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Guest Post By: Doug Beatty On May 1 2013 Delaware Politics administrator Don Ayotte graciously allowed me to enter a guest post on the plight of my colleague, Dr. Jahi Issa. Interestingly enough, a vociferous anonymous poster began making comments on that post accusing Dr. Issa of racism and forwarding the position that Dr. Issa should have been arrested by campus police and fired for being a “black supremacist” and “racism” and “preaching exclusion” among other perceived crimes of thought. When this anonymous poster had their card pulled for lying, they simply changed to another anonymous name and kept up with the same lies. This person showed inside knowledge of the case and Delaware State University and academia in general, but they refused to identify themselves or agenda. When I informed this poster that I would find out who they were a general outcry from said poster ensued on May 6. On May 8, Steve Newton of Delawarelibertarian posted an entry entitled “Dead Blog Walking” and attacked Delaware Politics for threatening and outing commenters and accused Delaware Politics of being akin to a police state. A DelawareLiberal writer started the discussion thread congratulating Steve for his decision to remove Delaware Politics from his blogroll thus depriving Delaware Politics of tens of hits every year. I joined in and called Dr. Newton on his duplicity ( that’s right, the man is piled high and deep and is a professor as well ). Delaware Liberal is the undisputed heavy weight champ of stifling opposing voices on their blog and I have screenshots to prove it. They also out people when they feel like it and I posted an example. . This was very confusing, why would a libertarian call one blog out for something and approve of another blog that does even worse? The answer my friend was blowing in the wind. Imagine my surprise when I attended a Professional Employee Relations Board hearing in support of Dr. Issa and saw Dr. Newton ( Steve Newton ) seated with the AAUP attorneys. Steve Newton drew an EEOC complaint from Dr. Issa in 2011. Issa alleges that Newton walked into his office in 2008 and told Dr. Issa that he was ‘too black’ and he’d better get with the program or he would be fired. When Dr. Issa was roughed up and arrested for exercising his first amendment rights the American Association of University Professors did nothing to stop him from being suspended and fired. Steve Newton was the AAUP president for DSU at the time. So now it all makes sense. Did Steve Newton attack Delaware Politics because Don Ayotte allowed a guest post in support of Dr. Issa? This is the Libertarian Party State Secretary? Sounds more like a Dead Party Talking to me.

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  1. Given that Dr. Issa is about as liberal Democrat as they come, one would think would be raising hell on his behalf.

  2. It is rather ironic that the people who seem to give Dr. Issa the most support aren’t people that agree with his views, rather they support his right to express them and realize that what happens to one can happen to all.

  3. This has nothing to do with whether or not we agree with all of Dr. Issa’s beliefs. It has everything to do with his rights to express his opinions and exercise his Constitutional rights with respect.
    BTW, I feel that the way DSU went after him and his family was cowardly and unacceptable.

    I believe it says somewhere:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

  4. I agree with Don. There are ways to treat people. As Americans all are equal, and all must be treated the same. it is self-evident.

  5. Iv’e never heard of Dr. Issa before, but out of curiosity I checked out some of his videos on youtube. This guy doesn’t particularly like white people does he.

  6. Well, he taught Black History at DSU and I know him and I’m white and we’re friends. My guess is, that it might racists that he doesn’t care for. If someone doesn’t like me simply because I am white, I probably wouldn’t care for them either.

  7. Delaware Liberal is the undisputed heavy weight champ of stifling opposing voices on their blog and I have screenshots to prove it.

    Noticed that too, that’s why I usually don’t bother reading Delaware Lemming.

    It’s sort of like MSNBC. Have to check in on them once in a while but usually they don’t have anything significant to say. If they didn’t feel like they were in power or part of the current power structure (even when they actually aren’t, ironically.) then they would probably be worth reading or watching. (E.g. Olberman breaking the anthrax story about terrism within the military industrial complex when Bush was president, etc…. too bad he didn’t have the balls to investigate 911 all the way through though.)

    It seems that when relatively powerless lemmings are allowed to feel like they’re in power or have been incorporated into power by the real powers that be, they’re usually not worth reading.

  8. Iv’e never heard of Dr. Issa before, but out of curiosity I checked out some of his videos on youtube. This guy doesn’t particularly like white people does he.

    He and David Duke should have a debate… actually with the way Skype and Youtube and everything is these days, maybe they already did.

  9. Huh… David Duke actually has pretty high ratings on his Youtube videos.

    Uh oh… bankster/Masonic/Zionist powers that be aren’t going to like that unless it’s just another case of controlled opposition like the KKK. People never seem to tire of being divided and conquered by people who have less in common with them than they do with each other, whether it’s Hutu vs. Tutsi or white vs. black. A satire: “Hey, they have less skin pigmentation and they’ve been incorporated into the pyramid scheme… get them!!!”

    Real. Dumb.

    Crush the head and the symbolic snake would die on its own.

  10. FightingBlueHen,

    You should hear Dr. Issa expound on some black leaders and public figures. I know him to be a humanitarian who has little time for people of any color that exploit their fellow man.

    However, that doesn’t mean that we agree on everything either. I’m not totally on board with affirmative action in education. I don’t agree with removing African American faculty just because they are African American any more than I agree with hiring somebody on the basis of race.

    What I do strongly feel is that Dr. Issa had a constitutional right to express his concerns along with his students. The first amendment isn’t about popular speech, popular speech doesn’t need protections.

    Since this is the fourth most corrupt state in the Union according to a Wall Street Journal survey, I am of the OPINION – MY OPINION ONLY – that what got Dr. Issa in trouble was questioning where the money went.

    I say he had a right to do that as well.

    That’s what this whole case comes down to, did Doctor Issa have the same rights as white protesters and should he have been treated differently than a white female charged with the same offenses along with other violations that Dr. Issa has never committed back in 2009? Said white female still employed at DSU.

    In fact, Dr. Issa hasn’t been convicted of anything and likely won’t be at a jury trial due to video evidence and statements of Chief Downes and Patrolman Buchwald. Keep in mind I wasn’t even remotely convinced of his innocence until hearing said testimony and watching the video.

    When I was in D.C. running a company called Branch Security I had to work with some people who were outwardly hostile to me because of my skin color. I would probably still support Dr. Issa if he was of a like minded disposition because the issue is the First Amendment, Due Process, and Equal Protection Under the law.

    I will readily confess it’s much easier to work with a person like Dr. Issa who has the humanity to understand that we are all God’s children. But that’s really a side issue for me personally.

    I’ve also worked with activists from the Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, even one former ‘ghostbuster’. Are there black civil rights activists, nationalists, and community leaders who just don’t like white people? Yes, yes there are.

    Dr. Issa isn’t one of them.

    Do we elect white officials in Delaware who would still have slaves on their plantations if they could? I would argue that there’s at least one…

    At the end of the day we have to fight to preserve the republic and our rights, which is the real issue here.



    Maybe he should become Jewish, then he’d probably not only generally have a right to be a nationalist with his own ethnic identity and so forth… he might even have a “right” to organize groups to go to Mexico and take over or bulldoze the houses of Mexican peasants. Then if they got mad about things, bulldoze more for the sake of national security. Apparently it’s only a matter of the money and the marketing of it.

    Just kidding… even if he became Jewish he might still be relatively powerless, e.g.:

    The Ethiopian Beta Israel community’s internal challenges have been complicated by racist attitudes on the part of some elements of Israeli society and the official establishment.
    Racist attitudes, or prejudice, do tend to still occasionally occur in Israel towards the Beta Israel community, especially where high concentrations of Beta Israel exist.
    In 2004, racism was alleged regarding delays in admitting black Ethiopian Beta Israel to Israel under the Law of return. The delays in admitting Ethiopians may be attributed to religious motivations rather than racism, since there was debate whether or not Beta Israel people were indeed Jewish.

    A survey published by the Jerusalem Post in 2005 indicated that 43% of Israelis do not want themselves or their children marrying a member of the Beta Israel community. –Wikipedia

    Some of their immigration policies seem to be a long way from “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…” Because Zionists seldom live by the standards of an absence of ethnic identity* or nationalism that they promote to everyone else. There again, who does?

    *E.g. the person who wrote that: “She is an important forerunner of the Zionist movement. She argued for the creation of a >>>>Jewish homeland<<<< thirteen years before Theodor Herzl began to use the term Zionism." –Wikipedia

    "Give me your tired and poor from the whole world… just kidding, give me my own ethnic homeland!" Seriously. But if someone like Issa said that then he's a nationalist, if not a racist and probably a terrist too… I guess.

    My attitude… either live by your own standards and allow others to do the same or stop writing things like that or organizing groups like the ADL (soon to partner with DHS to create lists of terrists, probably) to promote the idea that basically all other groups or factions shouldn't seek to have or maintain any racial, ethnic or religious identity within their State.

    Side note… I'm against trying to maintain ethnic and racial identities and so forth, let marriage and romance work (as the only thing that can truly integrate "races") to shred race. The marriage of that which is symbolized in Washington's monument/male and the Capital Dome/female will integrate the races, naturally… for free.

  12. Sorry, off topic… I was just listening to what he had to say and it made me think.

  13. mynym –

    That’s quite all right, and trust me I feel your pain. I was just getting my feet wet in Delaware Politics, having a great time running a grass roots unfunded campaign to see how far that would take me.

    Then I met Dr. Issa. He made me think too, this fight has turned my life inside out. Sometimes our battles choose us it seems.

    In this case I wouldn’t have it any other way. It gets ugly at times, you find out things about people you’d rather not have known. You learn things about our society and culture here in Delaware that will shake you to your core.

    But this is the great work, to help your fellow man where you are with what you have. Without meaning to offend anyone’s personal belief system, I thank God for every day.

  14. This blog is amazing. I am not Steve Newton from Delaware Libertarian and I never knew he had a blog until your post outing him.

    This is exactly what I was talking about when I said that THIS BLOG IS UNSAFE FOR COMMENTERS AND COMMENTING.

    I want to publicly apologize to Steve Newton, I am sorry that my comments here have resulted in Doug Beatty sucking you into his conspiracy vortex, and now you are the target of his bullying, thug tactics.

    I, however, stand by my comments 100%.

    I have shown that, in Dr. Issa’s own words, he was protesting the “whitening” of both DSU students and DSU faculty at the campus that day. “Whitening” is Dr. Issa’s word, not mine, he also uses the phrase “ethnic cleansing” because, I suppose, in Dr. Issa’s eyes 25% non black student enrollment and a 38% black faculty at DSU is equal to the extermination of millions of Jews. I figure if Dr. Issa can compare me to a member of Hitler’s regime, I can compare the “ethnic cleansing” at DSU to the Holocaust.

    I also, correctly pointed out several times that the video from DSU that day does not show any of what Dr. Issa was saying, it begins with Chief Downs approaching Dr. Issa. Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to make a judgment as to whether or not DSU did anything wrong by breaking up the protest and escorting Dr. Issa from the protest. I also know, from reports, that Dr. Issa did not have a permit to gather that day. Please don’t cite court proceedings without citing a source more legitimate than your memory, Doug.

    I would also like to point out that when Doug Beatty references the “all white, all female” equestrian team at DSU, he is lying, the team was not “all white” but calling it that serves a purpose. Come to your own conclusions as to his purpose.

    I am finished commenting here, it’s not a safe site for comments, the people who run this blog have no problem outing people for no reason other than their own vivid imaginary conspiracy theories.

  15. Relax A2 nowhere did I say you were Steve Newton. What did I say about the anonymous poster that was untrue?

    Methinks this lady doth protest too much.

    If I’m in error on the makeup of the equestrian team I’m in error. I’ve seen the team practicing, seen the press coverage and didn’t notice any non white members. If that’s not the case I’m mistaken. That’s far from lying.

    A2 seems to have a real need to tear down Dr. Issa and anyone who supports him.

    You have come on here and accused Dr. Issa of black supremacy and racism, but I’m using thug tactics?

    Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to make a judgment as to whether or not DSU did anything wrong by breaking up the protest and escorting Dr. Issa from the protest. I also know, from reports, that Dr. Issa did not have a permit to gather that day. Please don’t cite court proceedings without citing a source more legitimate than your memory, Doug.

    Actually it’s not just me the author of the video identified himself and also stated that this was not the case. My memory is backed up by Dr. Issa and others who were present that day. You weren’t so please don’t keep casting Dr. Issa in a false light without citing a source more legitimate than your cowardly false attacks. Thanks. That would be great.

    Unless you are claiming some kind of supremacy over the ACLU director, you also know that no permit was needed for what Dr. Issa and his students were doing that day. That’s been published. Does anything ever get through to you.

    I didn’t out Steve Newton, he blogs under his own name. I accurately posted regarding what he posted.

    I’m truly saddened that you don’t think this blog is safe for your lies and distortions and ad hominem attacks. You will be missed. Take good care.

  16. A2
    “I, however, stand by my comments 100%.”

    If you understood just how hypocritical your statement is. To stand by an anonymous comment, not even having the courage to state you opinion using your own name says it all.

  17. I figure if Dr. Issa can compare me to a member of Hitler’s regime, I can compare the “ethnic cleansing” at DSU to the Holocaust.

    Holocaust… a sacrifice made by fire of the sacred six million that creates a right of return somewhere else? That was always an interesting symbolic number for Zionists to pick. See also: (The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine by Edwin Black) The details of it all IN REALITY are usually a lot messier than that which is presented in main streams of media.

    It’s too bad that many people have been led over the years to care more about Zionism and other abstractions like the racial imagery in Issa’s mind than their friends, neighbors and people in general. Issa says that blacks betrayed blacks like MLK… yeah… so that would mean that he’s referring to something besides race or what people think is “race.” So what, did those of the same race have a different ethnicity? If so, how is he going to cleanse that or fight the cleansing of it?

    Meanwhile, back in reality… people are people… and that’s all. And it’s best to shred their genetic or racial makeup through marriage. That’s ultimately the only way that they’ll ever be integrated, as dumb as people are. And even then, the lighter shade Hutu will be picked over the darker shade Tutsi and incorporated into the economy in that way. Or it will be vice versa, that’s how stupid and ignorant people are about racial imagery.

    Note the possibility of real integration and what brings it about:

    The attributes of mothering and fathering are inherent parts of sex differentiation that paves the way to reproduction. This is where the sociology analogy so often drawn between race and sex breaks down in the most fundamental sense. Genetic assimilation is possible through interracial mating, and we can envisage a society that is color blind. But genetic assimilation of male and female is impossible, and no society will be sex-blind.
    (American Sociological Review, Vol. 49, No.
    1, Feb., 1984.
    Gender and Parenthood
    By Alice S. Rossi :10)

  18. Then I met Dr. Issa. He made me think too, this fight has turned my life inside out.

    Not sure about the lynchings thing… but the sad thing is that I consider it possible these days. Everything is usually worse than it appears, especially when people trip over secret networks and “clubs” where people have sworn secret oaths and so on and so forth. It’s especially bad when law enforcement and the intelligence services are incorporated in clubs where most have sworn “top secret” oaths or gone to secret meetings (inc.), etc.

    Interesting to note that the reason the KKK came about was Masonic, that’s why they chose the eleventh letter in the alphabet and used three to add up to 33 and so forth. As I recall, there’s even a statue of Albert Pike in D.C. in “Judiciary Square.” Seriously. But that’s all top secret. So in the interest of national security… the investigation is ongoing… or somethin’… (you should know the drill by now.).

    People should know the drill but the way people need to feel safe and journalists need “An official source just leaked on me, me first!” these days, basically an official could come into their house and take a leak all over the floor… and the response by “investigative” journalists would probably be: “You just did that for my safety, didn’t you?”

    (Mainstream journalists, they’ve really been bringing transparency to the government lately.)

  19. Is Joe “blow” Biden a Mason, a member of secret societies or in the club in some way? Apparently he thinks he is, that’s probably why he dropped a favorite buzzword like the “New World Order” and mocked the “black helicopter crowd” that sees secrecy and conspiracy everywhere later. But his mockery would be a lot more convincing if black helicopters weren’t already flying over American cities and engaging in more and more “drills” domestically.

    With respect to the elite, the “New World Order” and their multinational corporations…. that always sounds better on the one hand (global Government Inc. and world peace too? Yay!) or more nefarious on the other (global Government?!) in the abstract. It’s all just a big utopian/dystopian vision until the banksters and “elites” with low IQs like Biden or people like Corzine screw something up and it turns out that the NWO isn’t really all knowing, all seeing, all powerful… and ultimately they can’t even supply toilet paper on time. Maybe in the next meeting in the top secret club of the ruling class (e.g. Bilderberg) they could discuss toilet paper reserves and centrally planning the Empire in such a way that their serfs will have toilet paper. Because if Venezuela is any measure for the central planners that like to take credit for the wealth creation of entire nations and groups of people that they have nothing to do with… well.

  20. There are some things that can’t be attributed to Dr. Issa’s mind, like A2’s projections. Dr. Issa does indeed use the phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ and the phrase ‘whitening’ when speaking about Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

    He is in favor of preserving Historically Black Colleges and Universities. That’s his view and his right to express that view. A point which seems lost on A2. Also, no matter how much A2 doesn’t want it to be true, Dr. Issa did consult with the equestrian team and attend their protest.

    No matter how much A2 wants to avoid the issue Dr. Issa and his students also mentioned the audit. A2 neglects to mention that to ride horses on campus like the equestrian team did definitely requires permits which the team did not secure.

    Again, the ACLU director stated that Dr. Issa’s group didn’t need a permit. A student handbook isn’t law. You don’t get arrested for a violation of a handbook that isn’t a statutory violation, and Carlos Holmes statement to the contrary was in error at a minimum.

    A2 for whatever reason seems intent on schilling for DSU.

    I have to point out that anyone who feels that I’ve treated them unfairly, ooops I mean feels that Doug Beatty treated them unfairly ( I’m anonymous Doug Beatty 😀 ) is more than welcome to come on here and post rebuttal.

  21. He is in favor of preserving Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

    Arrest him and detain him without trial! Probably another terrist….

    Just kidding.

    Supposedly Delaware Liberal/Lemming is all about civil rights and not just about establishing and maintaining political power for their favorite type of community organizer, etc… so shouldn’t they be investigating? For all I know, they are. Like the News Journal, I don’t bother to read it anymore. If Romney had been elected then they might actually be worth reading… through no fault of their own.

  22. Actually, DL has ignored the lynching story. All I can say is that if you have two men hanging from trees by their own belts within a quarter mile of each other within two years, a leaflet campaign depicting lynchings, and another man stabbed and strangled with his own belt who escaped his attackers, and the only thing all three have in common is dark skin, I’m suspicious….

    DL has also ignored Dr. Issa’s case but some of the writers seem friendly with the Delawarelibertarian blogger I ‘outed’ for blogging about this blog under his own name….

    However this blog is totally SAFE!!! I’ve been posting as anonymous doug beatty and NOBODY has outed me yet. Take that anon/A2!!!

  23. I just spoke to anonymous Dr. Issa. He confirms that not all of the equestrian team are white. Dr. Issa said that one rider appeared to be African American. I stand corrected.

  24. Mike

    Your nine word comment is accurate and to the point. If they can’t win a debate, they gang attack you or ban you from their site. They are the most flagrant abusers of this kind of activity.

  25. Speaking of cowards, I have now heard some pretty shocking allegations from four former DSU professors on the ‘ethnic cleansing’ or firing of African American professors at DSU.

    One is Dr. Issa himself, two others have found good positions elsewhere and don’t want to come forward for fear of retaliation.

    The fourth, Dr. Hayward (phd Chemistry, Vietnam Vet) has indicated that he will go on the record and name names. He’ll be on our blogtalk soon we hope, we’ve already taken his statement by phone.

    Maybe our friend anon/A2 will listen in. Heck, maybe anon/A2 can muster up some courage and call into the show anonymously with skype and join the conversation. That would be interesting.

  26. Anonymous Doug

    You should post the link here to your blogtalk show. (times and days)

  27. Anonymous Doug

    Tonight’s broadcast should be another interesting and eye-opening discussion of great happenings in Delaware and America.

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