Delaware going Backwards

Sadly, Delaware is going backward. One would think that the legislature would be focused upon the severe budgetary crisis, but apparently, an undiscovered need to rip away basic informed consent protections for women evaluating abortion and eliminating protection after 20 weeks for the unborn child is paramount. It is time for good people to consider running for the legislature. This bill passed by 1 vote in the Senate and 2 in the House. I am doing several things to change the dynamic. Stay tuned to this blog, but first for my hardcore activist is an action group, the Delaware Republican Conservative Caucus.  Click and apply. The state of Delaware is in a challenging situation. The good news is that challenges are made to be met. I did not start this group, but I intend to reactivate it because now is our time. We have strong new leadership at the state level in the GOP. The Democrats are in a crisis of ideas and leadership. We have a unique window of opportunity. This is a great platform to share events, ideas and concerns. We can even vent on occasion. The most important thing is that we can join with people of like mind to begin the process of transforming our state into the place it can be. A state which values GOD, family, liberty, free enterprise, the right to bear arms and human life. It can be a state where the government is properly limited so the individual can be properly free. It can be a state where the budget is under control, debt is limited and businesses are freed to grow. It can be a state where children are able to have an education tailored to them and not them to the education bureaucracy. How does it start? It starts with 300 people of like mind and purpose. Please invite at least one person to join this group. Then let’s make it happen. We will share information with one another and help each other in the real world. We are the Delaware Republican Conservative Caucus and we will win because the state of our state is so critical that we have to. Let’s say a prayer for wisdom, strength, courage, and favor then get to work.

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