DE House Votes for Death Penalty While Senate Votes for Late Term Abortion

Our state General Assembly had an interesting day, Tuesday. The House voted to reinstate the death penalty and the Senate voted with a bare majority to allow late term abortion even turning down parental consent, informed consent and moving the limit to 23 weeks. They voted down anesthesia for a child in womb after the point where they can feel pain. It was a disgrace. Should not the child in womb, late in the pregnancy at least have the same consideration as a double murderer?

Senators Richardson, Lawson and Simpson provided a valuable public record with a series of amendments to SB 5, the abortion bill. Proponents claim that it is just enacting into law Roe v. Wade, but they ignore that Casey and Gonzales are the guiding Court precedents. Roe was and is out of step with America and indeed the civilized world. Casey was an attempt to bring back the slightest balance. The roll call for SS1 of SB 5 is here.

SS 1 Passed Legislation: SS 1 Date: 5/9/17 05:41 PM Status: Passed Vote Type: SM Yes: 11 No: 7 Not Voting: 2 Absent: 1 Bonini A Bushweller Y Cloutier Y Delcollo N Ennis Y Hansen Y Henry Y Hocker N Lavelle X Lawson N Lopez N Marshall X McBride Y McDowell Y Pettyjohn N Poore Y Richardson N Simpson N Sokola Y Townsend Y Walsh Y

The amendments are as follows:

SA 3 defines Viability at 23 weeks. (Roll call and amendment can be found by clicking the link to each amendment) 7 yes, 11 No, 1 absent and 2 not voting. Authored by Senator Richardson as was SA 1, 2, 3, and 4.

SA 4 by Richardson would require the administration of anesthesia to the fetus if a pregnancy is being terminated after 22 weeks gestation. This is after the point where it is generally accepted that the baby feels pain. This only received 4 yes votes, 11 No, 5 not voting and 1 absent.

SA 5 by Lawson “This Amendment requires written consent be obtained from the women having an abortion procedure. Such consent is intended to indicate and ensure a thorough understanding of the procedure to be performed”, according to the synopsis. Abortion after 20 weeks is much more risky for the woman. 7 yes, 11 no, 2 not voting, and 1 absent.

SA 6 by Simpson required parental consent with a judicial bypass. This is true with any surgery except one. This vote was 9 yes, 8 n0, 3 not voting and 1 absent which means it failed to obtain a majority.