Delaware Endangered by a few Democratic Senators: Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett


Folks, the bottom line is that nothing changes in Delaware , other than the first state’s financial crisis is probably beyond redemption. The Democrats are in power in Delaware and have created a dangerous $400 million dollar deficit by over spending.

They do care about enhancing the killing of babies in late term abortions, but sure as hell can’t manage the state’s finances. If a law needs to be changed, such as the prudent SB 53 which basically protects corporations from arbitrarily and capriciously being forced into a sale by a Delaware Chancellor, the Democrat elected officials in Dover are never going to make such a change, because they will always listen to the self-serving representatives in the Delaware Bar Association who are all connected with the judiciary and their own self-serving agendas.

Delaware is definitely going to lose its incorporation franchise because the Court of Chancery is no longer equitable and is seriously flawed. One-third of Delaware’s income will eventually dissolve. Why would anybody want to incorporate in Delaware now? Famous and respected litigator, Alan Dershowitz, has recently stated, “For an attorney to recommend a business client to incorporate in Delaware would be tantamount to malpractice.”

Delaware is in huge monetary trouble and as long as it is being run by politically motivated liberals who usurp logic with false priorities, ridiculous establishment protectionism, and poor reasoning, it will only get worse.

A few Delaware Senators for political reasons, not for the benefit of Delawareans, have killed a bill in Committee that should have been released for consideration by the entire Senate. This is not a fair democracy.

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TransPerfect bill in doubt after Senate meeting Jeff Mordock , The News JournalPublished 5:29 p.m. ET June 14, 2017 | Updated 4 hours ago  

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Editor’s note: SB 53 is a bipartisan bill which is prime sponsored by Senator Colin Bonini and Representative Kowalko. It provides that the Court of Chancery may only appoint a custodian to dissolve or sell a solvent corporation to resolve deadlock if (1) alternative remedies prove insufficient after three years or (2) unless the necessary parties stipulate to such a sale

4 thoughts on “Delaware Endangered by a few Democratic Senators: Guest Opinion by Judson Bennett”

  1. Delaware is endangered by political corruption and ineptitude in general. Both the D and R parties are unfit to govern.

  2. Some people have that opinion, but the record in Delaware under Republicans vs. Democrats is stark. Delaware was a model under Republican leadership through Tom Carper (D) then we began a steady decline.

  3. From Delaware Online, quoting Mr. Bonini: “One of things I hear from business owners is that they are afraid if they bring their dispute to Delaware, it will sell their business out from under them,” he said. “That is not an image we can afford to have.”

    Poore challenged Bonini’s view saying that the case was merely about a bad breakup between a boyfriend and girlfriend.”

    Well, there you have the real issue defined by Bonini and Poore. If the court of chancery is viewed much like a divorce/family court–let’s just sell off the assets and end the quarrel!–rather than as the impartial arbiter of disputes, incorporation in Delaware is threatened. Bonini is right. Dershowitz is right. People are not going to choose Delaware if it is thought the business can be arbitrarily sold out from under them because of a dispute.  

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