted Conservative but I was surprised at how he worked against us in Sussex County came the time to revolt against Democrat-in-Disguise, that same Mike Castle that I met. New Picture (1) I won’t go into all that past and volatile history that caught the entire country’s imagination. Ron Sams never bothered with such as ED’s and RD’s. He held monthly meetings that had a desultory attendance and he allowed everyone in the room, even if they were from another state, to vote! Those were the days when Mike Castle along with the Bidens controlled everything in this state. The Sussex County GOP then went through an emotional period. There was the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell, the struggle to oust the old guard, implementation of procedures in accordance with the rules of the Delaware GOP. The Tea Party crowd took over the Sussex GOP but it was unruly, volatile, explosive. Factions were formed, chasms were created. So yon reader must ask….how is the Sussex GOP now? Don Ayotte was once a force in the Sussex GOP. Don was a victim of the volatile changeover. The party didn’t support his run for the Sussex County Council even though the man survived a primary and got almost half of the votes. This with his own party running against him. The Sussex County GOP chased Don Ayotte off to a third party. I am, myself, considering a third party option. The election of Nelly Jordan boosted my spirits, however, though the Sussex elected officials mounted a campaign against her like they like to do in this state that the heathens and Tea Party types do not get in our way. John Rieley is the current Sussex county chair with Fred Silva as his first lieutenant. As an aside, I will be interviewing John in an upcoming column so stay tuned. I’ve always been a friend of John’s, from way back when we were meeting in crowds filling Deltech with our numbers. He’s also a Facebook friend and has been especially kind in the aftermath of my husband’s death. So yes, I like the guy. I have a couple of issues with his leadership style, but they’re minor. I have a bigger issue with the Sussex Gop on another matter, more on this later. I continue to be impressed by the organization of the current Sussex GOP. I admire how they have nice sign-in sheets, how the rows are marked for each Representative District, how a parliamentarian rules on actions. The meeting I attended, on the first Monday of every month at the Georgetown Cheers Center on Sandhill Road, was organized, efficient and flowed nicely. There was that “speech” by announced Delaware contender, Lacey Lafferty, and that was odd. Not that I had any problem with it but I suspect that John will some day. For he will have to allow every contender for a Republican office to have time before the membership, yes he will, and frankly I don’t think this is a bad thing. Steve Smyk chats with Sussex GOP meeting attendees. And I know that Lacey was persistent with John for the chance to speak so good for her. Now John will have to extend this opportunity to all future Republican candidates. Here is my bigger problem currently with the Sussex GOP. I’ve watched the dynamics of this organization, I was there when Glen Urquhart was Chair, Ron Sams as mentioned. Once upon a time the Sussex County GOP had some gumption and verve. Once upon a time the Sussex county GOP used to make “sense of the party” proclamations and send them on to the elected Republicans. One time we got Senator Simpson so upset that we, the lowly and unelected, should dare to condemn him for his stupid votes. They don’t do this anymore. The elected guys didn’t like it. So they stopped. At least there was no such activity during the most recent two meetings. And there is so much going on, you’d think the GOP rank and file would be sending all sorts of “sense of the party” messages. This while the state legislature is full session, mind you. And this year they are on a roll. Why wasn’t a condemnation offered up for that traitor Ernie Lopez who voted for a silly gun bill that makes no sense and cannot be enforced? Lopez moaned that he HAD to vote for something and he chose the least offensive. Is this how we are to be governed in this state? Why couldn’t Lopez have just, I dunno, VOTED NO? Which is no mind except once upon a time the Sussex county GOP got some guts and some nerve and dared to tell those they worked to elect that they didn’t like their bad votes. The Sussex GOP once upon a time adopted this strategy specifically because of Mike Castle who voted for every Democrat law he could. It was invigorating, it was great, floor debates raged and new sense of the party issues were offered up. I am to understand that the Sussex GOP has no thoughts on this bathroom bill? We are okay with Republicans voting FOR gun control? DNREC’s once again out of control and believe it or not, there were INDIVIDUALS in the Sussex County GOP praising that horrific Common Core crap. As Republicans we have not yet learned that ANYTHING controlled by the federal government comes with a price too dear to pay? The issues seem to no longer matter and goodness we must not insult those we worked so hard to elect. Do not dare to mention your dismay with their votes. So while I’m very happy with the hard-fought election of Nelly Jordan, I’m disappointed in the current Sussex county GOP. I once had so much hope. ============== I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further. Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share. NEXT WEEK-George Parish Running for Sussex County Council. We Find Out What He’s All About. See You Then!

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  1. Why are you even here besides your shameless self promotion of your personal endeavors?

  2. “what little I know of Westboro Baptist Church…” or anything else for that matter, counselor.

  3. COD voters will sleep very well indeed knowing that Mike Castle would have voted exactly the same way as Chris Coons, but at least Delaware voters will know not to blame the Republican party for it.

  4. You want to talk about a politician dragging down other candidates? When a politician like Mike Castle ruins the meaning of Republican, he directly hurts all Republican candidates.

    We are still digging out from RINO holes. When Republicans try to stand for fiscal conservatism, liberals point to big deficits under George Bush. They are right! How can we fight for fiscal conservatism when so many prominent Republicans, including GWB, have been fiscal drunken sailors?

    A Republican candidate has no hope with a politician like Mike Castle ruining the good name of the Republican party

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