Delaware Compromise Saves Transportation Funds

Delaware Republicans forced Democrats to compromise and begin reforms to address the prevailing wage anomaly and remove some administrative costs from the transportation trust fund. Senate Republicans used their new status to block the fee hikes which required a super majority that Democrats no longer had. Democrats used to being able to pass whatever they wanted with their own numbers on budgetary matters played a game of chicken until the last minute. To their credit, they came to the table and negotiated a compromise opposed by the unions to link the prevailing wage more to the federal survey not one made up by local unions. Local governments were relieved that the cuts threatened by the JFC eliminating road maintenance did not materialize because of the deal.

The state will now have a minimum amount to continue approved road projects and maintenance and begin to address the longer term problems. Democrats got almost $25 million in higher fees effective October 1st. More when we find legislators awake after the 5 am marathon.

One thought on “Delaware Compromise Saves Transportation Funds”

  1. The state will now have a minimum amount to continue approved road projects…

    Are they ever going to face reality and build an overpass at the 1/9 intersection (Five Points)?

    Anyone who drives to the Bay Bridge knows that Maryland has been widening 404 to the Delaware line. Meanwhile, 9, 14, 16 and 24 are relatively unchanged since the 1920’s.

    Traffic has increased tenfold in Southern Delaware in the past twenty years. Why is this state so derelict?

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